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RESULTS - DELHI - 15 Dec 2015

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The Ardent Knight Plate Div-II

Class 4 / Horses Rated 20-46


04:45 PM

Winner:₹.118000 Second:₹.47500 Third:₹.27000 Fourth:₹.14500 Total: ₹.207000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 3
4y b f S M Abbas C S Jodha 57.5 - 7 S NECK 32 1:01.37
2 8
Hammerstein(GB)-Sea Nymph
5y b g S Nawab S Lalit 55.5 -5 2 S NECK 28 1:01.41
3 12
Storm Trooper(USA)-Crossword
3y b m I S Parmar R Parvesh 54.0 - 1 S 1/2 25 1:01.46
4 5
New Famous(BRZ)-Starlit Smile
3y b m Mallikarjun M I Qureshi 57.5 - 5 S 1 0.5 32 1:01.53
5 6
Hotstepper-Nautical Zone
4y b g Magan Singh T S Jodha 57.0 - 8 A HEAD 1.5 31 1:01.70
6 4
Hurricane State(USA)-Audrina
4y b m A Saulez R Yousaf 57.5 - 4 S 1/2 1.5 32 1:01.73
7 10
Hammerstein(GB)-Race The Moo
3y b f S Nawab M Chettri 55.0 - 6 S 1/2 2 27 1:01.82
8 11
San Francisco(FR)-Firm Belief
7y b h H A Khan Arman Jafri 54.5 -5 9 S 1 1/4 2.5 26 1:01.90
9 1
4y b c S H Abbas Suresh Kumar 59.0 - 12 S NOSE 3.75 35 1:02.09
10 7
Epicentre(USA)-Coco Chanel
5y b m S Ali Khan Mudassar Nazar 55.5 - 13 S 2 3/4 3.75 28 1:02.09
11 13
Samhoon(USA)-Aajaa Nachle
3y b m Zulfiqar Khan M Mani 54.0 - 3 S 18 3/4 6.5 25 1:02.53
12 9
Ontario(USA)-Dreaming Waters(GB)
6y ch g S M Abbas Narain Singh 55.0 - 11 S 25.25 27 1:05.54
13 2
Hammerstein(GB)-Jag Kirti
5y b g Bharath T Singh G S Shekhawat 58.5 - 10 S 25.25 34 Dropped rider
Owner: M/s Kunal Karan Singh & Rajan Kakreja
Tote Favourite: NAUTICAL STORM
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 59 ₹.67 ₹. ₹.13,₹.22,₹.80 ₹.112 ₹.C/F ₹.1359 & 1165 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

Trainer S M Abbas was questioned regarding the change of pattern of shoeing of his charge NIZBATI PRINCE as compared to its 3 previous runs i.e. in Race Nos 105,113 & 128 wherein it was running with “aluminum shoes” whereas in the above race it ran in “steel shoes” . The trainer stated that as the Aluminum shoes had worn out, hence had used steel shoes. His explanations was noted.

After reaching the starting gates Jockey Suresh Kumar the rider of NIZBATI PRINCE reported that the leather strap of left stirrup had snapped, hence he would like to seek a replacement, which was immediately replaced.

The right stirrup leather of the saddle used by Jockey Suresh Kumar on   NIZABTI PRINCE snapped in the 100 mts of the race whereby Jockey Suresh Kumar momentarily losing his balance from his mount. The equipment was examined immediately after the race and found to have being maintained as such no action has been taken beyond noting down the incident.

MASTER BOLT (G S Shekhawat) after jumping out of the starting gates, behaved erratic and fractious whereby  jockey was imbalanced in the process he held the reins too tight, whereby the forward progress of the horse was for an instant impeded and was dislodged from his mount. In view of its behaviour trainer Bharat T Singh was informed not to accept with his charge until its behaviour improved to the satisfaction of the Stipendiary Steward in one mock race on a race day on the race track.

App. Jockey S Lalit the rider of MASTER DESIRE was reprimanded for allowing his mount to shift in soon after jumping  out of the starting gates whereby  ASHWA GARIMA (R Parvesh) galloping on his inside had to checked by its rider.

FOUR BY FOUR (Narain Singh) was restless in the starting gates, as the start was effected planted and lost sufficient grounds at the start, In view of its behaviour trainer S H Abbas was informed not to accept with his charge until its behaviour improved to the satisfaction of the Stipendiary Steward in one mock race on a race day on the race track.

Jockey T S Jodha the rider of  NAUTICAL STORM reported that he could not get a clear run due to crowding of the field in the last 300 mts of the race.

Jockey M Chetri the rider of MISS PUNE was severely reprimanded for changing course in the last 350 mts of the race. He was further reprimanded for failing to be vigorous on his mount. He was also further informed that his mount was running of its first run in its career.

Jockey M Mani  the rider of SNOOPY LOOPY was fined Rs.3000/- for not sufficiently preserving with this mount during the race.

Trainer S M Abbas the trainer of NIZBATI PRINCE (Suresh Kumar) was questioned in relation to the change of pattern for NIZBATI PRINCE today compared to its previous runs. Trainer S M Abbas explained that as his charge was drawn 12 in a field of 13 runners, hence he had instructed Jockey Suresh Kumar to gradually improve and not come in and interfere with the horses on the inside. His explanation was note for future reference.

Urine sample was taken for analysis from the winner LION HEARTED LADY in the presence of Trainer Rajinder and was sent for Analytical test.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 C/F & C/F
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6 & 7 C/F & C/F
TREBLE 5,6 & 7 C/F