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RESULTS - PUNE - 15 Aug 2019

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The True Elegance Plate Div-2

Class 5 / Horses Rated 4 to 30, 4 years old and over (Whips Not Allowed)


02:00 PM

Winner:₹.153000 Second:₹.66000 Third:₹.42000 Fourth:₹.27000 Fifth:₹.12000 Total: ₹.300000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 5
Roi Maudit(USA)-Flaming Ruby
5y ch m Narendra Lagad Aniket Karande 55.5 -5 1 A 1/2 3617 8 0:59.10
2 2
4y gr m Narendra Lagad P S Kaviraj 59 -5 7 A 3 3/4 0.5 4224 9/4 0:59.20
3 8
Dean's Kitten(USA)-Lena Rice(IRE)
4y ch g Mansoor Shah N B Kuldeep 53.5 -3.5 5 A 1 3/4 4.25 213 5/2 0:59.81
4 6
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Xtreme
5y b g Nazak Chenoy Niranjan S Parmar 55.5 -5 6 A 2 1/4 6 2917 15 1:00.10
5 7
Varenar(FR)-Bee Quick
6y b m Vijay Kasbekar Raghuveer Singh 53.5 -3.5 9 A 1 1/2 8.25 1013 8 1:00.48
6 9
Dean's Kitten(USA)-Galilean Moon(GB)
5y dk b m Adil Dajee D R Shubham 49.5 -5 8 A 1 3/4 9.75 15 10 1:00.75
7 3
Excellent Art(GB)-Shadow Roll (IRE)
4y b m Narendra Lagad A S Peter 58 -2.5 3 A 15 3/4 11.5 422 7 1:01.05
8 4
Ravel(USA)-Blue Sonata
5y ch m Shazaan Shah K Nazil 56.5 -1.5 4 A 2 1/2 27.25 1619 8 1:03.70
9 1
Varenar(FR)-Chamela Bay(IRE)
4y b g Narendra Lagad K Pranil 59.5 -5 2 A 29.75 2525 10 1:04.11
Owner: Mr Waahiid Ali Khan rep. Sshaawn Horses and Sports Pvt Ltd & Mr Vijay V Shah & Mrs Pooja V Shah rep. Zaia Thoroughbred Racing & Breeding Pvt Ltd
Tote Favourite: GODSWORD
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Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 128 ₹.52 ₹. ₹.28,₹.13,₹.16 ₹.228 ₹.834 ₹.840 & 458 ₹.
Racing Incidents

Trainer Subhag Singh has been fined Rs.1,000/- for accepting with his charge PADMAKOSA in this race while the mare was on Veterinary Ban. The mare was struck out at the Acceptance stage.
Soon after the start, BITCOIN (App. K. Pranil, dr.2) shifted out on to FIRE FLAME (App. A. S. Peter, dr.3) and had to be steadied.
Soon after the start, GODSWORD (App. P. S. Kaviraj, dr.7) shifted in and went across MAESTRO (App. Niranjan S. Parmar, dr.6) who had to be checked. Thereafter, GODSWORD further shifted in thereby tightening TEODOR MONTE (App. N. B. Kuldeep, dr.5) causing the latter to be checked and change course thereby bumping MAESTRO and forcing it outwards. After questioning, App. P. S. Kaviraj has been suspended w.e.f. from 31st August, to 1st September, 2019 for careless riding (permitted to ride work/mock race).
Passing 200 metres, TEODOR MONTE (N. B. Kuldeep) shifted out under urgings on to FIRE FLAME (App. A. S. Peter) causing the latter to be checked who lost its footing and stumbled. After questioning, Jockey  N. B. Kuldeep has been suspended for  31st August, 2019 for careless riding (permitted to ride work/mock race).
Passing 100 metres, BITCOIN (App. K. Pranil) was observed to be in distress and was eased up, due to which CECELIA (App. D. R. Shubham) who was racing on its haunches, had to be steadied. Thereafter, BITCOIN was observed to have been pulled up lame passing the winning post.
The Sr.V.O. reported that BITCOIN stopped after the winning post. On examination, the gelding was found to be sore by the right fore leg. First Aid treatment was given and the gelding was sent to the Equine Hospital for further management. The gelding has to be passed fit by the Club’s V.O. before next accepting to race.
After the race, FIRE FLAME and THEOBROMA were observed to have broken a blood vessel and are not to race for the stipulated ban period of four weeks. Both the horses have to be passed fit by the Club’s V.O. before next accepting to race.
After the race, TEODOR MONTE was trotted and found to be sound.

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6,7 65915 C/F (TKT 0 & 0)
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6,7 7604 & 63082 (TKT 32 & 9)
TREBLE 5,6,7 1754 (TKT 31)