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25 Jan 2020

SportsWin in partnership with has launched a Game of Skill and for this first contest we have selected the final month of the winter racing season in India starting with the weekend of the Indian Derby at Mumbai [February, 1, 2020] and culminating with the weekend of the Invitation Cup to be run at Mysore [March 1, 2020]. Twenty pre-determined race dates at Mumbai [7], Bangalore [4], Hyderabad [4], Kolkata [3] and Mysore [2] have been selected.

It is easy to play and for the inaugural contest, 50 prizes worth over Rs.500,000 [Rupees Five Lakhs] will be distributed to the winners with the overall leader taking home Rs.100,000. The minimum value of prizes that will be distributed will be Rs.5,000.

The game can be played by registering with and can also be downloaded via an app after registering with [for now not available for iPhones].

Registration is free and each person that registers to play will be given 500 free tokens to start with. Once these tokens have been utilized players can purchase more tokens to continue playing the duration of the contest.

Players have to nominate horses to
Win, place 2nd or 3rd or even “show” i.e. place 1st, 2nd or 3rd
Any number of horses can be nominated in any one race
Players can play in as many races that are conducted on the day

SportsWin uses a proprietary algorithm to assess what points will be assigned to which horse for placing 1st, 2nd, 3rdor show and these reward points shall remain constant for all users from the time the Race Card is published till the actual race starts.

It is “game on” from the moment the Race Card is published [approximately 36 hours before the actual contest] and selections can be made up to 5 minutes before the actual race starts so players have plenty of time to study, assess and plan their strategy.

The objective of this game is to promote the entertainment value of horse racing through contests of skill that involve selection of horses based on their performance in real races held in India through intelligent handicapping, analyzing historical performance data, judging the capability of horse and jockey through scientific, statistical means and testing ones skill.

The Player who has the best success rate in nominating horses based on actual race results will accumulate reward points and contribute to a dynamically changing leaderboard that is recomputed after each race.