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RESULTS - PUNE - 06 Aug 2017

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The Hurricane Plate Div-2

Maiden Horses / 3 years old only


03:00 PM

Winner:₹.228000 Second:₹.96000 Third:₹.52000 Fourth:₹.24000 Total: ₹.400000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 5
Excellent Art(GB)-Haunting Memories
3y b g M Narredu Yash Narredu 56 - 6 A 1 1/2 6737 80/100 1:11.92
2 3
Arazan(IRE)-Star Angel
3y b g Karthik Ganapathy A Sandesh 56 - 2 A LNK 1.5 6830 7/2 1:12.16
3 11
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Sandslash
3y b f C D Katrak P P Dhebe 54.5 - 9 A 3 1/4 1.5 2632 7/1 1:12.23
4 4
Sedgefield(USA)-Blitz Kiss(USA)
3y b g Adhiraj S Jodha D S Daman 56 - 8 A 1/2 4.75 7830 20/1 1:12.77
5 6
Western Aristocrat(USA)-Diani
3y dk b g M K Jadhav T S Jodha 56 - 3 A 2 1/2 5.25 2730 15/1 1:12.86
6 7
Varenar(FR)-Charlotte Point(USA)
3y b g Imtiaz A Sait A Imran Khan 56 - 5 A 1/2 7.75 4430 20/1 1:13.28
7 2
Multidimensional(IRE)-Cool Mover
3y b g Imtiaz A Sait Amyn Merchant 56 - 10 A 1/2 8.25 2730 30/1 1:13.37
8 1
3y b c Faisal A Abbas C S Jodha 56 - 7 A 1 1/4 8.75 3030 12/1 1:13.47
9 10
Hard Spun(USA)-Dawla(GB)
3y b f Adhiraj S Jodha Nirmal Jodha 54.5 - 1 A 1 1/2 10 327 20/1 1:13.67
10 9
3y ch m Adhiraj S Jodha S A Amit 54.5 - 4 A 1 11.5 1326 20/1 1:13.94
11 8
3y b g S K Sunderji Vikram Jodha 56 - 11 A 12.5 2726 60/1 1:14.10
Tote Favourite: MYGRATOR
Owner: Mr Jaydev M Mody rep. J M Livestock Pvt Ltd
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Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 16 ₹.25 ₹. ₹.10,₹.18,₹.12 ₹.34 ₹.12 ₹.28 & 27 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

SAFFRON FLOWER (S. A. Amit) took a fly jump. PARDON MY DUST (T. S. Jodha) jumped out slow losing about a length at the start.
At the start, IN IT TO WIN IT (D. S. Daman, dr. 8) jumped inwards and made contact with CAMOUFLAGED (C. S. Jodha, dr. 7).
Passing the 500 metres, YUTAKA (Vikram Jodha) shifted in due to which TOWER BRIDGE (Prashant P. Dhebe) shied inwards and bumped SAFFRON FLOWER (S. A. Amit) forcing him inwards thereby tightening and forcing GALLANT KNIGHT (A. Sandesh) to check and drop back. Jockey Vikram Jodha has been cautioned.
Passing the 150 metres, MYGRATOR (Yash Narredu) shied outwards thereby taking the ground of TOWER BRIDGE (Prashant P. Dhebe) who had to check and change course thereby inconveniencing GALLANT KNIGHT (A. Sandesh).
The saddle used on SPINNING GOLD (Nirmal Jodha) was observed to have shifted forward. Trainer Magansingh P. Jodha has been fined 2,000/- for faulty saddling of his charge.
Two objections were lodged in this race. The first objection was lodged by Jockey Prashant P. Dhebe, the rider of TOWER BRIDGE (Placed Third) against Jockey Yash Narredu (MYGRATOR, Placed First). The reason being, in the last 200 metres, MYGRATOR came on to him and bumped his filly, knocking her completely out of stride and breaking her momentum at the most crucial stage of the race when she was covering ground and was about to pass MYGRATOR in the next couple of strides. In this process he was completely unbalanced and this cost him a certain race.
The second objection was lodged by Jockey A. Sandesh, the rider of GALLANT KNIGHT (Placed Second) against Jockey Yash Narredu (MYGRATOR, Placed First). The reason being, in the last 200 metres, MYGRATOR came out at which time his horse was full of running and he had to stop riding for a few strides. His horse was the fastest moving despite the check and if not for the check he would have won the race.
After considering the submissions made by the Jockeys concerned in conjunction with that of the Stipendiary Stewards and relying on their judgment, the Stewards decided to over-rule both the objections.
After the race, Jockey C. S. Jodha (CAMOUFLAGED) reported that his mount hung out in the straight. Trainer Faisal A. Abbas has been asked to take remedial measures before next accepting with the gelding to race.
After the race, SAFFRON FLOWER was observed to have an abrasion at the right fore cannon.

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6,7 3021 & 110 (TKT 2358 & 200)
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6,7 47082 C/F & 6726 (TKT 0 & 3)
TREBLE 5,6,7 416 (TKT 45)