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Jockey Arman Ali passes Away

By Ameen sait | 06-Oct-2020

Delhi jockey Arman Ali jaffery no more yesterday due to heart attack Allah give him jannat eala.

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Racewalla said ...

On : 13-10-2020 04:26 pm

Can  any  racing   professional   or  any  one  else  in  Delhi   clarify   whether  any  worthwhile   assistance  or  financial  support   has   been   provided  by  Delhi  Race Club  to  the  family of  Jockey  Arman  Ali  after  his unfortunate  demise on 5th Oct  ?  If so ,  kindly share the details  for our  information and further action if necessary .

Asgar jafri said ...

On : 10-10-2020 09:56 pm

I am his real elder brother.The above statement of heart attack is not real and the reason of death is yet not confirmed by doctors report is yet to come.So please pray for his soul and stop spreading wrong rumours.

kumar anand said ...

On : 09-10-2020 06:44 pm

He  Was  The  Son  Off  Delhi Based  Jockey  MR, NAZIM  

Vijayakumar said ...

On : 08-10-2020 08:06 pm

My heartfelt condolences.

May his soul rest in peace.

TipTop said ...

On : 08-10-2020 03:24 pm

May his soul REST IN PEACE.

raghavan said ...

On : 08-10-2020 02:37 pm


chanakya said ...

On : 08-10-2020 10:33 am


Robert said ...

On : 07-10-2020 10:21 pm

Rest in peace Arman Ali jaffery. It's so shocking and very disturbing for a young man to die of heart attack at this very young age. It's really very sad. I hope other jockeys will try to help his family in whatever way they can

Nickel said ...

On : 07-10-2020 07:03 pm

RIP-- Race Clubs , please helping the families in tough times.

2020- what more is waiting-- God knows

Atchut said ...

On : 07-10-2020 06:37 pm

Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family


DANIELL said ...

On : 07-10-2020 06:01 pm

R.I.P Arman Ali Jaffrey

VIRGORAU said ...

On : 07-10-2020 05:25 pm

Very sad to know about the sad demise of a budding Jockey. May his soul rest in peace.

Racewalla said ...

On : 07-10-2020 04:19 pm

Untimely  demise  of  young   Arman  Ali   is a   tragic news .    My   deep condolences  to  his  family  and  prayers for peace to the departed soul . It seems that   race clubs  have not  been   caring for the well being of  racing professionals during  the prevailing  covid times . As is well known in racing circles , barring  some top  well connected   jockeys and  trainers ,  rest are always  financially  unstable  . They  need   a   support   system  which can only be   provided  by  Race Clubs   but  such   a mechanism  has not been put   in   place .   JAI  also needs to focus on this aspect to help out needy  professionals .   I hope DRC , who    have  a dismal   record in such    matters ,    supports   struggling   jockeys  and   trainers   and  also  help  the bereaved family in this hour of loss .

Shrikant N said ...

On : 07-10-2020 03:59 pm

Arman Ali was  an Upcoming good Rider...

May his soul Rest in peace. 

M.B.M said ...

On : 07-10-2020 03:18 pm


Very sad to hear  the news

An upcoming professional


N.A.RAMDAS said ...

On : 07-10-2020 03:02 pm

a up coming jockey of good class n heart attack at this young age is not digestible  RIP

libero said ...

On : 07-10-2020 02:40 pm

May his soul REST IN PEACE

was a young upcoming jockey

My prayers and condolences with his family

I pasha said ...

On : 07-10-2020 12:11 pm

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun 

Ashok Kumar said ...

On : 07-10-2020 10:49 am

Heartfelt condolences to the family.

May the Almighty God give enough strength to bear this unbearable loss

Rest in peace

Shiv said ...

On : 07-10-2020 10:34 am

2020 is just getting worst!!!

RIP Arms!


Mirza Asif Baig said ...

On : 07-10-2020 07:41 am

He is very young just now finished Apprentice ship  heart attack?? I am shocked...  this 2020 please go away as soon as possible please

Rudolph Furtado said ...

On : 07-10-2020 07:06 am

R.I.P Arman Ali Jaffrey.

Abbas J said ...

On : 06-10-2020 10:21 pm

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un ‎, "Verily we belong to Allah, and verily to Him do we return.

Cruise_B'lore said ...

On : 06-10-2020 09:17 pm

Racing loses another professional. Perhaps non-racing led to his premature death.
May the Lord bless his soul.