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Significance of Weight Raise in Terms Race

By Sun | 23-Jun-2022

Can someone knowledgeable throw some light on significance of Weight Raise in Terms Race in particular Terms Race for 3 year olds 

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Sun said ...

On : 26-06-2022 10:36 pm

Look at Acceptances Page of 23rd Jan Mumbai Races Day Race no 5 won by Divine Thoughts where u see it is noted as Weights Raised by 7 Kg at Acceptances Stage

The other information u shared I aware of it Thanks

Further Terms Races for 4y and upwards u see Weight Raise many times I am not able to interpret.Similaly for some terms races Race Club advertise for 4yu Terms as G3 etc what is its significance.

Thanks for your response

BRUMysore said ...

On : 26-06-2022 10:02 pm

Mr Srinivasn varadharajan your 5th point I cont uderstand please explain in detail 

Thankq by Brumysore 

Prinit said ...

On : 26-06-2022 06:27 pm

Right. And after alloting the weights if the top weight does not reach a certain level eg..57 then the top weight is increased to reach it and the weights of others increased proportionately.

Srinivasan Varadarajan said ...

On : 26-06-2022 11:28 am

For your kind information IT IS WEIGHT ALLOTED NOT WEIGHT RAISE, this depende on number of wins.

1. Colts and Geldings - 52 Kg. (No wins)

     Fillies -  50.5 Kg, (No wins)

2. Winner of 2 races to carry 3Kg. Extra

3. Winner of 3 races to carry 5Kg. extra

4. Winner of 4 and more to carry 6Kg. extra.

5. Then winner > 1Million to 3 million to carry 1 to 2 Kg. extra.

This you can find in IRC prospects of Bengaluru (page 16) WARHAMMER MILLION.