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By Ikram Khan | 08 Jul 2024 | BANGALORE

Amidst high tension and all the hype and hoopla, the six members of the Managing Committee of the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) resigned on Monday. And soon a four-member ad hoc committee was co-opted to conduct the operations of the club. The four chosen members are: Uday Eswaran, Chaduranga Kantharaj Urs, KA Jagdish and Dr.Raghunath. The new committee, it is learnt will first meet on July 15. The four-man committee if need be can co-opt another six members of the Club in the weeks ahead before a new committee is formed following the BTC Managing Committee elections scheduled to be held in September. It may be recalled that two Stewards, Shivkumar Kheny and Satish Gowda and two committee members, Dr Prashanth and Darshan Lokesh had earlier quit to initiate dialogue between the government and the Club for the procurement of license to conduct racing at this premier centre.

The committee after taking stock of the situation called the members for a meeting on Saturday. The idea was to first apprise the members of the current situation and all the pros and cons and more importantly pointing out what's in store before seeking their views and advice on the subject. In this scenario, it is understandable that the members were divided and no decision was taken on the resignations and to quit or not to quit was put-off to Monday. In the evening at the Club on Monday, the six committee members after a series of group discussions and debates walked in with a clear mind understanding that in the interest of the sport that they need to throw in the towel to facilitate the co-option process which promised to resolve the crisis. The six including the chairman, Arvind Raghavan put in the papers and an ad hoc committee was formed.

The next question is when will the government provide the license after the club has played it nice and straight. And is BTC in a position to conduct racing this week-end. Well going by the procedure, the four-man committee will first need to take stock and ascertain how many summer meeting can be held before they apply for license and it is likely that barring any hiccup, the government will provide the license at the earliest. The answer to the second question: Is BTC in a position to conduct racing this week-end? the answer is yes, the horses, trainers and jockeys ready to get on track at short notice.

A couple of senior and influential members of the club were of the view that it will be difficult to start the summer season this week-end though the committee is keen to give it a shot in an effort to start racing this week-end. Will that happen so quick and fast?  well your guess is as good as mine.