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Shroff Opts for Legal Recourse

By Mahendra Mallya | 05 Oct 2011 | PUNE


In a latest development in the infamous Boldenone case, where Pesi Shroff and two other trainers were handed suspensions by the Stewards of the RWITC, it is learnt that Pesi Shroff has taken legal recourse and has filed suit against the Club. Pesi Shroff’s appeal for a review of the 30-day suspension that he was handed for his horse Eloise having tested positive for the banned substance in December last, was recently rejected by the Club’s Board of Appeal.

It is obvious that the confirmation of the suspension has come as a jolt to the champion trainer who has maintained right from the outset that the horse feed was contaminated. Pesi Shroff had tried to convince the Club that he was never at fault for the breach. It appears Shroff is more concerned about ensuring that his record as a trainer remains clean and the lawsuit is, in fact, chiefly intended towards clearing his name and keeping up to his high reputation. This was the first occasion that a horse from the trainer’s yard had returned positive for a banned substance.

Reacting to the development, Mr Vivek Jain, Chairman, RWITC said, “It is unfortunate, as the suspension was for the minimum period and only for vicarious responsibility. There was no slur on either his integrity or intent. In the larger interest of the sport and the Club this should have been avoided. Needless to say, the RWITC will defend its position in court”.