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RESULTS - DELHI - 12 Jan 2016

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The Good Bet Plate Div-1

Class 4 / Horses Rated 20-46


03:00 PM

Winner:₹.118000 Second:₹.47500 Third:₹.27000 Fourth:₹.14500 Total: ₹.207000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 5
Hammerstein(GB)-Jag Kirti
6y b g Bharath T Singh R Vaibhav 57.5 - 11 S 2 3/4 37 1:05:42
2 2
Crown Jewels(GB)-Firefox
6y b g Zulfiqar Khan T S Jodha 60.5 - 9 S 4 2.75 43 1:05:86
3 7
5y b c S H Abbas S Lalit 57.0 -5 5 S 1 1/4 6.75 36 1:06:49
4 4
Storm Trooper(USA)-Crossword
4y b m I S Parmar Dashrath Singh 58.0 - 8 S NECK 8 38 1:06:67
5 10
Stardan(IRE)-Stylish Lady
6y b g A Saulez Ranjeet Singh 56.0 - 2 S NECK 8 34 1:06:74
6 14
4y ch m S M Abbas Arman Jafri 51.0 -5 1 S 1 1/4 8 24 1:06:78
7 3
5y b g S Ali Khan Nitin Singh 59.5 - 6 S 4 9.25 41 1:06:97
8 9
Hurricane State(USA)-Green Sapphire
5y ch m Ajay Sharma K Sunny Kumar 56.0 - 10 A NECK 13.25 34 1:07:62
9 1
Noverre(USA)-Hollow Ridge(GB)
5y dk b g Rajinder Jai Parkash 61.5 - 13 S 3/4 13.25 45 1:07:68
10 11
Rebuttal(USA)-Flash First
8y b g Rajinder Akash Rajput 56.0 -5 12 A NECK 14 34 1:07:80
11 13
Danehill Star(AUS)-Antivirus
6y ch m S M Abbas R Rakesh 55.0 -5 7 S 1 1/4 14 32 1:07:86
12 8
Stardan(IRE)-Super Sonic
4y dk b g S Nawab K Narender Kumar 56.0 - 4 S SHD 15.25 34 1:08:08
13 6
Hymn(IRE)-Silver Girl
4y b g S Nawab Ramandeep Singh Bal 57.5 - 3 S 15.25 37 1:08:09
W 12
Carnival Dancer(GB)-Tycoon Girl
6y b g H Ali Khan Danish Ali Khan 55.5 - 14 S - 15.25 33
Tote Favourite: MASTER BOLT
Owner: Mr.Mohan Adhikar
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Win SHP 3Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 23 ₹.33 ₹. ₹.14,₹.18,₹.26 ₹.27 ₹.83 ₹.91 & 72 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

CON MAN (Danish Ali Khan) was examined at the Starting gates by the Club’s Veterinary Officer and was withdrawn on veterinary grounds as it was lame on left fore. Trainer K Ali Khan was advised a veterinary certificate of fitness would be required prior to presenting for future trial or race. In consequence of CON MAN being withdrawn before coming under starter’s orders no deduction on win or  place bets was effected.

App Jockey S Lalit the rider of NIZBATI PRINCE was fined Rs.3000/- for permitting his mount to shift in sharply soon after jumping out of the starting gates thereby bumping into  RED APPLE ( K Narender Kumar) and thereafter approaching 900 mts permitting his mount to shift in again when he was not sufficiently clear of RED APPLE  which had to be checked by its rider.

Jockey K Narender Kumar  the rider of  RED APPLE was severely reprimanded for allowing his mount to shift in soon after jumping out  of the starting gates thereby inconveniencing  SILVER BOY (Ramandeep Singh Bal) on his inside.

Trainer Rajinder was questioned regarding the poor performance of MISTER BEST (Jai Parkash) as compared to its last run in Race No.137  THE ARDENT  KNIGHT PLATE.DIV.I. A HANDICAP FOR INDIAN HORSES 20-46(ABT) 1000 MTS on 15th December where it was placed second when ridden by the same rider. The Trainer stated that :-

i)    His charge was drawn 13 and he had instructed the jockey to position to 6th  or 7th and do his best on entering the straight.
ii)    He further opined that as the pace of the race was quite fast his charge could not keep up with the field.
iii)    Negotiating the bend his charge was taken out by  AL QARAM(Nitin Singh) whereby his charge was forced to travel wide.
iv)    Thereafter the jockey ridden out his best ability.

His explanations were noted for future reference.

Trainer Ajay Sharma was called and questioned regarding the poor performance of GUCCI WATER (K Sunny Kumar)  as compared to its last run in Race No.144 THE CHRISTMAS CUP.DIV.II.A HANDICAP FOR INDIAN HORSES RATED 20-46 (ABT) 1100 MTS on 24th December 2015 where it was placed second. Trainer stated that :-
i)    He had instructed the jockey to position 4th/5th and do his best on entering the straight.
ii)    After the race the jockey reported that his mount was coughing in the Race, hence may have performed poorly.

Trainer was informed to report of any ailments within the next 24 hours.

The Club’s Veterinary Officer reported on 15th January 2016 as under:-

The Stipendiary Steward                                       15th January 2016
Delhi Race Club (1940)Ltd

Sub: Report on  GUCCI WATER.


The horse GUCCI WATER under the charge of Trainer Ajay Sharma was scoped on 13th Jan at the  Equine Hospital, and found to have “EPIGLOTTIC ENTRAPPMENT’. The trainer was advised to get the horse operated for the above mentioned condition before accepting the horse again to race.

Submitted for your kind information please.

Yours sincerely
(S Veer Vikram Malhotra)
  Equine Hospital

Jockey  Ramandeep Singh Bal  the rider of  SILVER BOY  reported that soon after jumping out of the stating gates his mount shifted in and bumped into  GOLDEN (Ranjeet Singh) which passed it onto GHUNGROO (Arman Ali Jafri) on his inside whereby it lost its balance momentarily.

Trainer S Nawab and Jockey Ramandeep Singh Bal were questioned regarding the running and riding of SILVER BOY.  After reviewing the replay of the race and hearing their statements they were given the benefit of doubt at this instance.

Urine sample was taken for analysis from the winner MASTER BOLT in the presence of Trainer Bharath T Singh and was sent for analytical test.

An enquiry has been opened into the poor performance of b f ASHWA GARIMA (Dashrath Singh) Trained by H A Khan in the above race as compared to its previous run (Winner) in RACE NO.145 THE CHRISTMAS CUP.DIV.III. A HANDICAP FOR INDIAN HORSES   RATED 20-46 (ABOUT) 1100 METRES ran on 24th December 2015.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 C/F & 213
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6 & 7 C/F & C/F
TREBLE 5,6 & 7 39