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RESULTS - DELHI - 03 Jan 2017

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The Hastings Plate Div-1

Class 4 / 0 / Horses Rated 20-46


03:30 PM

Winner:₹.134500 Second:₹.50000 Third:₹.28500 Fourth:₹.15000 Total: ₹.228000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 1
5y ch g I S Parmar Dashrath Singh 61.5 - 1 A 4 45 0:59:73
2 2
Noverre(USA)-Land Ahead(USA)
6y b m A Khan C S Jodha 60.0 - 13 A NOSE 4 42 1:00:36
3 13
Becket-Unusual Theme
4y b c S Nawab Ramandeep Singh Bal 54.0 - 7 S 1 1/4 4 30 1:00:36
4 3
C P West(USA)-Star Blaze
4y b c Shakti Singh Kundan Paswan 59.5 -5 9 S 1 1/2 5.25 41 1:00:56
5 8
Noverre(USA)-Swan Maiden(USA)
7y ch m Rajinder H S Pawar 58.0 -5 14 S 1 3/4 6.75 38 1:00:81
6 14
4y b g K Ali Khan Ranjeet Singh 51.0 - 12 S 1/2 8.5 24 1:01:08
7 11
Epicentre(USA)-Okati Okati Okati
6y b h H Ali Khan R Parvesh 56.5 - 5 S 1 1/4 9 35 1:01:18
8 10
C P West(USA)-Secret Opinion
5y b m Zulfiqar Khan Md Habeeb 56.5 -5 6 S 1 1/4 10.25 35 1:01:40
9 4
New Famous(BRZ)-Starlit Smile
5y b m Mallikarjun M I Qureshi 59.0 - 4 A NECK 11.5 40 1:01:62
10 7
Epicentre(USA)-Knight Visio
7y b g Zulfiqar Khan Aqeed Waheed 58.5 - 10 S HEAD 11.5 39 1:01:69
11 6
Mull Of Kintyre(USA)-Patricia
4y dkb g Sartaj Singh Khet Singh 58.5 -5 11 S 3/4 11.5 39 1:01:72
12 9
Inhabitant (GB)-Astrid
7y ch g K P Singh Sameer Khan 57.0 - 8 S 7 1/4 12.25 36 1:01:87
13 5
6y dkb g I S Parmar Irfan Khan 58.5 - 2 S 19.5 39 1:03:05
14 12
6y dk b g Ajay Sharma T S Jodha 54.0 - 3 S 19.5 30 PLANTED
Tote Favourite: ASHWA SAANGA
Owner: Mrs Anita Chauhan
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 13 ₹.30 ₹. ₹.15,₹.13,₹.10 ₹.13 ₹.27 ₹.126 & 46 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

GUTSY BOY planted in the starting gates and did not take any practical part in the race. In view of its behavior trainer Ajay Sharma was advised not to accept with his charge until its behaviour improved to the satisfaction of the Stipendiary Steward in one mock race on a race day on the race track.

Jockey Irfan Ali the rider of DOUBLE O SEVEN reported that after jumping out of the starting gate his mount did not raise a fluent gallop and negotiating the bend it drifted out and travelled on the outer portion of the race track inspite of his best efforts. The horse was impounded for veterinary examination and the Club’s Veterinary Officer reported it had sharp molars. Trainer H A Khan was fined Rs.2500/- for his negligence in presenting his charge DOUBLE O SEVEN to race with sharp molars and he was advised not to accept with his charge until it was passed fit by the Club’s Veterinary Officer.

Jockey C S Jodha the rider of GLORY AWAITS on questioning stated that when he was improving his position approaching 700 mts he was inconvenienced by  HE IS THE MAN (Khet Singh) on his inside wherein he had to check his mount thereby his mount dropped back thereafter he rode out his mount. His explanation was noted.

Jockey Khet Singh the rider of HE IS THE MAN was severely reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift in approaching 700 mts thereby inconveniencing GLORY AWAITS (C S Jodha) on his inside.

Jockey Dashrath Singh the rider of ASHWA SAANGA was reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift in approaching 300 mts, whereby GOLD MAID (Himalay S Pawar) travelling on his inside was inconvenienced.

Trainer Shakti Singh and Jockey M I Qureshi were called in and questioned regarding the running and riding of  SPRING TO FAME. The trainer stated that he had instructed the jockey to take a good jump, go to the front, if some other horses chases then  position 3rd/4th and do his best on entering the straight. He further stated that after the race the jockey stated that soon after jumping out of the starting gate the outside side horse came onto him thereby he had to check his mount. However, he was not satisfied the way  the Jockey had handled his charge. Jockey corroborating the statements stated that he had done his best  and had to check during the initial stages of the race due to the outside horse coming onto him. Not being satisfied with his explanation he was fined Rs.5000/- for checking his mount soon after jumping out of the starting gates.  An enquiry has been opened into the running and riding of SPRING TO FAME.

Jockey Ramandeep Singh Bal the rider of MASTER BECKET reported that he could not get a clear run in the last 200 mts of the race as VEER (V S Gautam) was running erratic.

Urine sample was taken for analysis from the winner ASHWA SAANGA in the presence of Trainer Irfan Ali and sent for analytical test.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6 & 7
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6 & 7
TREBLE 5,6 & 7