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By Usman Rangila | 23 Sep 2022 | PUNE


With vote-bank politics still in vogue at the Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC), two former committee members Geoffrey Nagpal and Milan Luthria and who were seeking a comeback this year, have lost the elections. The results were announced at the conclusion of the RWITC’s 107 th Annual General, which was conducted through audio/visual means as per the government’s directive.



Following is the voting tally:

1) Ram Shroff 699 votes

2) Jaydev Mody 636 votes

3) Jiyaji Bhosale 612 votes

4) Gautam Lala 610 votes

5) Sunil Jhangiani 606 votes

6) Vijay Shirke 605 votes

7) Shiven Surendranath 603 votes

8) Surendra Sanas 599 votes

9) KN Dhunjibhoy 595 votes

10) Geoffrey Nagpal 579 votes

11) Milan Luthria 519 votes

The first nine candidates were elected to the managing committee.

Surendra Sanas and Ram Shroff were elected as chairman of the managing committee and the stewards’ body respectively at the first committee meeting held shortly after the results were announced. Since Jaydev Mody and Shiven Surendranath decided not to participate as members of the stewards’ body, Shyam Ruia and Jehangir Damania were co-opted to the board.

Dilip Goculdas and Hoshang Nazir, who were both retiring by rotation after a two-year term, were re-elected (unopposed) to the Board of Appeal as there were no other candidates in the fray.