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    Lady In Lace wins The Deccan Fillies Championship Stakes (GR.3)
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    Prevalent Force wins The Deccan Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.3)
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    Mathaiyus wins The President Of India Gold Cup (Gr.1)
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    Mathaiyus wins the The Indian St. Leger (Gr.1)
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    Sana Wins The Calcutta Monsoon Derby (Gr.2)
  • Lady In Lace wins The Kingfisher Ultra Pune Derby (Gr.1)
  • Castlebridge wins The Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club Mysore 2000 Guineas (Gr.3)
Monsoon Season 2017
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
Sand Track
600 Metres
Brioni (RB)46  moved well.+1
Treasure Striker (P Ajeeth K) 47.5  shaped well.+2.5
Handsome Boy (Jagdale)48   moved freely.+3
Pampas (P Sai Kumar) 48.5   moved very easy.+3.5
Samudrika (K Sai Kiran) 49  moved freely.+4
Destined Dynamite (Kiran Naidu)47.5   maintains form.+2.5
Sefarina (Deepak Singh)48.5  moved freely. +3.5
On The Fire (RB) &New's O'Star (K Mukesh)47.5   pair moved well.+2.5
800 Metres
Dhool Ka Phool (RB) 1-3 600/49   moved freely.+3
All Star General (K Sai Kiran) 1-3 600/48.5   moved very easy.+3
Nautanki (P Sai Kumar) 58 600/44   fit and well.-2
Rutilant (RB) 1-4 600/48  moved very easy.+4
Royal Dynamite (Trainer) 56 600/42  excellent. -4
Avantika (Deepak Singh)1-3.5 (From 1000/400)   moved freely.+3.5
Yanga (RB) 1-2 600/48   moved very easy.+2
Princess Hina (BR Kumar) 1-3 600/49  moved easy.+3
Desert Moon (K Sai Kiran) 58 600/44   fit.-2
Dawning Hope (Ch K Chary) 1-0 600/45   handy.Even
Kohinoor Prince (Khurshad Alam) 1-4 600/48.5  moved easy.+4
Dream Vision (Deepak Singh) 1-4 600/49  moved freely.+4
Western Express1-1 (From 1000/400)   good.+1
Kohinoor Lucy (RB) 1-3 600/49   moved freely.+3
Pegasus (AA Vikrant) 1-3 600/47   handy.+3
Breezeofthesouth (RB) 1-4 600/48   moved easy.+4
Raja Hindustani (Ajit Singh) 1-1.5 600/47   moved well.+1.5
Double Charter (Deepak Singh) 1-4 600/49   moved easy.+4
Titus (Deepak Singh) 1-3 600/49  moved freely.+3
Ragas Ajalias (K Sai KIran) 1-4 600/48   moved easy. +4
Phenomenal Cruise (Deepshanker) &So Far (Rohit Kumar) 1-4 600/48.5   moved together.+4
Chinese Thought (AA Vikrant) &Marina Delrey (S Sreekant) 59 600/45  pair moved well.-1
1000 Metres
Mr Baahubali (A Joshi) 1-13 800/57 600/43   impressed. -2
All The Best (BR Kumar) &Lord Gift (P Ajeeth K) 1-15 800/59 600/45  former finished in front.Even
Vijays Honour (Hannam) &Ivanka (Gaddam) 1-16 800/58 600/45  pair moved well. +1
Ashwa Bahula (BR Kumar) 1-15 800/59 600/46  looks well.Even
Univision (Kiran Naidu) 1-15 800/58 600/44   moved well. Even
Aerofoil (K Sai kiran) 1-14 800/58 600/44  fit and well.-1
Kolors (A Joshi) 1-13 800/56 600/43  a good display.-2
Rapidest (Hannam) 1-15 800/59 600/45   moved well.Even
Mahateji (C Umesh) 1-14 800/57 600/43  pleased.-1
Tootsie Roll (G Naresh) &Mega Million (AA Vikrant) 1-15 800/58 600/45  pair moved well.Even
Green Image (Gaddam) &Movie Moghual (Sameruddin) 1-16 800/59 600/45  pair handy and level.+1
Juneau (G Naresh) &Supremo (AA Vikrant) 1-17 800/59 600/45  pair well in hand.+2