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RESULTS - DELHI - 10 Apr 2017

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The Bissar Plate Div-1

Class 5 / Horses Rated 1 To 26


02:45 PM

Winner:₹.123000 Second:₹.45500 Third:₹.26000 Fourth:₹.13500 Total: ₹.208000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 10
Harlingto-Silent Beauty (USA)
6y b c S Ali Khan Vinay Jaiswal 54 - 9 S 4 1/2 11 1:08:36
2 2
Stardan(IRE)-Star Burst
4y dk b m H A Khan M B Qureshi 61 -5.0 10 A 1 4.5 25 1:09:08
3 3
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Maple Fondant
3y b c Zulfiqar Khan Sameer Qureshi 60.5 -5.0 5 S 1 3/4 5.5 24 1:09:26
4 5
Gaswar(GB)-Midnight Escape
8y ch m K P Singh Sameer Khan 58 - 4 S 2 7.25 19 1:09:54
5 9
Charmo(FR)-Golden Carmen(USA)
6y gr g Rajinder R Parvesh 54.5 - 2 S head 9.25 12 1:09:88
6 7
Stardan(IRE)-Miss Kinky
4y dkb c R K Saini Rajinder Saini 57 - 3 S 1 3/4 9.25 17 1:09:90
7 4
Mull Of Kintyre(USA)-Patricia
4y dkb g Sartaj Singh G S Shekhawat 59.5 - 1 S 2 1/4 11 22 1:10:19
8 1
Sussex(GB)-Citi Star
6y b m Zulfiqar Khan Aqeed Waheed 61.5 - 6 S 4 3/4 13.25 26 1:10:53
9 6
Tariq(GB)-Delta's Glory
4y b c Sartaj Singh Mohd Asif 58 - 7 S 15 18 19 1:11:29
10 8
C P West(USA)-Jaa
4y ch c Bharath T Singh Praveen Saini 57 -3.5 8 S 33 17 1;13:69
Owner: Mr.Waseem Akhtar
Tote Favourite: RIOS GIRL
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 77 ₹.38 ₹. ₹.17,₹.16,₹.42 ₹.C/F ₹.C/F ₹.1745 & 747 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

Jockey Aqeed Waheed the rider of JHILMIL was called in and questioned regarding his riding.  He stated that he was instructed to position 3rd/4th and do his best on entering the straight. Not being satisfied with his explanation he was reprimanded for riding an indifferent race.

Jockey M B Qureshi the rider of I WANNA RUN reported that soon after jumping out of the starting gates his mount bumped onto AL MAKTOUM wherein he was momentarily imbalanced and thereafter his mount was repeatedly changing its legs during the race. The horse was impounded for veterinary examination and the Club’s Veterinary Officer reported no apparent abnormality.

Jockey Sameer Khan the rider of RIOS GIRL was reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift in soon after jumping out of the starting gates thereby inconveniencing HE IS THE MAN (G S Shekhawat) on his inside.

Jockey Praveen Saini the rider of JOKER IN THE PACK reported that soon after jumping out of the starting his mount abruptly shifted out wherein he managed to control it, thereafter negotiating the bend his mount drifted out and travelled on the outer portion of the trace track. Trainer Bharat T Singh was advised to take remedial measures before accepting with it again in a race.

Jockey Rajinder Saini the rider of AAR YA PAAR reported the loss of his whip approaching the 300 mts. (1st offence, warned)

Trainer S Ali Khan was called in and questioned regarding the improved performance of his charge AL MAKTOUM as compared to its last run in race  NO.251 THE SIGNAL CORE PLATE. A HANDICAP FOR INDIAN HORSES RATED 1-26 (CLASS V) (ABOUT) 1600 MTS. on 3rd April 2017 wherein it was unplaced. The trainer stated that:-

i) On both occasions he had imparted the same instructions to the Jockeys in that go to the front and do their best on entering the straight and win the race.
ii) In Race No.251 as instructed his mount was prominently in front bunch till about 300 mts and thereafter it just gave up.
iii) Today in the above race it was a 1100 mts wherein his charge had to travel 500 mts less which was to its advantage.

iv) The horse was not fancied  both the times but instructed to do their best and win the race.

However, noting down his explanations he was reminded of the “in and out” running of his charges and he was given a benefit of doubt at this instance.

Urine sample was taken for analysis from the winner AL MAKTOUM in the presence of Trainer S Ali Khan  and were sent for analytical test.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 1,2,3,4,5,6 C/F & C/F
JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6 C/F & C/F
TREBLE 4,5,6 C/F