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Spitz Swamps the Opposition to Submission

By Mahendra Mallya | 23 Jul 2009 | PUNE


Spitz (Warrshan – Aquatic Wonder) owned by the Jains, Mr Patel and trainer Zadmal Singh, produced long stretched strides to hammer the opposition over the 6 furlong sprint. Spitz settled well up alongside Zarzaitine and Ambrogio firmly perched in front, made his move at the turn and bounded forward in a trice on straightening up. None from the rear were even catching up, such was the powerful display of Spitz’s final run not to mention jockey Prakash may well have not carried his whip. He used it once all right, as if testing a new whip. The victory was impressive indeed! Over the scurry, it will take a lot to get past Spitz in Pune.

Feet of Flames, Ambrogio, Strathendrick and Sea Princess finished in a cluster in that order, but my pick off the quartet is Sea Princess who never got a clear run right through the race. She did well to get as close as she did and it might be well worth it to keep an eye on her in the near future.
Scholar (Placerville – Cambridge Ball) made a winning debut but had to go through the test by fire. It was a tough first day at the office for the Bezan Chinoy ward who worked hard for his success. Settled well behind the front runners, Srinath gradually came abreast with the front runners at the turn. Scholar easily passed Admirals Quest into the straight and managed to shake off the well supported Confiserie nearing the distance post. Srinath had to use the whalebone vigorously when he sensed there was danger lurking not too far behind. River Pride was the one gaining on Scholar towards the finish. Srinath intelligently made the advance while negotiating the bend and on hindsight, that held him in good stead in the end. River Pride, who was tracking the winner for the most part, had to skirt around horses at the turn and the narrow margin of victory suggests that that’s where the difference lay in the outcome of the race.
Oh So Romantic put in an ‘oh so dynamic’ run showing no 'long-lay-off' signs whatsoever to register an impressive victory warding off Alexus’ ever threatening presence in the final furlong. Uproar led them early on with favorite River Blitz in close touch, Palermo, Festive Light, Oh So Romantic and Alexus ran in close order.

At the turn, River Blitz was huffing and puffing while Oh So Romantic (Royal Kingdom – Old Time Romance) worked up a nice rhythm to get past the front-runners. Once in the lead, Zervan astride Oh So Romantic did no mistake and was focused to the task. Alexus gained momentum midway up the straight and was getting closer with each stride. However, Alexus was inching his way closer rather than devour ground thus found the winning post arriving a bit too soon. It was a close verdict. Rattle’s finish was commendable as the bottom weight was off to a slow start yet came up to figure in the frame passing a good number of horses on her way. River Blitz disappointed, but may make amends soon.

The paddock condition of both Forever Amber and Western Challenge was not exactly picture perfect. Thanda looked better, but was sweating a wee bit too much. The Giant was coming up in class while Rage of Angels and Lightening Cavalry had no recent form to show. You might accuse me of narrating all this after the race, but the bookmakers’ offer too on the horses in this race only raised by the minute - a puzzling occurrence indeed!

Both Western Challenge and Forever Amber saw a wide drift from the pre race odds of the 5/4 mark to the 2s.

The Giant made the running for most of the initial journey and when the heat was turned on, The Giant slipped. Forever Amber was the quick to take charge in the straight, and Western Challenge was in chase. Past the distance post, the local Champ Rajendra, who kept goading the Imtiaz Sait ward until the finish, was riding hard atop Forever Amber. Srinath only managed to narrow down the margin of victory with some equally forceful ridding astride Western Challenge. Thanda, with an all out effort ended on the haunches of the runner up.

Ares (Celtic Swing – Glowing Sands) was an impressive winner. Ares, who just behind the front running trio of Kiss Away, Palme Dor and Wild Torronaado simply burst on the scene early in the straight and speed away from his rivals. Kiss Away ran a good second too, but watched helplessly as Ares kept adding distance in the final run. Palme Dor held on narrowly for the place money. The favorite Secret Admirer was no where sighted and finished in the rut after a lethargic start.

Alohamora (Black Cash – Poison Ivy) won the opening race of the day quite convincingly. Mypethoney got to the front and Alohamora joined in on the rails. Into the straight, Alohamora swiftly changed gears and accelerated tremendously to run away from the field. Sail Thru claimed the runner up berth without much ado, as they say, while the favorite Royal Hunter ran to save the place money. Morpheus improved to figure in the frame.

Shodaan, in the last race let a large following down. Elegante led the field homewards from the start, and soon tussled with White Hart Lane the latter moving better. Forest Native (Forest Fair – Oxide) pounced upon these two soon on passing the distance post. Shodaan then tried to poke through the middle but found one better in Forest Native. Shodaan, however, went down fighting and may make amends in his next outing.

Trainers Bezan Chinoy and Narendra Lagad saddled a double each.