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RESULTS - MYSORE - 06 Jan 2016

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The Nelamangala Plate

Class 5 / Horses Rated 00 to 25


02:00 PM

Winner:₹.143970 Second:₹.71985 Third:₹.35993 Fourth:₹.21595 Fifth:₹.14397 Sixth:₹.7200 Total: ₹.295140

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 8
Don Micheletto(GB)-Success Heiress
6y b m T Natraj Nitin Singh 53.5 - 2 A SHD 7 7 1:07.03
2 5
Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Nymph
5y b m Vishal Yadav Ajit Kumar 59 -1 9 A 1 1/4 18 5 1:07.05
3 9
Hurricane State(USA)-Simply Sensual
9y b m S Santosh Rao Irvan Singh 53 - 1 S 3/4 1.25 6 5 1:07.25
4 6
Sharp Attack(USA)-Working Progress(IRE)
7y b m S Santosh Rao Afsar Khan 58 - 4 S 3/4 2 16 6 1:07.35
5 3
Sharp Attack(USA)-Adams Madame
4y b m Rakesh Shiva Kumar 61.5 -4 7 A 1 1/2 2.75 23 10 1:07.45
6 2
Black Cash(USA)-Mirror Image
4y ch r T Natraj Mudassar Nazar 62 - 6 A 1 4.25 24 10 1:07.71
7 7
Royal Gladiator-Knowledgeable
6y ch g C Girinath C Harish 56 - 5 A 2 3/4 5.25 12 3 1:07.89
8 4
C P West(USA)-Lottie Dundass(GB)
4y ch m Rakesh M Madhu Babu 59.5 - 3 S 1 8 19 10 1:08.35
9 1
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Mays Alreem(fr]
4y b f M Bobby Arshad Alam 62.5 - 8 S 9 25 5 1:08.51
Owner: GPS Farms Pvt.Ltd.
Tote Favourite: SUMMERVILLE
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Win SHP 3Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 100 ₹.61 ₹. ₹.21,₹.23,₹.20 ₹.515 ₹.646 ₹.3187 & 1463 ₹.C/O
Racing Incidents

EUDORA (M Madhu Babu) took a fly jump, at the start.

ALPS (Arshad Alam) jumped 'out' awkwardly at the start.

Jockey Ajeet Kumar, the rider of FRIENDS FOREVER, was fined Rs.2,000/- for coming 'in' and causing interference to ALPS (Arshad Alam) and BEAUTIFUL REVENGE (Shiva Kumar) on his inside, as a result of which, the latter went onto SUMMERVILLE (C Harish) on its inside, within 100 Metres of the start.

ALPS (Arshad Alam) was observed to be running 'out' throughout the Race; The horse was impounded for veterinary examination, but, no abnormality was reported. However, Trainer Mr. Z Darashah was informed to take appropriate corrective measures before accepting with it again.

Trainer Bipin V Salvi was questioned regarding the improved performance of his charge STRIDE TO SUCCESS (Nitin Singh), the winner of this Race, as compared to its previous run in Race No. 24 of the Mysore Winter Races 2015-16, i.e., The K.R.S. Plate (About) 1100 Metres, for horses 00 to 25, run on Third Day, Wednesday, 25th November, 2015, when ridden by Jockey T S Jodha, it ran unplaced. The Trainer stated as follows; a) In its previous run about 40 days back, it had got badly interfered and it had to drop down the field and despite that it came on and finished well; b)  In its previous run, it was hanging in very badly; c) During the morning Track Work, when it was given pace work, it was observed to have chocked and the horse was scoped and the Veterinarian advised him to use tongue strap; d) It had come down in ratings and ran with a good chance to win in this present handicap in a 1100 Metres race and he had expected it to perform well; e) His charge just about won the Race; His explanations were noted.

Jockey C Harish, the rider of SUMMERVILLE was questioned regarding the handling of his mount in the above Race. He stated that from the start, his mount was inclined to run out and behaved erratically especially between 900 Metres till entering the straight and in the last 200 Metres, it suddenly shifted in badly, despite his efforts to keep it in a proper course, throughout the Race. The Trainer when questioned, added that it had behaved in a similar manner in its previous runs also and he had got it attended by a veterinarian. To a specific question as to why his horse started as a favourite, the Trainer stated that, excepting that it had performed well in a Mock Race, the horse did not have much of a  form to enjoy favouritism and he was quite surprised to observe that his charge starting as a favourite in  the Race. The horse was impounded for veterinary examination and the report by the Club's Veterinary officer is reproduced as under:

The Chief Stipendiary Steward
Mysore Race Club Limited

Dear Sir,

Sub: Veterinary Report
    Mysore Winter Races 2015-16, Date of Race: 6th January 2016.
    Trainer: Mr. Vikram Appachu
    Race No. 74, The Nelamangala Plate

This is to report that the ch g “SUMMERVILLE” 6 Yrs old under the charge of Trainer Mr. Vikram Appachu was impounded for Veterinary Examination after the above mentioned Race and found to be trotting sound. As the horse was very fractious immediately after Race, the examination of mouth was done on next day i.e., on 7th January, 2016. on examination, the horse was found to be having sharp molars on right side and ulcers on both side of inside oral commissure.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Sd/- Dr Rajesh Boranna Pujrod
Veterinary Officer

In view of the above, Trainer Mr. Vikram Appachu was fined Rs.5,000/- for his gross negligence in running this horse with such pre-existing ailment and was further informed that he should take permanent remedial measures and inform the authorities of the action taken and also not to accept with it again until its behaviour improves to the satisfaction of the Stipendiary Stewards, in One Mock Race on a Race Day on the Race Track.

AQUOSTIC (Mudassar Nazar) sustained cut injury on right hind inside fetlock.

Surprise Sample was taken for analysis from ch g SUMMERVILLE.

Routine Sample was taken for analysis from the winner, b m STRIDE TO SUCCESS.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
JACKPOT 4,5,6,7 & 8 6903 & 1168
1st TREBLE 3,4 & 5 836
2nd TREBLE 6,7 & 8 189