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Mystery Virus Strikes Race Horses in Pune

By North-End | 11 Oct 2008 | PUNE


The veterinary work force at Pune were working over time, treating race horses for fever. With more than a hundred horses feared running temperature, the work load is definitely heavy. The cause of the outbreak of fever is not identified as yet, but the Vets are more or less certain that it is a viral fever that has struck the affected horses. The Vets, however, reassured that the there is nothing to be alarmed about and things are very much under control. Though the number of horses affected is around a hundred, it is less than 10 percent of the horses stationed in Pune. The virus is believed to have struck horses at some Stud Farms as well and is not just confined to the RWITC stables. Dr. D. Swamynathan, the Club's Sr. Vet assured that all was under control and that the fever was not life threatening. He said that they were treating the horses and the horses are responding well. As a precautionary measure, all horses that are to take part in the races are examined on the morning of the relevant race day and this is a norm introduced by the RWITC recently. The normal temperature for horses is about 99 to 101 degree Fahrenheit. The temperature may also vary in different climatic conditions. Say for example the temperature may be slightly higher during summer. The rectal temperature of the horse is taken, which indicates with reasonable accuracy, the body temperature of the horse. A fever normally takes a lot of toll on the horse and it normally takes at least three weeks to a month for the horse to return to racing fitness. The best the Club can do is to regularly publish the list of horses so affected with the dates of fever, so that the racing public can then decide for themselves as and when to apply their minds regarding the racing fitness of the horses concerned.