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Favs & punters continue to excel

By Smart-still-poor-punter | 06-Jul-2019

Hi Friends, It seems favourites and punters have entered into a secret pact to decimate the bookies during this ongoing Bengaluru season. What else one can infer from the way form horses are ruling the roost in this centre since the start of a glorious and much relief bringing season? Almost 70% of favourites have won so far! Even today 4 solid favourites and 2 closely followed second favourites have emerged victorious. With tomorrow also promising to be a favourites card, it appears that bookies must be applying for bank loans. Unfortunately for them many loans come with higher interest since the presentation of Union budget yesterday?

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kolramsri said ...

On : 09-07-2019 09:10 pm

In my earlier post, I have omitted to mention that for both the bookmakers, it was the first and last day of their enterprise.

raghavan said ...

On : 09-07-2019 06:43 pm


O K.  You have cied some exples of bookies packing up and close the shop.  I can give 100s of such examples among punters who were beaten outright.  Of course, unknown to me, there are several thousand of punters who are rendered homeless, penniless.

But, a punter losing a bet or string  of bets is not my concern.  They bet on their own volition.  If the bets click, then bookies have to pay.  But, what I am objecting is their accepting the bets at 10% which is not permitted under any Law.  If they were collecting bets at the tax prescribed by Law, there would have been healthy competiion between tote & bookies.  They cheat the Club, the Government brazenly.  

I am writing hard hitting posts in the two sites for the past 5-6 years.  For obvious reasons, my posts are not getting the required support from others.  Let the bookies  win in millions every day.  I am the last one to object to that.  But let them collect the prescribed tax and do business.  If they start to collect the prescribed tax, then the punters loyalty would be shared equally between bookies & tote.  Now, totes are in pathetic condition and bookies are getting that 10% without any contribution to the Club or Government.  

There is one section among punters who try to argue that bookies are paying hefty stall fees and therefore should be excused if they indulge in some unlawful method of gaining something and also giving discount to the punters.  I do not subscribe to such  non sense theory.  If the business is not viable then let them close the shop.  No one will bother.  Nearly 17 months, BNG was not having bookies.  The race course was not shut.  Well.  Let them obey the Law first.  

kolramsri said ...

On : 08-07-2019 07:18 pm

Raghavan, Why so much hatred towards one particular group. I have seen bookmakers pestered by punters to accept their cash. Bookmakers never forced the punters to play with them. It is simple. Greed. It could be the 1976 summer Bangalore season. One bookmaker took a bet of 20,000 each, from 2 persons at 25/10. The winner was Ocean Gold owned by A.C Coelho. It was the first race of the day. When bookmakers opened the odds, Place de la Concorde (Jagdish up) was the favorite at 16/10. He went out to the STD booth nearby Guindy station to gather info from Bangalore. By the time he returned to the ring, Ocean Gold was favorite and won the race. He settled the bets (1,40,000) and closed the shop, and never returned to Guindy. Similarly, one Bookmaker closed his shop after settling a huge bet. The particular race could be the second or third race of the day. The winner was FOXBATowned by Rm. Ramanathan. ridden by SMITH beating favorite RED ALLIGATOR (owner could be Mr. A.C. Muthiah) ridden by R. Carrol. Both trained by Tyrell. This bookmaker was a friend of mine. So do not curse people in general, with whom you never had any interaction.

raghavan said ...

On : 08-07-2019 07:15 pm


If you think that race betting is a two way transaction between bookie and punter,  and both sides have equal advantage and disadvantage, then I have no further arguments.  

To be frank, they  are not my dushmans.  Perhaps, during 80s when my bets were in the range of 20-40, (max 80) they might have gained a few thousand rupees from me.  But, they have ruined the game of horse race beyond repair and cheated the club, Government left and right and I do not have the same feelings towards them as yours.

I speak with the firm fixation that they are always winners in spite of favorites scoring more than their normal quota.  Of course, you can always cite some stupid bookies who tried to be punters also, who might have been paupers.  But, overall it is the punters who are at the receiving end and a small overdose of fovorites for the past 8 weeks (16 race days) has not impoverished them.  

Take the case of yourself.  (I do not bet with bookies).  You have quit race betting after heavy losses.  And, not caring/willing to re-enter even with relative financial stability.  Many people are not blessed with such firm mental strength. 

The least you can do is to stop worrying about bookies.  If they are indeed in big loss, so be it.  I am the last person to shed tears for them.  

chanakya said ...

On : 08-07-2019 01:52 pm



BETTING   on  horse racing  is  a  risky 'attempt' to  make  money in  a  short  period.

Many punters  and almost 50%  of hardened  bookies  have  perished in  this  game. Their  fault  ALWAYS was everytime - TRY  TO OVER REACH  the level of  their   knowledge and expertise of  this  game. There  were 38  to  40  official bookies  in  Mumbai in 70's,80's, 90's, and  even during the begining years  of  this century, with  a  waiting  list  of  15  to  20!  Since  last several  years  only  15  to  18  bookmakers buy  stalls at  mumbai/pune...



I know  the  answer. Let  me  wait  for  your  answer.... 

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 08-07-2019 11:17 am

@ Raghavan

I had been only a punter - a heavy punter though - all through my about 25-year racing career. But all through I had no axe to grind against the bookies or, for that matter, no hatred against them because I always feel like we rail birds keep chasing our 'prey', they also do the same thing. We have a common meeting point - i.e, winning. Interestingly, our win is their loss and vice-versa.

However, I know the lives of many book makers who have become a pauper after running their books without plans, much like how erratic a majority of punters behave. The hunger and greed for money never allows anyone to stop anywhere. Here we may keep advising others to stop soon after winning a couple of races for the day. But it becomes almost impractical for many to do so. Also, where is the guarantee that if you stop playing today after a couple of winners that tomorrow you are going to have a similar trend? Maybe, you get 4 wins today and no win tomorrow. What I wish to say is that everything is an illusion.

I am quite bothered about the majority of race-goers, who undoubtedly keep backing favourites (if not first favourite, the second, in most occasions). It's only less than 5 per cent of punters who lay their hands on longer odds. So whenever a favourite wins, the bookmakers begin to shiver, and when 3 or 4 wins a 7-race card, many of them may shit in their pants?

Book makers are also human beings who look for money in racing like punters look for money. It's the way we follow to make money that differs. The argument that every bookie balances his bets is highly foolish. If they keep doing so, what they will be left with at the end of the day may not be enough even to pay their stall fee and workers' salary. They also take risks, sometimes very huge because they always believe that racing is a fluke and longer odds will soon fall one after the other, particularly once the JP leg starts.

I have known many bookies closely who used to take money on daily and monthly interest from private money lenders to run the show. There are a few who have ended their lives after losing heavily, while there are others who are left stranded on the roads after failing in the business very badly. Life is almost same for all those involved in racing, be it punter, bookie and even trainer or owner. Maybe, the volume of win or loss keeps differing. That's the reality!

raghavan said ...

On : 07-07-2019 08:12 am


The favorites have won.  Not 70%.  Around 55 to 60 favorites have won in 107 races.  A very high number, no doubt.  But I do not think that bookies were decimated and are now running for loans!  Bookies are just not taking home as much as they used to in early seasons.  If they were taking 10/- profit earlier, nowadays they are taking 2/- profit.  There were losers then; there were losers now.  Bookies actually collected from one punter and paid the other punter.  I do not think they just wiped out their bank balance.  

Do not sympathise with bookies!  They are the ones who ruined the turf clubs.

My only desire.  Punters should fleece the bookies to the maximum and bookies should abandon the race course even without loin cloth!  WELL.  I CAN AS WELL DESIRE THAT SUN RISES IN THE WEST.

B Vijay Kumar said ...

On : 06-07-2019 10:58 pm

Yes absolutely correct 

Great gobi said ...

On : 06-07-2019 09:07 pm

My friend why don't you please enjoy the happy movement. .  When fav don't win you criticize them now when it's happening still you want to put a note for the same I guess you are not happy with this hope to see your post soon




Saggittarian said ...

On : 06-07-2019 09:01 pm

So it may not be not out of turn for long shots to rule simply  because  the favourites have been ruling