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RESULTS - DELHI - 19 Dec 2017

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The Bee's Prospector Plate Div-2

Class 4 / Horses Rated 20 to 46


02:00 PM

Winner:₹.143000 Second:₹.53500 Third:₹.30500 Fourth:₹.16000 Total: ₹.243000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 1
6y ch m Rajinder C S Jodha 59.5 - 1 A 2 1/2 41 1:13.10
2 4
China Visit(USA)-Grace N Grit
5y b m Ajay Sharma T S Jodha 56.0 - 2 A 2 3 /4 2.5 34 1:13.52
3 9
5y b g Magan Singh Gurpreet Singh 55.0 - 5 S 3 1/4 5.25 32 1:13.95
4 8
Noverre(USA)-Land Ahead(USA)
6y b m A Khan M Shahid 55.0 - 4 S 2 8.5 32 1:14.49
5 6
8y b g Zulfiqar Khan Md Asif Khan 55.5 -3.5 9 S 1 3/4 10.5 33 1:14.82
6 5
Oath(IRE)-Tribal Fantasy
3y b g Ajay Sharma K Narender Kumar 55.5 - 7 S 3/4 12.25 33 1:15.13
7 7
4y b h Rajinder R Yousaf 55.0 - 6 A 1 13 32 1:15.27
8 10
6y b m S M Abbas Pawan Sharma 54.5 - 10 S 4 1/4 14 31 1:15.42
9 2
Rebuttal(USA)-No Excuses
6y b g I S Parmar Narain Singh 56.5 - 8 S 1 1/4 18.25 35 1:16.11
10 3
Ontario(USA)-Priceless Princess
4y b m Magan Singh G S Shekhawat 56.5 - 3 S 19.5 35 1:16.30
Owner: Mr Rajinde
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Win SHP 3Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 14 ₹.20 ₹.- ₹.10,₹.18,₹.11 ₹.12 ₹.16 ₹.51 & 48 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

Jockey G S Shekhawat the rider of  SMILE OF LOVE reported that his mount negotiating the bend when he applied pressure, it shifted out and travelled on the outer portion of the race track. Trainer Magan Singh was advised to take remedial measures.

Jockey R Yousaf the rider of  EXTREME DESIRE was fined Rs.2000/- for not being vigorous and failing to improve his position till about 600 mts of the race.

Jockey Gurpreet Singh the rider of MY ABLAZE reported that till approaching 500 mtrs his mount was trying to shift in inspite of him making efforts to control it and negotiating the bend his mount shifted out and travelled on the outer portion of the race track and from 200 mts when he used the whip it shifted towards the inside.

Trainer I S Parmar and Jockey Narain Singh were called in and questioned regarding the running and riding of ASHWA GAZNEE. Trainer I S Parmar stated that he had instructed the jockey to position 5th,6th ,7th and to ride out in the straight and that he was satisfied with the riding of Jockey Narain Singh. On corroborating the trainer's statement jockey Narain Singh stated that he had followed the trainers instructions and he had received a check. The matter was reported to the Stewards. The Stewards after reviewing the replay of the race and their own observation the Stewards noted the following:-

a) That ASHWA GAZNEE is running for the first time in the current season.

b) That the performance of the horse in season 2016-17 where it ran in 5 races had never placed even once on board.

c) That Jockey Narain Singh is very mediocre jockey and odds were quoted at 60 to 1.

d) Directed the Stipendiary Steward to warn both Trainer I S Parmar and Jockey Narain Singh for their running and riding of ASHWA GAZNEE.

Urine sample was taken for analysis from the winner BEAUTIFUL EVENING in the presence of Trainer Rajinder   and was sent for analytical test.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 2,3,4,5,6,7 C/F & C/F
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6,7 C/F & C/F
TREBLE 5,6,7 C/F