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Clean & Fair racing

By Anilxk | 13-Sep-2020

All over the world the life style and working style is changed.So in betting also changes are in evitable.To make after covid races punter friendly clubs must introduce some rules to improve fair racing.

1- Odds 

If there is more than 20% variation form night and morning odds scratch the runner.

2- If any horse got backed from no where and became favourite scratch it( means it should be in betting line at odds)

3- Guarantee 12 runners minimum per races. 

4- Add reserves to maintain no of  runners to 12 .

5-Publish jockey agreements with stable

6-Publish trainers instructions after races.

7- Make weight declaration mandatory, if any trainer fails to do it disqualify his runner.

8-Minimum three work out at track to be made mandatory for acceptance.

9-Class V to be run with max weight(68 kg)

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18 Replies

Anil Xk said ...

On : 23-09-2020 05:13 am

If black money is banned, turn over at bookies counters may be just 1000's. I know a no of persons doing real estate business and heavily betting at bookies. One day when I met one out side course ( @ excise office) just asked him how he is avoiding taxes . His reply is just simple we deal only cash , no cheque and drafts , minimum legitimate price is showing in paper. This is the way businessman cheating govt, and how such persons can demand transperancy in system.

raghavan said ...

On : 22-09-2020 08:54 am

m p reddy,

A very small number of punter do bet with unauthorised bookies.  The bet volume is negligible when compared with the business with regular bookies.  The police arrest those illegal bookies at regular intervals.  I do not know what will be done to them thereafter.  They may be let off with a strict warning or produced before Court that may impose a small fine or small jail term.  . 

Whereas the volume of business with bookies is absolutely without limits.  So, I feel you should not compare petty thieves with big whales.

I am only asking punters who bet with bookies paying 10% tax to accept the race result without questioning.  And not raise doubt about fair/foul racing.  Of course, many punter do not agree with my line of reasoning!

Anil Xk said ...

On : 22-09-2020 03:59 am

Some leading trainers never publish weight of horse on trying day's. 

@ Hyd K.Satheesh

Anupam Sharma( suspension)


Faiyaz khan

Are examples

@ Bangalore

Irfan ghatala


Neil darasha

Are examples.

Sriram Komandur never justifies blazing track work as his mounts are finishing out of frame

Narayan Gowda tries only after punter got exhausted after following his mount

Imtiaz shows always slow timings in track

Our racing fraternity must learn some straight forward techniques from Australian and hkjc racing.

Not a single horses with out weight declaration is allowed.

Recently a legendary track jockey commented about the chance of a big race condentor officials scratched that horse as hectic anti post betting found on it.

During Why be vs Sacred kingdom contest at hkjc, trainer of sacred kingdom ( hkjc legendary horse) just commented a day before race that sacred kingdom is unstoppable at hkjc. Authorities fined him 100000 hk dollar for such a statement. Eventually another horse is the winner.

All most all turf clubs having their own tipsters, as they open selection with a description of strength and weakness of condentor.


M P Reddy said ...

On : 21-09-2020 12:03 am

Dear Raghavan ji ,you feel for the matter that bookies are enjoying  as  the punters playing with 10% tax .ok. But for your  information at some  Tote centers at Hyderabad, some persons (unofficial bookies) used to accept bettings at official (racecourse) odds . This was happening since August or September 1999 till  mid March 2020.Some where secretly he will sit and operate his business. Of course , I never tried to find where he is. So, whome we can teach morals Ragavan ji,every body will follow his own way that he believed and habituated. 

Prasad said ...

On : 20-09-2020 08:02 pm

This seems like keep the business secrets in the open. Not even a legitimate business will do this, at the year end they would disclose their financial statements, and not the modus operandi as to how did they make it happen, though fudging goes overlooked.

This is a very dynamic sport and we as punters need to adapt to a new approach to break the ice.

raghavan said ...

On : 20-09-2020 04:38 pm

Anil Xk,

Clean & fair racing?  Highly impossible.  But why are you speaking about clean & fair racing?  For a change, talk about clean & fair betting!

All punters who bet with bookies enjoy betting at 10% tax.  Whereas those who bet at tote have to cough up gst 28% plus 5% lub commission.  

I fully agree that GST rates are prohibitive.  

However punter unfriendly may be such GST, it must be obeyed.  There is no escape.  At BNG, there were no bookies during the winter season (2019-20), for more than half of the race days there were no bookies.  They were even in lock up for 2/3 days and now out on bail.  Reason: Tax evasion!

Srinivasan Varadarajan said ...

On : 20-09-2020 12:11 pm

@ Anil 

You are in your own world regadless of what is happening.

Eample Paytem is alreasy in google storr.

What ever you suggest is to be implemented ny TAOI which is not possible. Because your suggestions are not genuine.


Anil Xk said ...

On : 20-09-2020 07:52 am

@ Srinivas

Dynamic changes in current rules is a necessity to keep this game running with full crowd. The so called secrecy is not the licence to cheat public. 

Anil Xk said ...

On : 19-09-2020 04:44 pm

Dear Srinivas,

The rules to be changed adventurously to save future of racing. Majority of punters already left Indian racing( reflected in Paytm ban)

The points mentioned are worries of common patron( punter).

Many of top jockies keeping seperate agreements with top stables not to ride for but not to ride against.

The hard eaned money of poor racing fan is thrown to somebody's ( bloodies) mercy as these agreements are not known to public.

When R. Hughes is planning to make agreement with rkw, For my luck being into that lobby, he demanded just 36 lakhs per month free money as all other expenses are born by RKW, the negotiator told him that he will get salary of 50 lakhs cash.Rkw ruled that year like a king, but how many knows about it. Hughes ride with heart out in all races for RKW. 

Suraj Narredu was in payroll of URRB for many years, but ride for many colours allowing URRB to take stakes..   If anybody in doubt can refer kunigal stud site.

No body is against to any professional who makes money by agreement, but let it open

Transperancy is the only manthra to save our racing fraternity

Srinivasan Varadarajan said ...

On : 18-09-2020 06:23 pm

Point no. 1 and 2 is not possible because once horse are accepted to run they have to run in that event. they can be withdrawn 1. reluctent to enter the stalls 2. On veternery grounds.

Point no. 3 This is not at all ossible because there are less horses to run above 1600M

Point no. 4 This is not Cricket ot foot ball to have reserves, because there are so many formalities to completed before accepting (

for conditions please read the prospects)

Point no.5 This purely confidential between trainer and owner, even club cannot demand such aggrements.

Point no.6 What you see in the paddok is a drama. Instructions are known to jockey befor coming to paddok and even the trainers and owners knows that there horse may not win.

point no.7 you are not clear about the weight of horse, or total weight of jockey +extra weight to be carried. If it weight of horse - some horses may not oblige hence shown as NC (non cooperative). Any way if horse is accepted it has to run.

Point no.8 This is not mondatory in the prospects, but you can take it for granted 1 Run = 5 or 6 times track. Some of the un sound horses will be given Swimming please look for that.

Point no. 9 I have seen only one horse CALLIGRAPHY winning a handicap race in Cl. I. Usually top weight will be 62, 60 and 59 Kg. if any hosre has to carry more weeight it will run in next class.

That's all.

Anil Xk said ...

On : 18-09-2020 06:40 am


The prime indication of fitness is horse weight. Normally all trainers alter weight of horse and diffuse( not confuse) punters. Some trainers are mastered in not declaring weight of horse. Weight declaration to be made mandatory and it will save punters money

K Ganesh said ...

On : 16-09-2020 07:16 pm

One more point that injuries and oprated horse .i have noticed that some clubs and trainers not disclosing injuries and operated horses. 

Clever said ...

On : 16-09-2020 05:00 pm

Expecting neat and clean races for get it. There is a way but I think we will not understan.just stop going to races I mean bycot then every thing will fall in line


SUMAN NATH said ...

On : 15-09-2020 08:19 pm

The Stewards monitoring the races may prevent many a malpractices if they take appropriate action as per extant rule of the respective clubs. In the 3rd race ran at Delhi on3rd March 2020,an apprentice jockey riding a favourite dropped his whip wilfully and audaciously about 300 meters from the winning post,while his mount was going very well .This type of mischiefs are very frequent in this centre and these types of foul plays are either overlooked or are spared with very minor penalties. 


The Joker said ...

On : 15-09-2020 06:43 pm


there should be barrier runs/mock races before the first race so that punters can gauge the level of the horse.

make it a country wide tote with online betting also allowed

regulate the bookies and bring oin international bookmakers so that this so called tomfoolery can stop. eg Ladbrokes, bet365,betway, william hill and coral bets.

this will help keep the bookies in check

regulate the no of syces, pickpockets coming oin the ring/course

policeman should do their duty rather than punt.  one eg is in pune

Mg said ...

On : 15-09-2020 06:40 pm

Kolkata race will start  31st oct

Raj singj said ...

On : 15-09-2020 02:02 am

Good topic sir jee kep it up

Race big fan said ...

On : 13-09-2020 03:09 pm

Yes very nice topic and it should be acceptable and point no 8 must . .