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RESULTS - DELHI - 05 Dec 2017

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The Border Security Force Cup Div-1

Class 4 / Horses Rated 20 To 46


04:00 PM

Winner:₹.143000 Second:₹.53500 Third:₹.30500 Fourth:₹.16000 Total: ₹.243000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 9
3y b m S Nawab Ramandeep Singh Bal 58.5 - 1 S NECK 39 1:07.43
2 1
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Divinity(GB)
3y b m Richpal Singh Kundan Paswan 62.0 -5.0 7 S 3/4 46 1:07.49
3 13
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Silver Toy
4y b h H Ali Khan Akash Rajput 53.0 - 13 A 1/2 0.75 28 1:07.60
4 6
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Celestial Dancer
4y b g Richpal Singh M Shahid 59.0 - 8 S 1 3/4 1.25 40 1:07.71
5 7
Mull Of Kintyre(USA)-Sama(IRE)
4y b m A Khan S A Shah 58.5 - 4 S 1/2 3 39 1:08.02
6 2
Green Coast(IRE)-Missey(FR)
4y b m Magan Singh Gurpreet Singh 61.0 - 10 S 1 3/4 3.5 44 1:08.09
7 3
Top Class(USA)-Cyclades
5y dk b m Ajay Sharma T S Jodha 61.0 - 12 A 2 1/4 5.25 44 1:08.38
8 4
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-First Crush
6y b m Sartaj Singh Shaliyar Khan 60.5 -5.0 3 S NECK 7.5 43 1:08.75
9 8
Ansbach-Lizzy Arde
3y b m Zulfiqar Khan Irfan Khan 58.5 - 5 S 1/2 7.5 39 1:08.79
10 5
Epicentre(USA)-On The Trail
5y b m R K Saini Rajinder Saini 59.5 - 2 S 2 1/4 8 41 1:08.90
11 12
3y b g Ajay Sharma K Narender Kumar 55.0 - 11 S 3 10.25 32 1:09.24
12 10
Ontario(USA)-Priceless Princess
4y b m Magan Singh G S Shekhawat 58.0 - 9 S 13.25 38 1:09.73
W 11
5y b g Magan Singh Khet Singh 55.0 -5.0 6 A - 13.25 32
Tote Favourite: MISS ZACHARY
Owner: Mr Sunil Kumar Verma rep. Master Racing Stud & Agri Farm Pvt Ltd
Race Video


Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 16 ₹.139 ₹.- ₹.12,₹.24,₹.13 ₹.173 ₹.178 ₹.219 & 94 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

MY ABLAZE (Khet Singh) was extremely fractious and refused to be loaded as such it was withdrawn before coming under Starter’s orders.

Prior  to ‘ALL CLEAR’ being declared Jockey Akash Rajput the rider of    GOLDEN GUINEA requested to view the race video with a view to consider lodging an objection. After viewing the video Jockey Akash Rajput decided to proceed with an objection and accordingly objections was lodged by  Jockey Akash Rajput  the rider of GOLDEN GUINEA placed fourth by the Judge against Jockeys Ramandeep Singh Bal the rider of MISS ZACHARY  placed first and Jockey M Shahid the rider of CAPTAIN COOL placed second by the Judge for “from 300 mts onward CAPTAIN COOL started coming onto me and winner  MISS ZACHARY came out and squeezing my horse after 250 mts CAPTAIN COOL finally bumped me and at the same time winner who was running inside, came right in front of my horse  due to which my mount could not get a clear run and that cost me a certain place.” The Stewards held an enquiry immediately after the race interviewed the Jockeys concerned and after deliberations, considering the opinion expressed by the Stipendiary Steward and based on the observation of the race the Stewards  decided to overrule the objection against MISS ZACHARY and uphold the objection against CAPTAIN COOL and revised order of placing as under:-

                             MISS ZACHARY     FIRST
                             CUNCHO              SECOND
                             GOLDEN CUINEA   THIRD
                             CAPTAIN COOL      FOURTH

Jockey M Shahid the rider of CAPTAIN COOL reported that till approaching the bend and into home straight his mount was galloping well on its own. App 350 mts when he put pressure it shifted in inspite of him trying to control thereby tightened GOLDEN GUINEA on his inside and again when he tried to ride out, it shifted in further tightened and bumped GOLDEN GUINEA inspite of him making every efforts to control it. He further stated that he also had concerns with the action of his mount. Jockey M Shahid then stated that when making ground in the final 200 mts of the race, he was hesitant to continue riding for a number of strides as he was concerned when CAPTAIN COOL became awkwardly placed into the running of GOLDEN GUINEA. He further added that if his mount carried inwards, he would have caused severe accident to the horses on his inside namely GOLDEN GUINEA and MISS ZACHARY, hence he looked to his inside on a number of occasions to ensure the safety of the horses and their riders. Trainer A Khan was advised to take remedial measures before accepting with it again in a race.

Jockey Ramandeep Singh Bal the rider of MISS ZACHARY was reprimanded for shifting out and causing interference to GOLDEN GUINEA on his outside in the last 150 mts of the race. He was further informed that in view of CAPTIAN COOL galloping very awkwardly and circumstances of the race being run, he was given a benefit of doubt for the interference he had caused to GOLDEN GUINEA failing which he would have been fined suitably.

Jockey Irfan Ali the rider of  MAN MALHARI was reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift out from 400mts of the race

Jockey G S Shekhawat the rider of SMILE OF LOVE was reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift out from the 800 mts of the race.

Urine sample was taken for analysis from the winner MISS ZACHARY in the presence of Trainer Irfan Ali  and was sent for analytical test.