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RESULTS - MYSORE - 19 Oct 2017

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The Smt.Maliniraje Prasad Memorial Trophy

Class 2 / Horses Rated 60 and above, 4 years old and over


04:55 PM

Winner:₹.298285 Second:₹.149115 Third:₹.89480 Fourth:₹.59655 Total: ₹.596535

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 9
6y dk b g C D Monnappa R Rayan Ahmed 53 -2 9 A 4 1/2 64 1:11.02
2 3
Razeen(USA)-Forest Paradise
8y dk b g Md Sajid Qureshi Sahanawaz 57.5 - 5 S NOSE 4.5 73 1:11.81
3 4
5y ch g Vishal Yadav Y S Srinath 55.5 - 4 A 1/2 4.5 69 1:11.82
4 11
Glory Of Dancer(GB)-Dynasty
6y b m J Sharavanan M Rajesh Kumar 52 - 3 A 3/4 5 62 1:11.91
5 12
Sedgefield(USA)-Divine Honey
7y dk b m M Bobby Anil Bandal 51.5 - 6 S 1 3/4 5.75 61 1:12.06
6 10
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Miss Danehill(IRE)
6y b g P C Tejaswi Syed Waseemuddin 52.5 - 8 S 1/2 7.5 63 1:12.35
7 6
West Virginia(USA)-Royal Guest
5y ch m P C Tejaswi M Madhu Babu 55.5 - 7 S 1/2 8 69 1:12.43
8 5
Varenar(FR)-Balance De Power
5y ch g Vishal Yadav S R Santosh Kumar 55.5 - 10 S SHD 8.5 69 1:12.52
9 2
Sedgefield(USA)-Great Colors(USA)
7y b g Dinesh Pujar Surya P 58 - 2 S 1 8.5 74 1:12.54
10 8
Placerville (USA)-Age Of Fable(IRE)
7y b g P C Tejaswi Shivnath Paswan 55 - 1 S 2 3/4 9.5 68 1:12.70
11 1
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Alcmene
4y dk b m M Eshwer Arshad Alam 60 - 11 A 12.25 78 1:13.18
W 7
Gaswar(GB)-First Trick
8y b m Ranjeet Shinde Withdrawn 55 - 0 - - 12.25 68
Owner: Mr K K Belliappa
Tote Favourite: FJORD
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Win SHP 3Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 30 ₹.569 ₹. ₹.12,₹.120,₹.13 ₹.1746 ₹.3671 ₹.11256 & 2110 ₹.12396 c/o
Racing Incidents

Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. Ranjeet Shinde to withdraw CLEVER TRICK (S Manohar) on veterinary grounds as it was observed to be trotting lame on left hind due to injury and infection on fetlock and bulb of heel; He was informed that he must produce a Fitness Certificate from the Club’s Veterinary Officer before accepting with it again.

Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. M Eshwer to substitute Jockey Arshad Alam to ride FJORD in place of Jockey P P Dhebe, the declared rider.

ANVILL STAR (Y S Srinath) jumped awkwardly 'inwards', thereby, inconveniencing the horses on its inside, viz., KAZURI (M Rajesh Kumar) and PEHLPS (P Surya), at the start.

KAZURI (M Rajesh Kumar) jumped out awkwardly, at the start.

Trainer Mr. M Eshwer and Jockey Arshad Alam were questioned regarding the running and riding of dk b f FJORD, in the above Race. The Trainer stated as follows; (a) He had instructed the rider to take a good jump and go to the front, if not, to sit in second or third position and to ride out in the Straight; (b) But the rider could go to the front as he was drawn on the outside and that there were a lot of speedy horses in the Race; (c) thereafter it did not respond at all and his rider also informed him that the horse was hanging 'out'  very badly rounding the final bend; (d) The Trainer also stated that his charge was running after a very long time and that it was running after a training setback; The Jockey while corroborating the statement of the Trainer stated as follows; (a) he was asked to be well up with the front bunch and to do his best in the straight; (b) from the outer draw, he gradually came 'in' and held a good position, but, his mount was hanging 'out' badly, rounding the final bend and, thereafter, in the last 200 Metres, virtually, it did not respond and ran a poor Race; While noting their explanations, the horse was impounded for veterinary examination but no abnormality was reported. However, Trainer Mr. M Eshwer was informed to take appropriate corrective measures before accepting with it, again.

It was reported after the Race that SILSILA (Anil Baandal) pulled up lame on left fore; Trainer Mr. M Bobby was informed that he must produce a Fitness Certificate from the Club's Veterinary Officer before accepting with it again.

ANVILL STAR (Y S Srinath) sustained bruise over left hind back of fetlock and also sustained bruise on both chest-wall behind girth.

Surprise Sample was taken for analysis from dk b f FJORD.