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By Chaduranga Kanthraj Urs | 11 Jul 2019 | MYSORE

Chaduranga Kanthraj Urs

The Mysore Race Club authorities went ahead with their racing programme on Wednesday with the help of apprentice jockeys after the Jockeys Association of India went on strike to protest the suspension of jockey Kiran Rai for his riding on Amazing Connection. Racing was refreshingly different with the apprentices doing their best which resulted in the horses with merit winning almost all the races. There were close finishes. Leading trainer of the local circuit Michael Eshwer attributed his four winners thanks to the sincerity of the apprentices and said that often his results have been affected by the indifference of regular jockeys who have more excuses that real intention.

The jockeys are duty bound to go with the Rules of Racing. The jockeys have an opportunity to go to Appeal Board to redress their grievances. If they fail to get any relief and they feel aggrieved, they have a right to go to court. The President of the Jockeys Association of India Pradeep Chouhan himself approached the court when he was suspended by the Stewards of the RWITC. The Appeal Board modified the suspension, but the jockey was not happy and went to the court. It is surprising that when he had taken the legal route, he is resorting to the agitational approach here. Does he think that Mysore Race Club is a soft target, unlike the RWITC?

I for one was happy with the way races progressed on Wednesday and wouldn’t mind the jockeys staying away. The Mysore Race Club should go ahead with their racing without bowing to the whimsical demand of the jockeys who think it is they who run racing and not the authorities. We cannot allow established practices to be diluted.