• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Kingfisher Ultra Derby Bangalore (Gr.1)
  • Desert God wins The Tetrasoft Inc. Bangalore St. Leger (Gr.2)
Main Season 2018
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
Outer Sand
600 Metres
Protector Of Pairs (Nirmal Jodha) 46.5   Moved Well.+1.5
Batman (P Sai Kumar) 45   Moved Freely.Even
Korol (Shivanth P) 47.5   Easy.+2.5
Untapable (P Sai Kumar) 45   Moved Well.Even
Eternalinspration (Nirmal Jodha) 46.5   Moved Nicely.+1.5
Queen Ria (Sai Vamshi) 40.5   Good.-4.5
Iconic Glory (R.B) 45.5   Moved Well.+0.5
Andermatt (R.B) 46.5   Moved Fluently.+1.5
Yellowstone (Sai Vamshi), Sazae San (M Babu) 45   Pair Level.Even
1000 Metres
Veni Vidi Vici (Nirmal Jodha) 1-13 800/55.5 600/38   Retains The Form.-2
I Do It For U (M Babu) 1-18 800/1-00 600/41.5   Fit And Well.+3
1200 Metres
Azarel (R.B) 1-36 (1200 To 600) 45   Speedy Easedup.+6
Warlock (M Babu) 1-33 1000/1-7 800/1-1 600/44.5   Moved Nicely.+3