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    Lady In Lace wins The Deccan Fillies Championship Stakes (GR.3)
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    Prevalent Force wins The Deccan Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.3)
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    Mathaiyus wins The President Of India Gold Cup (Gr.1)
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    Mathaiyus wins the The Indian St. Leger (Gr.1)
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    Sana Wins The Calcutta Monsoon Derby (Gr.2)
  • Lady In Lace wins The Kingfisher Ultra Pune Derby (Gr.1)
  • Castlebridge wins The Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club Mysore 2000 Guineas (Gr.3)
Monsoon Season 2017
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
Sand Track
800 Metres
Ans Ans Ans (RB) 1-3 600/47   moved very easy.+3
Dorian (Ritesh) 1-4 600/48   moved freely.+4
Valerian Steel (RB) 1-2 600/46   well in hand.+2
Pentagon (K Sai Kiran) 1-2 (From 1200/400)   moved very easy.+2
Highly Acclaimed (YS Srinath) 1-3 600/49   moved freely.+3
Withrosemakeup (Trainer) 1-3.5 600/47.5   moved freely.+3.5
Royal Victory (RB) 1-3 (From 1200/400)   moved very easy.+3
Batur (Beuzelin) 1-2 (From 1200/400)   moved easy.+2
Vijays Wonder (RB) 1-4 600/48   moved freely.+4
Kohinoor Punch (S Sreekant) 1-3.5 600/47.5   handy.+3.5
Jasmine Garden (YS Srinath) 1-2.5 (From 1200/400)   moved very easy.+2.5
Jamie (RB) & Molon Labe (Ritesh) 1-3 (From 1200/400)   pair moved freely. +3
Hope Is Eternal (RB) & Et Voici (RB) 1-3 (From 1200/400)   pair moved freely.+3
1000 Metres
Miss Ivory (RB) & Princess Aditi (G Naresh) 1-17 800/1-1 600/47  pair moved well.+2
Proud N Arrogant (Apprentice) 1-16 800/1-0 600/48   shaped well.+1
Savour (RB) 1-18 (From 1000/400) 45   unextended.+3
Cash For Rank (K Mukesh) 1-18 (From 1600/600)   moved freely. +3
Flower Roll Up (Apprentice) 1-19 800/1-3 600/48   moved very easy.+4
1200 Metres
New Hope (Deepak Singh) & Pixie Girl (Beuzelin) 1-34 1000/1-18 800/1-2 600/48  pair moved freely.+4
King David (Beuzelin) & Big Flash (Deepak Singh) 1-33 1000/1-17 800/58 600/45  pair finished level.+3
1600 Metres
City Of Harmony (YS Srinath) 1-59 1400/1-43 1200/1-27 1000/1-13 800/57600/44   a fine display.-1
1200 Metres
Act In Time (BR Kumar), Movie Moghual (Gaddam), Money Time (Akshay Kumar), Hope Is Eternal (A Joshi), Golden Hope (Khurshad Alam), Boca Grande (AA Vikrant), Sunday Carnival (Md Ismail), San Vinto (Kuldeep Singh) & Mega Million (G Naresh) 1-13 1000/1-1 800/50 600/38  they took a good jump, Act In Time & Movie Moghual caught the eye.-17