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RESULTS - MUMBAI - 03 Jan 2021

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The Lady In Lace Plate Div-2

Class 5 / Horses Rated 4 to 30


05:00 PM

Winner:₹.76500 Second:₹.33000 Third:₹.21000 Fourth:₹.13500 Fifth:₹.6000 Total: ₹.150000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 1
Night Of Thunder(IRE)-Ghar Shoop(IRE)
4y b g S K Sunderji A Sandesh 62 4 A 3 3/4 8130 1:28.75
2 4
Corporate Jungle(USA)-Tourmalet(GB)
4y b m Karthik Ganapathy Bhawani Singh 58.5 8 A 1 1/4 3.75 3223 1:29.37
3 8
Sussex(GB)-Never Say Goodbye
7y b g S N Joshi A S Peter 55 -2.5 3 A 1 1/2 5 216 1:29.56
4 2
Western Aristocrat(USA)-Catherine Linton(IRE)
5y ch m Narendra Lagad J Chinoy 60.5 2 A 2 6.5 1727 1:29.78
5 10
Royal Gladiator-Cristina
8y b g Vijay Kasbekar S G Prasad 50 7 S 3/4 8.5 06 1:30.09
6 5
4y b f S Waheed P S Kaviraj 58 -2.5 10 A 4 3/4 9.25 1922 1:30.21
7 6
Sedgefield(USA)-Blitz Kiss(USA)
5y b m Adhiraj S Jodha S A Amit 57.5 1 A NOSE 14 1921 1:31.01
8 7
Arazan(IRE)-Santa Ana
5y b g Hosidar Daji Amyn Merchant 56.5 9 A 14 1119 1:31.02
9 3
Win Legend(JPN)-Ma Baker
6y ch g Nosher Cama K Nazil 60 -1.5 6 A 14 1826
W 9
Royal Gladiator-Rainbow Fog
5y b g H J Antia Withdrawn 52 5 A 310
Owner: Mr & Mrs Shapoor P Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders Farm Pvt Ltd, Mr Vikram Bachhawat rep. Bachhawat Farms Pvt Ltd & Mrs K N Sunderji
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Racing Incidents

SHADOWS (D. R. Shubham)  played up on the way to the start dislodging the rider who was indisposed, as such, the gelding was withdrawn before coming under the Starter’s Order. Trainer H. J. Antia has been asked to school his charge to proceed to the start, before next accepting to race.
SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (Amyn Merchant) jumped out slow losing considerable ground at the start. Trainer Hosidar Daji has been asked to show the gelding to the satisfaction of the starter at morning starting trials before next accepting to race.  
At the start, CAESAR (K. Nazil, dr. 6) jumped inwards and went across SUMMER NIGHT (A. Sandesh, dr. 4) who was marginally slow to begin and went onto GANDALF (App. A. S. Peter, dr. 3) causing it to stumble.
Passing the red marker, TRINKET (Bhawani Singh) shifted in and went across CAESAR (K. Nazil) causing it to be checked and change course due to which, GANDALF (App. A. S. Peter) who was racing on the haunches on CEASAR, was forced to be checked and drop back. After questioning, Jockey Bhawani Singh has been fined Rs. 3,000/-.
Passing 900 metres, IRISH EYES (App. P. S. Kaviraj) shifted in onto CRISTO BOSS (S. G. Prasad) who in turn shifted in inconveniencing GANDALF (App. A. S. Peter) along the rails. App. P. s. Kaviraj has been cautioned.
Passing 300 metres, the saddle used on CAESAR (K. Nazil) was observed to have slipped forward due to which the rider had to dismount. Trainer Nosher Cama has been fined Rs.2,000/- for faulty saddling of his charge.