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Oasis Star ‘Walks’ Away with NDDSM – Literally

By Mahendra Mallya | 13 Oct 2009 | PUNE

Oasis Star (Y S Srinath up), winner of The Noshir & Dolly Dhunjibhoy Sprint Million

Versaki and Oasis Star emerged the champions among the equines with some powerful performances in their respective races. Jockey Srinath too displayed sheer brilliance in the saddle. ‘Chiku’, who had a good double on Saturday, got even better on Derby day and scored a fine treble to take his winning rides over the weekend to five. Soophie, Ecstatica, Talk of the Town, Nefyn and the amazing Oasis Star all five raging public fancies romped home under the guidance of Srinath.

Oasis Star simply doesn’t cease to amaze. There is something extraordinary that she displays each time she gears up and bolts out of the stalls. She is one thoroughbred who is apt for the local expression – “Jaana – Aana” meaning the race is reduced to a mere formality equivalent to the term – ‘back-it-and-stand-in-the-queue’!

The extraordinary factor of Oasis Star’s victory in the Noshir and Dolly Dhunjibhoy Sprint Million was that she never really had to raise a hard gallop while the others trying to cause a flutter were flat out and having a clear passage unlike Oasis Star who was stuck behind Avec Plaisir until the final furlong.

Like a driver with utmost patience who wouldn’t even honk in a traffic jam, Srinath was just ambling behind unperturbed, showing tremendous confidence in Oasis Star’s ability. The mare justified this support and shot through as if an arrow accurately fired and passed them all with ‘blink and miss’ alacrity. Oasis Star simply dismissed the opposition and the crowds too were liberal with their applause. Oasis Star is truly one of the all time greats among Indian thoroughbreds and it is sad that due to procedural limitations it would be almost impossible for her to match strides with top-class competitors overseas. Oasis Star would have been an appropriate ambassador of Indian thoroughbred quality and I am sure she would have done us proud in those sterner tests. There is no competition for her here in India. Srinath would surely vouch for that!

“She is the best I have ridden,” said Srinath to indiarace. “She is very professional, mature and understands perfectly what is expected of her. You can settle her anywhere and at any pace. When it matters most, she is surely going to fly,” said Srinath. When asked about his prolonged wait behind Avec Plaisir, Srinath replied, “Oh, I knew it was only a matter of time before I could squeeze through the rails. I know what she is capable of if I really wanted to press her. You see, she has four records in her name and even then she wasn’t really all out. Can you can imagine what she can do if unleashed? She is a natural athlete and Cooji Katrak has nursed her impeccably too,” concluded Srinath who has enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Oasis Star.