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Punters puzzle for Sunday, April 5, 2020, Sha Tin

By Kingsfork | 04-Apr-2020

All choices for the place











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kingsfork said ...

On : 06-04-2020 11:43 am

Please follow the link below for all racing details available as free as our

Abbas J said ...

On : 06-04-2020 02:12 am

Hello All, 

The detail results payment of  HK Sha Tin.

from NYRA New York Racing Association website. 

Krish said ...

On : 06-04-2020 01:55 am

@Kingsfork ,

Thanks. You are the intiator and keep trying.


Well done with 3 wins & 2 places.

Abbas J said ...

On : 05-04-2020 10:04 pm

Hello All, HK Sha Tin detail results :

Race 1 - Peel Hcp [C4] - FIN - Post Time: 12:45 am

#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
1Trust MeZac Purton$8.70$3.20 
4Decisive TwelveVincent Ho $2.40 
6Fabulous EightKaris Teetan $10.10 
2Precious SweetieBlake Shinn   
Race Type: RST60-40 [C4]Distance: 5 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $124,734 Replay 
Winning Trainer: C H Yip
Winning Owner: Take It Easy Syndicate
Race 2 - Homestead Hcp [C3] - FIN - Post Time: 1:15 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
3VictoriamJoao Moreira$6.70$2.70 
7Great TreasureJack Wong $10.50 
6California TurboVincent Ho $4.90 
2Take What You NeedZac Purton   
Race Type: RST80-60 [C3]Distance: 6 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $187,037 Replay 
Winning Trainer: K W Lui
Winning Owner: Victoriam Syndicate
Race 3 - The Chairman`s Trophy - FIN - Post Time: 1:45 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
1Beauty GenerationZac Purton$5.10$2.02 
3Ka Ying StarChad Schofield $3.50 
4Southern LegendGrant Van Niekerk $6.50 
5FuroreBlake Shinn   
Race Type: OPEN [OPEN]Distance: 1 mSurface: Turf
Purse: $548,214 Replay 
Winning Trainer: John Moore
Winning Owner: Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen
Race 4 - Pollock Hcp [C4] - FIN - Post Time: 2:15 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
5Ka Ying ExcellentZac Purton$3.80$2.40 
4LorizV Borges $6.40 
2Chairman LoJoao Moreira $3.00 
1Smiling CityAlfred Ak Chan   
Race Type: RST60-40 [C4]Distance: 7 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $124,734 Replay 
Winning Trainer: A S Cruz
Winning Owner: Leung Shek Kong
Race 5 - Harlech Hcp [C1] - FIN - Post Time: 3:05 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
8Helene LeadingstarKaris Teetan$20.00$5.40 
10ButterfieldJoao Moreira $2.20 
7Helene CharismaDerek Leung $15.30 
4Ho Ho KhanVincent Ho   
Race Type: RST110-85 [C1]Distance: 1 1/4 mSurface: Turf
Purse: $361,176 Replay 
Winning Trainer: A S Cruz
Winning Owner: Sir Po-Shing & Lady Woo, Jackson Woo Ka Biu And Dawson Woo Ka Ch
Race 6 - Severn Hcp [C4] - FIN - Post Time: 3:40 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
5Defining MomentJoao Moreira$6.40$2.70 
12Enjoy LifeBen So $15.90 
9Party EverydayZac Purton $3.70 
13PlikcloneMatthew Poon   
Race Type: RST60-40 [C4]Distance: 1 mSurface: Turf
Purse: $124,734 Replay 
Winning Trainer: Caspar Fownes
Winning Owner: Didier Li Kwok Wai
Race 7 - The Sprint Cup - FIN - Post Time: 4:10 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
7Voyage WarriorVincent Ho$48.30$8.40 
1Hot King PrawnJoao Moreira $2.02 
2Thanks ForeverBlake Shinn $3.50 
3Mr StunningKaris Teetan   
Race Type: OPEN [OPEN]Distance: 6 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $548,214 Replay 
Winning Trainer: P Yiu
Winning Owner: Tommy Ching Tsun Wah
Race 8 - Plantation Hcp [C4] - FIN - Post Time: 4:40 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
13Voyage StarKeith Yeung$90.30$20.70 
11EptiwinsMatthew Poon $3.90 
4Dublin StarJoao Moreira $2.70 
10Happy TangoChad Schofield   
Race Type: RST60-40 [C4]Distance: 6 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $124,734 Replay 
Winning Trainer: T P Yung
Winning Owner: Ching Chi Fai
Race 9 - Homestead Hcp [C3] - FIN - Post Time: 5:15 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
7Ka Ying LegendV Borges$14.40$3.20 
9EligereGrant Van Niekerk $7.30 
8Star LuckKaris Teetan $3.90 
12Nordic WarriorMatthew Chadwick   
Race Type: RST80-60 [C3]Distance: 6 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $187,037 Replay 
Winning Trainer: T P Yung
Winning Owner: Leung Shek Kong
#5 Wisdom Patch
Race 10 - Lugard Hcp [C3] - FIN - Post Time: 5:50 am
#HorseJockey$2 WIN$2 PLACE$2 SHOW
9Everyone`s JoyChad Schofield$28.40$7.90 
1Farhh AboveJoao Moreira $3.10 
14Such A HappinessKaris Teetan $6.00 
13Emerald SpurVincent Ho   

kingsfork said ...

On : 05-04-2020 07:46 pm

Thanks,  Chase.

Without racing is so boring.

Today's Racing puzzle winner is Krish.

Congrats Krish, your theory cracked the biggest wins of the day.


Chase said ...

On : 05-04-2020 12:39 am

Kingsforke, I like the way you have termed it as a Punters Puzzle. Yes, it must be approached not as a gamble but as a puzzle. Once a puzzle is tentatively solved , the risk must be weighed and the decision must be made to play or not. It is playing and not betting. The greed must be out. The exhilaration of the game and the result of the play  and analysis on what went right , what went wrong must follow.

The game playing skill must improve.

Let us continue to strive hard to solve the puzzle. :)

Vincero said ...

On : 04-04-2020 05:08 pm
10:15 AM: 4.Decisive Twelve

Decisive Twelve was installed as fav in debut where he ran on strongly to finish close 3rd, should improve further this time

13. Here Come Ted finished a decent second last time, drawn favorably and can end up in place at decent odds

10:45 AM: 11.Unique Treasure

Unique Treasure hasn’t seen success at this center but improved in the last run where it finished close 4th, can improve further

6. California Turbo can be considered for consistency and positive switch in saddle support -Place

11:15 AM: 2.Waikuku

Waikuku has an impressive career record, won Group 1 Stewards Cup in the last run and should be default contender, the only negative factor is a gap of 78 days from the last run

11:45 AM: 5.Ka Ying Excellent

Ka Ying Excellent missed out winning berth by a whisker to a horse which went on to win again, now drawn better and ridden by the top rider stands a good chance

14. Mother Wishes will be ignored due to weak connections but in last run it was seen moving suggestively in last 400mts, extended trip suits and can sneak in place at lucrative odds

12:35 PM: 9.Savvy Nine

Savvy Nine who finished a decent 4th in Hong Kong Derby is pitched in a handicap race. The trainer has 4 entries in this race but since Savvy Nine got HAB {High Achievement Bonus of HK $ 1.5m} tag there is every possibility that this horse will be stables first preference

3. Fast Most Furious in the last run clocked an impressive finishing time of 22 seconds for last 400mts, should do well over extended trip

1:10 PM: 6.King Dragon

King Dragon despite an awkward start ran on impressively to finish close 3rd, decent chance to shed the maiden status

1. Starship who returns to its fav track and distance will be honestly tried here and stands decent chance place

1:40 PM: 1.Hot King Prawn

Hot King Prawn has beaten most of the horse in fray here and should be a prime contender for this Sprint Cup

6. Big Party‘s last run can be ignored as it ran after 70 days, has brilliant speed and can place

2.10 PM: 5.So We Joy

So We Joy was hampered for a room in last 50mts yet managed to finish 3rd, should be in contention

True Legend made a decent debut and can improve further-Place

2:45 PM: 7.Ka Ying Legend

Ka Ying Legend who has good initial speed is drawn in a favorable inner box, timing-wise comes better than short priced fav Ping Hai Bravo

Eligere merits attention for drop-in handicap and better rider-place

3:20 PM: 9.Everyone’s Joy

Everyone’s Joy failed as fav in the last run, gets weaker rider switch but has numbers in favor and can redeem losses

13. Emerald Spur gets blinkers this time and has services of stables preferred jockey who seems to have a knack to extracting the best from horses sporting blinkers for first time, should do well-Place


Krish said ...

On : 04-04-2020 04:56 pm

Play Win & Place.

Race Type: RST80-60 [C3]Distance: 7 fSurface: Turf
Purse: $187,037 Replay 
  Best of Luck! 
1SH-TN2 Precious Sweetie4 Decisive Twelve
2SH-TN1 Harmony Spirit4 Pure Legend
3SH-TN1 Beauty Generation3 Ka Ying Star
4SH-TN1 Smiling City5 Ka Ying Excellent
5SH-TN10 Butterfield(Day's Best)9 Savvy Nine
6SH-TN1 Starship8 Happy Ichiban
7SH-TN5 D B Pin7 Voyage Warrior
8SH-TN1 Speedy Luck4 Dublin Star
9SH-TN1  La Yakfi3  Stay Chill
10SH-TN1 Farhh Above2 The Hulk