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The Beloved Prince Plate

Class 4 / Horses Rated 15 to 35, 4 Years Old and Over


02:45 PM

Winner:₹.247860 Second:₹.123935 Third:₹.74355 Fourth:₹.28750 Fifth:₹.13880 Sixth:₹.6940 Total: ₹.495720

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 1
Win Legend(JPN)-Tijuca Forest
4y ch f B Prithviraj S John 60 10 A LNK 35 1:13.49
2 12
Green Coast(IRE)-Dama Grande
4y b m Neil B Devaney R Rayan Ahmed 51 9 A 2 17 1:13.54
3 4
Ex-name:BIG BEN
Juniper(USA)-Sound Of Silence
8y b g M Rajendra Singh T S Jodha 59.5 3 A NECK 2 34 1:13.86
4 8
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Ocean Wish
5y b m Samar Singh Arvind Kumar 54.5 -4 1 A 2 1/2 2 24 1:13.90
5 3
Total Gallery(IRE)-Shades Of White
4y b m K Pradeep Annaiah Surya P 59.5 5 A NECK 4.5 34 1:14.32
6 6
Excellent Art(GB)-Intuition
4y b g Darius Byramji A R Pradeep 55 4 A 5 1/4 4.5 25 1:14.36
7 7
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Neona
4y b g Irfan Ghatala P S Chouhan 55 2 A 2 1/4 9.75 25 1:15.22
8 2
Mull Of Kintyre(USA)-Ordoneyah(FR)
6y b m Imtiaz Khan R Manjunath 60 -4 12 A 1/2 12 35 1:15.60
9 9
Western Aristocrat(USA)-Missoni
5y b g Sharat Kumar Arshad Alam 54 11 A 1 1/2 12.5 23 1:15.70
10 5
Net Whizz(USA)-Woman On Top
4y b m Imtiaz Khan Chethan Gowda 56.5 -2 7 A 2 1/2 14 28 1:15.93
11 10
Eljohar(IRE)-Eternal Spirit
5y b g Dheeraj Venkataswamy A Ramu 53.5 8 A 16.5 22 1:16.35
W 11
Net Whizz(USA)-Dandoona(GB)
4y b g Imtiaz Khan Imran Chisty 53.5 6 A 22
Owner: Satish G Kundapur
Tote Favourite: UNIFIER
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 41 ₹.82 ₹.70 ₹.14,₹.31,₹.29 ₹.489 ₹.1146 ₹.8130, 3484 ₹.103648
Racing Incidents

Jockey Kiran Rai P replaced the indisposed Jockey A. Ramu on NOSTRADAMUS.

Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. Imtiaz Khan to withdraw REGAL FORCE (Imran Chisty) on veterinary grounds as the horse got cast in the stables which resulted in severe lameness. He was informed to produce a Fitness Certificate from the Club's Veterinary Officer before accepting with it again.

PRINCEAZEEM (T. S. Jodha) jumped awkwardly outwards and inconvenienced the horses on his outside viz; FORESIGHT (A.R.Pradeep) and DARAHASINI (Surya P.) at the start.

NAAYAAB (Chethan Gowda) took a fly jump.

Jockey Arshad Alam, the rider of BAROG reported that his mount was not galloping fluently throughout the race. The horse was subjected to veterinary examination. On examination, it was found to be trotting lame on left hind. Trainer Mr. Sharat Kumar was informed to produce a Fitness Certificate from the Club's Veterinary Officer before accepting with it again.

An enquiry was held on 22nd December, 2019 by the Stipendiary Stewards for the above race where Jockey Rayan Ahmed R the rider of GIN DAISY shifted ‘in’ sharply and caused interference to NOSTRADAMUS (P.Kiran Rai), DARAHASINI (P.Surya) , PRINCEAZEEM (T.S Jodha) & UNIFIER (P.S Chouhan) whereby the respective riders had to check their mounts approaching the 1000 Metres and he further shifted ‘ in’ and tightened the horses on your inside viz;- AEROSPEED (Arvind kumar) CANDLELIGHTQUEEN (S.John) passing the 300 Metres.

Jockey Rayan Ahmed R was interviewed by the Stipendiary Stewards. The Stipendiary Stewards after considering the submissions made by Jockey Rayan Ahmed R. After viewing the CCTV they decided to charge Jockey Rayan Ahmed R for Careless Riding Rule No. 161(i) of the BTC Rules of Racing.

The Stipendiary Stewards thereafter suspended Jockey Rayan Ahmed R with effect from 1st January, 2020 to 4th January, 2020 (both days inclusive) as he had pleaded guilty of the charge for Careless Riding Rule No. 161(i) of the BTC Rules of Racing on his mount GIN DAISY. (He is permitted to ride work and was informed of his right to appeal).

It was reported after the race that FORESIGHT (A.R.Pradeep) collapsed in the paddock after coming back from the race and did not respond to the emergency treatment given and thereafter died.

Routine Sample was taken for analysis from the winner ch f CANDLELIGHTQUEEN.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6 55983 & 2226
FIRST TREBLE 1,2,3 10721 C/o
SECOND TREBLE 4,5,6 1126