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New racing rules under NEW NORMAL.

By Harsh Panchmia | 13-Oct-2020


Grettings to all,

Under this new normal situation , we are very delighted that government has allowed horse racing to begun commencing from November of this year. Now million dollar question - Will it be spectator-less or spectators with restrictions. 

Although Banglore and Kolkata government previously allowed online wagering but to my best personal opinion , it would kill the excitement and future of horse racing sport in the country. It would only be just a online betting sort of thing.

Plus I have some really good news to share , I called Kolkata turf club today , they unofficially said that it's gonna be racing with spectators within. However they said official news is gonna get uploaded soon. 

I believe Karnataka govt would allow the same . Thanks :)

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12 Replies

Abhishek said ...

On : 19-10-2020 06:52 pm

If they not allowed betting in online it's the end of horce racing in india. You should allow now and if u once gets normal u can withdraw online betting norms 

Vijayakumar said ...

On : 16-10-2020 07:43 pm

         According to Harsh Panchmia RCTC is likely to conduct horse races with patrons from 31.10.2020.  India race com. also in its website has notified that next live racing will be on 31.10.2020 at RCTC.

      Shall we take this as an authenticated news for sure.

        I request the Admin., India race com. to throw some light on this.


Keshav punter said ...

On : 16-10-2020 09:08 am

Racing hoga , pakka hoga. Sabka wish pura hoga. Jai bhadrakali

Harsh panchmia said ...

On : 16-10-2020 09:07 am

Hii, Thanks to everyone who replied. 

I want to bring 2 things to notice. As per lockdown 4.0 , All sporting activities are allowed with maximum spectators of 100 people. Even all amusement parks are now open. So people who are claiming that races aren't gonna begun , I beg your pardon but that's not the case currently.

Secondly , I personally called RCTC. ( I used to call everyday until one fortune day a person actually received the phone) I asked her about whether races will have spectators or not. She was reluctant to answer initially, she even said it will be posted online. But on my insist that she can say me , she unofficially said that spectators will be there at strict SOPs , it can't be behind dots.

Rajesh said ...

On : 14-10-2020 06:57 pm

Sir sorry to say but it won't be delayed anymore, as recreation clubs have got permission and already running operations without any social distance measures, so no doubt races will resume very very soon, may be with or without spectators... 


Ruchi said ...

On : 14-10-2020 07:24 am

First the turf clubs said AUGUST,then slowly OCTOBER and now NOVEMBER.



Nitesh said ...

On : 14-10-2020 06:56 am

Is it true, what ever the information, when its confirmed we can belive other wise its just information, without spectators its not good as a sports people should enjoy watching live and putting bets on it, lets government give permision i am also waiting for it, they said bangalore racing will comense from nov 1, i am eagar to watch, and welcome all spectators 


Ranjan said ...

On : 13-10-2020 11:43 pm

There is ZERO LIKELIHOOD of Racing with spectators. You guys should hope that the Govt. allows online betting. Otherwise racing is dead in India.


On : 13-10-2020 08:37 pm


That is really good news to hear. Our government will give permission with spectators online betting is highly impossible in our country why iam saying impossible means our people like entertainment some other's like money making money in horse racing is not very easy if we people lose money also we will be entertained and encouraged as well as so people everything is good and bad we need to maintain.

Please don't kill the sport

Smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 13-10-2020 08:13 pm

@ Harsh Panchmia : If someone at Kolkata Race Club had replied to your query about possible resumption of racing and likely participation of spectators, please don't get over-excited because not everyone who picks up the phone is authorised by the Club to speak on such highly sensitive matters (If you had called up the Chairman or Chief Steward, it's okay). Also, such an information is considered 'breaking news' in the industry and if  true will therefore certainly be shared with the Press on an urgent basis. Even Dr Z Poonawalla said racing will start in Pune by October and we are seeing the developments there. Let us show utmost restraint and focus more on how the Central and State governments contain the pandemic effectively. No permission whatsoever has been confirmed for start of races anywhere in India as of date. This is the real fact. 

Srk said ...

On : 13-10-2020 07:19 pm

Hi friends even I hope the same racing with spectators and precautions online betting will destroy the horse racing industry so let the government give permission for all the clubs to start racing with spectators thank you and God bless all the horses and may the horse be with you

SAIDAS said ...

On : 13-10-2020 06:51 pm

Yes we all are waiting to see the horses running. Life has started turning to normal than why we the horse racing lovers are being made to suffer. Live life with corona ....