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Should Punters Care For Mysuru Races Anymore?

By smart-still-poor-punter | 12-Jun-2019

Hi Friends,

Such has been the drubbing received by punters at Mysuru today that not many may really think of venturing for races here anymore.

Except for 'Andermatt', even which not a majority of race-goers were not sure about (sans Godzilla), no other horse really mattered at the finish to fulfill the desires of punters.

Winners came to upset in large numbers in the seven-race card that may force a large number of people to reconsider their decision to visit Mysuru races once again in their lifetime.

Let me tell you this is nothing new for Mysuru (nice to see Mr S C Sharma taking an anticipatory bail that this is not his hunting ground at any cost). Mysuru races are the best ones to look for upsets, they say, but with so many horses run in a race where to look for one to get you money?

It's time for punters who value their money to ponder if at all they must continue to put their money in Mysuru races hereafter. You always have better races to follow in Bengaluru, isn't it?

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21 Replies

AD said ...

On : 14-06-2019 06:59 pm

Look, Mysore is like any other center if you actually think. Let's take each horse individually. Bestow had come under heavy betting last time to end at 4 to 1 and was only three lengths off. It was my day best win bet.

Lord Ilsley is a good horse and with the benefit of a run where it had come 4th was my day best place bet though it won. Admiral act is a good horse anyways. And come on, in that set who could actually beat gitonki.

Think. This is a game of brains.

consultant said ...

On : 14-06-2019 03:48 pm

Dear Mr.SSPP,

Please wait till the end of Bangalore Season. You may find it is the worst centre for betting. Punters will be fooled by the presence of many top jockeys and a lesser known jockey will win at longer odds. We have seen pay outs of more than Rs.2000/- for a tenner many a time in Bangalore races.

Arsenal said ...

On : 14-06-2019 11:21 am

Every center has it's share of upsets. But unlike Bangalore and Mumbai, there is less competition among owners, jockeys and trainers 

Shyamkopalle said ...

On : 14-06-2019 10:29 am

Yes mysore summer is tinder box.all senior punters are aware of made-up races in hyderabad, mrc,delhi in that posted in the forum mysore summer is horrible and avoidable, so one should avoid these centres and carry on with the rest.

Mad Max said ...

On : 14-06-2019 08:53 am

@ Hi friends,

I have no problem with Mysore Races.

 I played Admiral Act @ 8/1. 

Vishal said ...

On : 14-06-2019 01:57 am

Go to Bangalore,Mumbai and Pune races only .Don't go to Mysore,Hyderabad and Kolkata races.

heera said ...

On : 13-06-2019 11:52 pm

Half knowledge punters cannot win in every center and every's better you bet on center where your brain perform well.



raghavan said ...

On : 13-06-2019 09:48 pm


One thing I am 100% sure.  BNG punters and MYS punters will never boycott Mysore races.   Even at other centers also, there is decent attendance for Mysore races. 

I can not understand why you are so much angry about Mysore races of 12 June. 

Two favorites (Nikka & Andermatt) won.  One well backed 2nd favorite (Admiral Act) won.  What more can be the public expectation regarding Mysore center? 

In the 28 races held so far (Mysore summer) around 12 favorites have won.

Bestow,  Lord lisley, Gintoki are the three horses which floored the punters.  But, punters had much much painful experience at Mysore races and today's  result will definitely not scare them.

I had 3 forecast bets 300/- .  6-7 Nikka/Gifted Thea gave me modest 2280/-.    For those who blindly play 2000/- or  more on every race it may not be a pleasant experience.  But I do not think we should worry about those die hard punters.  I repeatedly ask punters to stop beting on all races in a day.   That is the one weakness of the punters which bookies happily exploit!

My losing bets were  forecasts on (1) Star Holiday & Admiral act  and (2) Berlin*Country's tigress.

Faizan Patel said ...

On : 13-06-2019 09:19 pm

Hy all punters. From my point  of view in Horce racing 

Only you should prefer the second favorite plce in eace and every center

I am seeing from past 3-4 years in every center the second favorite is come in Plce and many time win also.


p g said ...

On : 13-06-2019 06:28 pm

@small-still-poor- punter,

Do continue with your good write-ups. 

Understand, there are mostly half-baked potatoes on this forumn.

Wiseness and experience comes at a matured stage.

Look forward to more from your end.

VenkateswarluGupta said ...

On : 13-06-2019 05:10 pm

All are guessing favorites. Some punters are guessing upsets also. Upset is better than favorite to earn money. I like upset very much. If we guess perfect upset win, is equal to 10 favorites. Thank you

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 13-06-2019 04:43 pm

Hope and faith are two essential components. But there is a difference between hope and chase. When you start chasing in a unplanned way, you are going to loose or very soon out of budget and may retire hurt like so called judges. Accept  defeat when you loose that your best selected horse lost, finished second or third or went down fighting or board out and stop blaming or searching a winner  on very same day. If you continue to do so your problem not going to solve.  You have to adopt patience game policy to wait for next or other race day, because your quota and budget for the day is over. By this type of attitude  you are certainly bound to gain,  Selective and cautious approach normally pays.  Even after playing selectively with cautiousness with  specific budget and plan also  not getting you expected/ desired results than you have to think not twice but many times. No one can continue and carry business of loss for long. Either you have to change your pattern of racing or change yourself to adjust with ground reality that making money particularly in skill and luck based gambling is not going to be easy  for you.

Siva Ramakrishna said ...

On : 13-06-2019 02:03 pm

Respected S C Sharma Sir,

Wonderful analysation... Always you are telling the facts with your vast experience...and  never discourage small punters like me...If all things goes well one may get good amount... but not in all races...Its not so easy to pick the winner in Muduru, kolkatta and Hyderabad races...One must have patience and proper planning...Sharma sir used to give regular advise..."Play cautiously and responsibly"...Golden words for the punters...So need not to blame...Anything can happen in racing...Thank you Sharma sir...I always respect your words...With regards...Siva Ramakrishna... Rajahmundry...Andhra Pradesh.


SPS said ...

On : 13-06-2019 01:51 pm

Dear Small Poor Punter

You are polite and I endorse you have never hearted any one by your post. If any one has hearted you or underestimated you than it is a child within him. Please be regular in posting. Please also note that making lot of money in racing is not possible and most of well educated Sr. Citizens (including me) are there as a hobby and change. It is like solving a quiz to enjoy. In any moving element eg. Car Accelator, Break and Steering are most three important aspects.  If Tipsterse are Accelator than advisor like you are Break & Steering Wheel. Please keep on advising on Possitive mode. Advise to queet racing is negative . If an intelligent person is regularly on loss he himself will leave racing. Off Course there are thousands of illetrate and poor people who have ruined their families in racing but still continue in racing. This grade of people are not reading these post and cannot be helped by these post. IF A FINE  DAY RACE COURSE ARE CLOSED BY GOVERNMENT, I SHALL BE VERY HAPPY as thousands of poor families will be saved.

With Regard.

(Surendra Prasad Sao)

P.S. Please remove POOR word from your ID. A person of your CALIBER & POOR!!!!!!???????

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 13-06-2019 12:16 pm

I don't think I have made any attempt to find fault with anyone here but wanted to state the truth. That's all. Only because I gave up punting long before doesn't disqualify me from expressing my view here, I believe.

The same set of people who are able to give a good account of themselves as regards picking horses for Bangalore races are not able to do so when it comes to Mysuru. Why? The level of uncertainty is too much in Mysuru. That's what I precisely wanted to point out.

I also know that the certainty in racing is uncertainty. After all, I had been a racing journalist for very long years which actually took me to punting too. It was my self-imposed decision to quit as a punter and that decision was not primarly due to economic constraints. However, it's true that I lead a very comfortable life after giving up racing.

This forum is to express your views without hurting others' sentiments. I don't think I have done so by releasing this thread. I made very light humour when I said even Mr S C Sharma took 'anticipaty bail' by saying that 'Mysuru is not my hunting ground'. He is genuine in admitting it and I am happy to appreciate it. That's all. Please don't try to read between the lines as there is nothing more than what I said in the header.

Coming to the quality of racing in other centres like Banglore or Mumbai, whenever you lose on a favourite or a second favourite, you still live with a strong feeling that you can recover at any stage. That kind of a hope is not there in Mysuru. Am I right?

chanakya kaushik said ...

On : 13-06-2019 12:13 pm


Mysore  summer  &  winter  races  are  minefields  for  casual  punters. Only  Mysore monsoon races have  competition  from  Bangalore  and are  at  par  with Bangalore. Summer  and  winter  racing  at  this  center is  the  playfield  of  connections and their mindset  has  to  be  guessed in  these  season to win  some  races...  

Chase said ...

On : 13-06-2019 10:31 am

Sour Grapes?  Mysore ofcourse tests your skills. If you can open your eyes you can see that Bestow, Nokia, Andermatt,Gintoki and Makinow were fanciedby many a horse talker.  Only the owner ACS double spooled the party of knowledgeable punters. And that is Mysore.!

SPS said ...

On : 13-06-2019 10:12 am

 Dear Small - Poor - Punter

Going by yesterday's result, you are right. But the last Sunday Result at Bangalore Races were also more or less like this. After all few days Bookies too have to compensate . Like handicapping , selection and money management it is important to study the trend. Nothing personal but yesterday Mysore Races when I senced the Trend in the first two races , I changed my betting pattern and opted for LAY BET & (SHP & THP) Bets on both odds on fav (3-2) BERLIN & (6-2) LATIN DANCE.


With Love & Regards.

S C SHARMA said ...

On : 13-06-2019 09:36 am

HT forum welcomes self made judges to pass their judgements on others and advising number of horse lovers about racing, whereas the fact about them is they retired hurt long back from racing but still enjoying only in advising, finding faults, putting aspersions ,  cutting and pasting of others version as suits to their chemistry without recognising their sincere and transparent work. 

Leave Mysore  races. Why ? There are many  racing centres such as Ooty, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad where inconsistency level is more and racing is not proving beneficial  to many. Because the only certainty in racing is uncertainty. Horse lovers are very much aware about these facts  and uncertainty level of racing in all centres and they do take good care of their valuable money. What is the guarantee in Bangalore or other centres that they won’t loose or racing will be as per their expectations ?   A punter who is not careful and cautious about selecting bets and not plays with responsibly and not remains well within his budget,  has to face the same consequences as faced by some self made judges on this forum.

I know and noticed some persons on this forum who are really very hard working and sincere and giving their best,  and number of their picks, tips and selections are always remains in fighting and not out of places and many times winning in good odds  and many punters are making good use in different tote pools and openly appreciating  the contribution of such persons on this HT forum also. 

My only advice when you make a mistake admit, learn from it, don’t take anything granted. Accept the defeat with grace and work hard for success and for positive results. Blame game is a escape route not to accept defeat. Racing is full of these complexities and prepare yourself keeping all such things in mind. Success is not for thinking but success is for achieving. Achieve it. Make full use of your knowledge and always keep updated by enriching your knowledge. Half knowledge, half planning, and habit of  taking the things very casual, not going to pay at least in long run.

Narendra said ...

On : 13-06-2019 07:58 am

You can't always pick a winner in every race but you can find one in every race for place getters ...if you can understand  handicapping.

Deepak said ...

On : 13-06-2019 07:55 am

Sharamjii was true Mysore races are very upsetting lost a huge amount.