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Was Castilian Given A Neat Ride?

By smart-still-poor-punter | 29-Apr-2019

Hi Friends,

I was feeling sad to see the ride given by P Trevor on 'Castilian' in the Nilgiris 2000 Guineas. The squeezing he suffered on the rails just before the final bend was unwanted and no matured rider would risk taking that gap which was not available there. He almost lost his balance and was about to bang against the rails. That the animal had so much left in the tank to easily come out and sail past in the closing stages means Trevor must have been more considerate on this wonderful horse, isn't it?

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4 Replies

Ashok kumar said ...

On : 01-05-2019 01:25 pm

The horse is very good jockey was unable to give proper  ride due to over confidence

He is top jockey should  have avoided  interference good that he has not fell down from  horse

Next time he should  take care about  correct judgement

Ooty  racing  is improved in excellent  way out of total race 90% on merits  horses  r winning


chanakya kaushik said ...

On : 01-05-2019 12:41 pm

The answer  to  headpost  is - yes, as well as,  no. 

The ride  given  was OK. The mistake  of  trying  to  go ahead, with  insufficient  gap is solely attributable to the  jockey -unpadonable  for an experiencd jockey...

venu said ...

On : 29-04-2019 07:38 pm

Not at all.  Trevor is yet to understand the Ooty race course.  

Kanishk said ...

On : 29-04-2019 01:38 pm

Thats how Ooty is you can see at least 3 to 4 horses stumble and dismount riders every race day there. Only few jockeys who are very much aware of this track new what to do here. even they end up missing board being hot favourites most of the time. I feel along with the horse jockey showed some good spirit to get the horse back on track and not easing it up. I remember Trevor doing the same thing with Cuban or some horse mr. Mistry’s yard not sure about the name he did the same the horse being an even money favourite stumbled as they turned for home in Chennai and came back and won it well. This feat demands a lot of courage from jockey as well they very well knew what can happen to their life and career if a mishap happens in their judgment. I feel it’s something to be appropriated rather than stopping the horse as something wrong has happened and drowning all the poor punters money he got the horse and the investors home. I hope you knew this well being a very experienced poor punter how much money will be invested on a favourite like this that too from a well named jockey,owner and trainer in a very ordinary center like Ooty.