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RESULTS - MUMBAI - 29 Nov 2020

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The Kiara Plate Div-1

Maiden Horses / 3 Years Old Only


03:00 PM

Winner:₹.153000 Second:₹.66000 Third:₹.42000 Fourth:₹.27000 Fifth:₹.12000 Total: ₹.300000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 9
Speaking Of Which(IRE)-Allaire
3y ch f Vishal Gaikwad S Zervan 54.5 7 A 1 3/4 5827 1:25.75
2 3
Multidimensional(IRE)-Tammy O
3y b g Karthik Ganapathy Bhawani Singh 56 2 A 1 1.75 7935 1:26.23
3 6
Kingda Ka(AUS)-Shane(GER)
3y b f P Shroff Neeraj Rawal 54.5 10 A SHD 2.75 8029 1:26.37
4 11
Win Legend(JPN)-Eastern Summit
3y b f Adhiraj S Jodha Dashrath Singh 54.5 11 A 2 1/2 2.75 3627 1:26.39
5 7
Leitir Mor(IRE)-Tootsie Wootsie(IRE)
3y b f Asad Siddiqui J Chinoy 54.5 3 A LNK 5.25 2427 1:26.82
6 2
China Visit(USA)-Stormy Wind
3y ch g S K Sunderji C S Jodha 56 1 A 1 3/4 5.25 5131 1:26.88
7 10
Arazan(IRE)-Mauna Kea
3y b f S S Shah K Nazil 54.5 9 A 3/4 7 4430 1:27.15
8 4
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Meydana(GER)
3y dkb g Dallas Todywalla Y S Srinath 56 5 A 8 7.75 2930 1:27.29
9 8
3y b f S Waheed P S Chouhan 54.5 6 A 3 15.75 1926 1:28.65
10 5
Win Legend(JPN)-Hauhaiwunai
3y ch f Imtiaz A Sait A Sandesh 54.5 8 A 3 1/2 18.75 2328 1:29.14
11 1
Corporate Jungle(USA)-Supernova
3y b g Narendra Lagad P S Kaviraj 56 4 A 22.25 2730 1:29.71
Owner: Dr Ram H Shroff & Mr Raj H Shroff rep. Stride Livestock Pvt Ltd, Mr Chetan Shah, Mr Ravi Vasudeo Goenka & Mr Charudatta P Palwe
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Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. ₹. ₹. ₹.,₹.,₹. ₹. ₹. ₹. ₹.
Racing Incidents

At the start, TAIMUR (Bhawani Singh, dr .2) and HEAD HONCHO (App. P. S. Kaviraj, dr. 4) jumped outwards and inwards respectively inconveniencing FARAHNAAZ (J. Chinoy, dr. 3) who was drawn between them.
Approaching 1000 metres, SUPER GIRL (K. Nazil) leaned inwards on to TAIMUR (Bhawani Singh) who had to be checked, due to which, MAPLEWOOD (C.S. Jodha) who was racing on its haunches, had to be checked and change course. Jockey K. Nazil has been cautioned.
Passing 400 metres, HEAD HONCHO (App. P. S. Kaviraj) shifted in thereby tightening ACCENTURE (A. Sandesh) along the rails and forcing it to be checked and drop back due to which IRISH EYES (P. S. Chouhan) racing behind ACCENTURE had to be checked and change course. App. P. S. Kaviraj has been cautioned. 
Passing 300 metres, TAIMUR (Bhawani Singh) was inclined outwards and passing the 200 metres shifted out thereby bumping SUPER GIRL (K. Nazil) thus starting a chain reaction due to which MAPLEWOOD (C. S. Jodha) and ARCADIA (Neeraj Rawal) lost their footing and had to be checked. After the race, Jockey Bhawani Singh reported that his mount hung out despite his efforts. In view of the erratic behavior of the gelding, Trainer Karthik Ganapathy has been asked to take remedial measures and show his charge in a Mock Race to the satisfaction of the Stipendiary Stewards before next accepting with him to race.
After the race, TAIMUR was trotted and found to be sound.
The Equine Hospital reported that MAPLEWOOD had left eye injury (sore, lacrimation) and FARHANAAZ had right eye injury (mild ulcer).