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    Lady In Lace wins The Deccan Fillies Championship Stakes (GR.3)
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    Prevalent Force wins The Deccan Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.3)
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    Mathaiyus wins The President Of India Gold Cup (Gr.1)
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    Mathaiyus wins the The Indian St. Leger (Gr.1)
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    Sana Wins The Calcutta Monsoon Derby (Gr.2)
  • Lady In Lace wins The Kingfisher Ultra Pune Derby (Gr.1)
  • Castlebridge wins The Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club Mysore 2000 Guineas (Gr.3)
Monsoon Season 2017
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
400 Metres
Hail The Queen (Ajoy Roy) 32.6   Easy.+2.6
Prancing Queen (R.S. Bhati) 33.5   Very Easy.+3.5
Wallflower (Rb) 34.4   Not urged.+4.4
Make Way For Me (Sk. Zaffar Riaz) 32.6   Easy.+2.6
Oath Of Allegiance (Md. Imran) 32.7   Easy.+2.7
Richoux (Rb) 33.2   Very easy.+3.2
Stephanie (B.L. Paswan) 31.6   Freely.+1.6
Dixie Diamond (Shezad Khan) 30.3   Handy.+0.30
Francina (Sk. Zaffar Riaz) 31.7   Retains form.+1.7
Adrestia (C. Alford) 32.7   Not extended.+2.7
Oriental Rocky (Ranidan S) 33.5   Very easy.+3.5
600 Metres
Sherwood (B.L. Paswan) 42 400/27.   Note.-3
Shining Melody (Shezad Khan) 45 400/30.   Handy.Even
Modification (Rb) 44 400/28.5.   Shaped well.-1
Leopard Creek (S.K. Paswan) 43 27.5.   Spurted well.-2
Shourisha (B.L. Paswan) 46 400/30.   Freely.+1
Forest Dunes (S.K. Paswan) 44 29.   Worked well.-1
Top Cat (P. Vikram) 46 400/30.5.   Freely.+1
Sushi (Rb) 42 400/26.7.   Impressed.-3
Earnest Ruler (Rb) 44 400/29.   Freely.-1
Glorious Run (Shezad Khan) 43 400/28.   Retains form.-2
Ayra's Pet (S.K. Paswan) 44 400/28.6.   Worked well.-1
Magic In The Air ( Jorawar S) 44 400/29.   Retains form.-1
Archivolt (Rb) 46 400/30.5.   Freely.+1
Demonstrate (Shezad Khan) 43 400/27.6.   Strode well.-2
Clairvoyance (Rb) 46 400/31.   Easy.+1
Singularity (Rb) 45 400/30.   Handy.Even
Lhotse (Afzal Khan) & Be A Star (Rb) 48 400/33.   Pair easy and level.+3
800 Metres
Aberfan (C. Alford) & Roman Flame (Jorawar S) 59 600/45 400/28.6.   Former retains form.-1
Illidan (Shezad Khan) 57 600/42.4 400/26.5.   Impressed.-3
Evesham (Rb) & Mr Gorgeous (Rb) 57 600/42.4 400/27.   Note this pair.-3
Sand Track
600 Metres
Avilome Vilome (Sk. Zaffar Riaz) 40 400/24.5.   Pleased.-5