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RESULTS - OOTY - 18 Sep 2021

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The Royal Calcutta Turf Club Trophy Div-2

Class 2 / A Handicap For Horses Rated 60 To 85, 5 Years Old and Over


04:00 PM

Winner:₹.227744 Second:₹.127744 Third:₹.102744 Fourth:₹.27744 Fifth:₹.14025 Total: ₹.500001

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 8
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Kismat
5y b m Fahad Khan Sah Farid Ansari 54.5 -5 8 A 1 5462 1:14.18
2 2
Win Legend(JPN)-Integral
7y b m R Ramanathan Gaurav Singh 59 -3.5 6 A 1 1/2 1 8171 1:14.41
3 6
Knight's Tour(AUS)-Simply Best
6y b m K S Mandanna Kuldeep Singh 57 1 A 1 2.5 5567 1:14.58
4 1
Tazahum(USA)-Dear Liza
5y b h D K Futnani K V Baskar 60 2 A 3 1/2 3.5 6573 1:15.17
5 3
Arazan(IRE)-Mauna Kea
5y b g V Ajith Kumar C Umesh 58 7 A 6 3/4 7 5269 1:16.29
6 7
Express Wish(GB)-Tsesebe
6y b m Saddam Iqbal R Rupesh 56.5 4 S 3 13.75 5066 1:16.80
7 5
Corporate Jungle(USA)-Yasmine(IRE)
5y ch h B Suresh Akshay Kumar 57.5 5 A 16.75 5268 DNF
8 4
6y b h J Sebastian Nikhil Naidu 58 3 A 16.75 6069 Disq
Owner: Mr Deepak Kumar
Tote Favourite: STAR WAVES
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Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 221 ₹.42 ₹. ₹.24,₹.16,₹.23 ₹.423 ₹.572 ₹.7726 ₹.

BetIndiaRaces Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 170 ₹. 29 ₹. 50 ₹. 39, ₹. 13, ₹. 20 ₹. 404 ₹. 1174 ₹. 2811 & 3279 ₹. 23019 C/O
Racing Incidents

BREAKING BOUNDS (K V Baskar) was slow to start losing about 3 lengths.

PRETTY GAL (Gaurav Singh) jumped awkwardly inwards forcing in STAR WAVES (Akshay Kumar) as the start was affected. The incident being accidental no action was initiated.

Jockey Sah Farid Ansari, the rider of BUTTERFLY was fined a sum of Rs.2000/- for shifting in passing the 600 metres forcing in MON GENERAL (C Umesh) onto PRETTY GAL (Gaurav Singh) who received a bad check and stumbled momentarily.

A Stewards Enquiry was initiated into the fall of STAR WAVES (Akshay Kumar) and an Objection was lodged by Jockey Kuldeep Singh, the rider of CATELYN placed 4th by the judges against Jockey Nikhil Naidu, the rider of OCTAVIAN placed 1st by the judges for " in the last 100 metres the winner came in sharply cut across STAR WAVES and me that cost me a certain race". The Stipendiary Stewards reported Jockey Nikhil Naidu to the Stewards for " forcing his way and shifting in approaching the 100 metres under use of the whip causing STAR WAVES (Akshay Kumar) to clip the heels of OCTAVIAN (Nikhil Naidu) stumble and dislodge the rider, the riderless horse further shifted in causing interference to CATELYN (Kuldeep Singh) travelling on the inner rails."

The Stewards considered the Stipendiary Stewards note, viewed the CCTV replay of the race several times in different angles, questioned Jockey Nikhil Naidu, the rider of OCTAVIAN and Jockey Kuldeep Singh, the rider of CATELYN and came to a conclusion that Jockey Nikhil Naidu was in breach of Rule 161(i) for dangerous riding on his mount OCTAVIAN (Nikhil Naidu) for dangerous riding. The Stewards resolved to Disqualify OCTAVIAN (Nikhil Naidu) from the above race and revised the order of placings as under:

BUTTERFLY    (Sah Farid Ansari)    Winner
PRETTY GAL    (Gaurav Singh)    Placed 2nd
CATELYN    (Kuldeep Singh)    Placed 3rd
BREAKING BOUNDS    (K V Baskar)    Placed 4th
MON GENERAL    (C Umesh)    Placed 5th

The Stewards further instructed the Stipendiary Stewards to enquire into the dangerous riding of Jockey Nikhil Naidu, the rider of OCTAVIAN and report him to the Stewards for suitable action at a later date.

The Club's Veterinary Officer was asked to examine OCTAVIAN (Nikhil Naidu) and reported that the horse had superficial bruises on both hind fetlocks.

The Club's Veterinary Officer reported that QUEEN OF VENICE (R.Rupesh) had sustained superficial bruises on right hind fetlock.
The Club's Veterinary Officer reported that on examination of STAR WAVES (Akshay Kumar) no abnormalities were found.

Routine Sample was taken for analysis from the winner BUTTERFLY (Sah Farid Ansari).

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
JACKPOT 4,5,6,7,8 140005 C/O (TKT 0)
MINI JACKPOT 5,6,7,8 53908.40 C/O (TKT 0)
FIRST TREBLE 1,2,3 1054 (TKT 39)
SECOND TREBLE 4,5,6 3069 (TKT 11)
THIRD TREBLE 6,7,8 4934 (TKT 12)