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RESULTS - MUMBAI - 01 Feb 2020

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The Gateway Of India Million

Class 4 / Horses Rated 20 to 46


05:30 PM

Winner:₹.510000 Second:₹.220000 Third:₹.140000 Fourth:₹.90000 Fifth:₹.40000 Total: ₹.1000000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 3
4y b g S K Sunderji P Trevor 58 10 A 2 42 7 1:37.51
2 11
Kingda Ka(AUS)-Marche Conclu(IRE)
7y b g Faisal A Abbas Amyn Merchant 52.5 8 A NECK 2 31 16 1:37.85
3 8
Win Legend(JPN)-Sunshine Nell(USA)
4y b g Shazaan Shah Y S Srinath 56 3 A SHD 2 38 11 1:37.90
4 13
4y b g Vishal Gaikwad S Zervan 52 2 A 1 2 30 11/2 1:37.92
5 4
China Visit(USA)-Veena's Star
5y b m S K Sunderji C S Jodha 58 6 A SNK 3 42 13 1:38.10
6 1
Kingda Ka(AUS)-Sinetta(IRE)
4y b g Vishal Gaikwad A Sandesh 60 4 A 1 3 46 27/10 1:38.13
7 6
Dean's Kitten(USA)-Alvarita
4y ch f M Narredu Shrikant Kamble 57 7 A HEAD 4 40 9 1:38.28
8 10
Dean's Kitten(USA)-Mamborina(USA)
5y dk b g S K Sunderji Dashrath Singh 54 9 A 1 4 34 11 1:38.31
9 12
Multidimensional(IRE)-Tammy O
4y b g Imtiaz A Sait Imran Chisty 52.5 11 A HEAD 5 31 11/2 1:38.48
10 7
4y g b Rehanullah Khan D S Deora 56 12 A SNK 5 38 15 1:38.51
11 9
Win Legend(JPN)-War Machine
4y dkb c Adhiraj S Jodha A Imran Khan 55.5 5 A 3 1/4 5 37 9 1:38.55
12 2
7y b g Narendra Lagad P S Kaviraj 58.5 -3.5 13 A 5 1/2 8.25 43 20 1:39.08
13 5
Chevalier(IRE)-Delta Port
7y b g Nirad Karanjawala T S Jodha 57.5 1 A 13.75 41 20 1:40.00
Owner: Mr Rajesh Monga
Tote Favourite: NOBLE HEIR
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 47 ₹.269 ₹. ₹.16,₹.57,₹.49 ₹.2057 ₹.1337 ₹. ₹.
Racing Incidents

Trainer Adhirajsingh Jodha had declared Foreign Jockey David Allan on his charge GUARNERIUS in this race which was restricted for Indian Jockeys. Subsequently, Trainer Adhirajsingh Jodha was permitted to declare Jockey A. Imran Khan on his charge and he has been fined Rs.5,000/- for the lapse on his part.
At the start, LION KING (Y. S. Srinath, dr.3) jumped and veered outwards and went across NOBEL HEIR (A. Sandesh, dr.4) and bumped GUARNERIUS (A. Imran Khan, dr.5) forcing it outwards and at the same time CONSCIENCE (Shrikant Kamble, dr.7) jumped inwards, as a result of which FANFARE (C. S. Jodha, dr.6) was bumped and tightened for room and had to be checked. After questioning all concerned, Trainer Shazaan Shah has been asked to take remedial measures before next accepting with his charge LION KING.
At the start, MEMORABLE EYES (Imran Chisty, dr.11) jumped inwards and BAIT AND SWITCH (P. Trevor, dr.10) jumped outwards and they made contact
Soon after the start, CONSCIENCE (Shrikanth Kamble) shifted in on to NOBLE HEIR (A. Sandesh), who in turn shifted in thereby bumping and tightening ZANZIBAAR (T. S. Jodha) along the rails. Jockey Shrikant Kamble has been fined Rs.2,000/-.
Approaching the 1000 metres, LION KING (Y. S. Srinath) shifted in and went across GUARNERIUS (A. Imran Khan) causing the latter to be checked and change course thereby inconveniencing MEMORABLE EYES (Imran Chisty).  Jockey Y. S. Srinath has been fined Rs.2,000/-.
Approaching the 300 metres, MEMORABLE EYES (Imran Chisty) shifted out under urgings thereby ITS A DEAL (Amyn Merchant) who was racing on its haunches shifted out due to which NOBLE HEIR (A. Sandesh) was tightened for room and had to be checked. Due to this incident, FANFARE (C.S.Jodha) who was racing behind, had to be checked and change course thereby carrying ALAUDDIN KHILJI (Dhanu S.Deora) outwards. On being questioned after the race, Jockey Imran Chisty stated that his mount behaved erratic in the straight. Not being satisfied with the explanation of Jockey Imran Chisty, he has been fined Rs.3,000/-.
In the final stages of the race, ITS A DEAL (Amyn Merchant) shifted in and went across GUARNERIUS (A. Imran Khan) and NOBLE HEIR (A. Sandesh) causing both the horses to be checked. Jockey Amyn Merchant has been fined Rs.3,000/-.
After the race, Jockey P. Trevor (BAIT AND SWITCH) reported that his mount hung-in despite his efforts.
The Stipendiary Stewards are looking into the running and riding of NOBLE HEIR and a report will be submitted shortly.
After the race, POWER OF THOR and BAIT AND SWITCH were found to be sore by the left fore leg. Both the horses have to be passed fit by the Club’s V.O. before next accepting to race.
After the race, LION KING, GUARNERIUS (examined on 02/02/2020) and ONE FOR THE GLORY (examined on 02/02/2020) were trotted and found to be sound.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6,7 142215 C/F (TKT 0)
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6,7 10076 & 144983 (TKT 37 & 6)
TREBLE 4,5,6 15279 (TKT 3)