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RESULTS - PUNE - 27 Oct 2013

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The Kejriwal Trophy Div-I

Horses Rated 40 to 66


04:30 PM

Winner:₹.122100 Second:₹.51562 Third:₹.27637 Fourth:₹.13200 Total: ₹.214499

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 2
Viking Ruler-Rihla(IRE)
5y ch m B Prithviraj C S Jodha 57 - 5 A 3 1/2 6156 8/1 0:59:76
2 4
Major Impact(USA)-Trace Of Magic
5y dk b g M Bobby Bhanu P Singh 56.5 -2.5 1 A 2 3/4 3.5 6055 12/1 1:00:32
3 6
Rebuttal(USA)-Dancing Dreams
4y b f A Khan J E Pereira 54.5 - 2 A SHD 6.25 2951 20/1 1:00:77
4 1
3y ch m M K Jadhav A Sandesh 60 - 4 A 2 3/4 6.25 3862 13/4 1:00:78
5 3
Senure(USA)-Amazing Senorita
4y dk b g H J Antia S P Ranjane 57 - 8 A 2 9 2956 17/4 1:01:25
6 7
Diffident(FR)-Knowle Park(IRE)
7y ch g Adhiraj S Jodha Kavraj Singh 53.5 - 3 A 1/2 11 6149 20/1 1:01:59
7 8
Diffident(FR)-La Unique
7y b m Nirad Karanjawala V Chandrakant 53 - 6 A 4 3/4 11.5 4348 20/1 1:01:68
8 10
Burden Of Proof(IRE)-Color Me Red
3y ch c K S Mandanna P Trevor 51.5 - 10 A 16.25 3845 9/1 1:02:46
9 5
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Merwaha(IRE)
3y b m Kishan Thomas P Kamlesh 56.5 - 7 A 16.25 2255 9/4
10 9
Brave Hunter-Gold 'honey
8y b m Asad Siddiqui Amyn Merchant 53 - 9 A 16.25 4848 15/1
Owner: Mr. Jerry Lee Tennell
Tote Favourite: YELLOWZONE
Race Video

Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 100 ₹.76 ₹. ₹.25,₹.22,₹.84 ₹.235 ₹.667 ₹.12787 & 10960 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

At the behest of the Stipendiary Stewards, a Stewards’ Enquiry was held in this race. The reason being, near 200 metres, CAPITANO (Bhanu Pratap Singh) shifted out and carried COLOURFUL PRINCE (P.Trevor) outward, who in turn caused interference to YELLOWZONE (P.Kamlesh) and forced him outward and at the same time AUTUMN RUSH (C.S.Jodha) shifted in due to which YELLOWZONE clipped the heels of AUTUMN RUSH, stumbled and fell, dislodging its Rider.

After considering the submissions made by the Jockeys concerned in conjunction with that of the Stipendiary Stewards  and relying on their judgment, the Stewards decided to maintain the order of placing as declared by the Judge.

The Stewards after the last race, interviewed Jockey Bhanu Pratap Singh (CAPITANO) and having heard him and having viewed the video recording of the race, were not satisfied with the explanation tendered by him and held him guilty of improper and dangerous riding.  The Stewards noted that throughout the race CAPITANO (Bhanu Pratap Singh) had been coming on to the favourite, YELLOWZONE (P.Kamlesh) and took him wide, first, near 600 metres and thereafter again near 400 metres. Thereafter, when Jockey P.Kamlesh (YELLOWZONE) made his move near 200 metres between COLOURFUL PRINCE and AUTUMN RUSH, he shifted out on to COLOURFUL PRINCE (P.Trevor) who in turn caused YELLOWZONE, to shift out, who clipped the hind heels of AUTUMN RUSH (C.S.Jodha), stumbled and fell, and Jockey Bhanu Pratap Singh made no apparent effort to correct his horse. Therefore, the Stewards decided to suspend his Jockey’s license w.e.f. 12th November, 2013 to 7th January, 2014 (both days inclusive) (permitted to ride work/mock race).

The Stewards also interviewed Jockey C.S.Jodha (AUTUMN RUSH) and having heard him and having viewed the video recording of the race, were not satisfied with the explanation tendered by him and decided to suspend his Jockey’s License for 21st November 2013 for Careless Riding on his mount.

Jockey A.Sandesh (AINRA) has been fined Rs.5,000/- for dropping his hands before passing the winning post, thereby losing Third Place.

The Sr.V.O. reported that SHABDEEZ was pulled up by the Jockey 100 metres before the winning post. On examination, the mare was found to be sore by the right fore leg. First Aid treatment was given and the mare was sent to the Equine Hospital by Horse Ambulance, for further management. Subsequently, the Equine Hospital reported that the mare had sustained fracture of the right scapula. The mare has to be passed fit by the Club’s V.O. before next accepting to race.

After the race, AINRA, YELLOWZONE and COLOURFUL PRINCE were found to be sound.  YELLOWZONE had an abrasion between the nostrils on the fore head and bruise on both knees and both hocks. ALBUURZ had a gum injury.

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 5,6,7,8,9,10 111,314 (Tickets 1) & 11,926 (Tickets 4)
FIRST JACKPOT 4,5,6,7,8 125,766 (Tickets 2) & 1,996 (Tickets 54)
SECOND JACKPOT 6,7,8,9,10 48,869 (Tickets 12) & 5,984 (Tickets 42)
FIRST TREBLE 3,4,5 1,664 (Tickets 9)
SECOND TREBLE 7,8,9 4,000 ((Tickets 6)
THIRD TREBLE 8,9,10 7,117 ((Tickets 4)