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RESULTS - MUMBAI - 23 Jan 2014

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The April Blossom Plate

Horses Rated 40 to 66 / 5 years old and over


02:00 PM

Winner:₹.150150 Second:₹.63525 Third:₹.34237 Fourth:₹.16087 Total: ₹.263999

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 5
Noverre(USA)-Here Goes(USA)
5y b g M Bobby Dashrath Singh 53 - 7 A NECK 48 2/1 0:58.98
2 7
Chatham Strait(USA)-I'm Sensational
5y b g Dallas Todywalla P Trevor 50.5 - 2 A 2 3/4 43 58/10 0:59.04
3 4
Hurricane State(USA)-Just Amazing
5y ch g S Mangalorkar Kavraj Singh 53.5 - 3 A 1 2.75 49 4/1 0:59.50
4 2
Gaswar(GB)-Cats Whiskers
5y b m S M Johnson S Mosin 56 -3.5 5 A 3/4 3.75 54 15/1 0:59.68
5 6
Major Impact(USA)-Ghazwat(USA)
7y b g H J Antia S P Ranjane 52 - 1 A 1 1/4 4.5 46 25/1 0:59.81
6 1
Emerald Cat(USA)-Savoy
6y b m Faisal A Abbas C S Jodha 59 - 6 A 3 3/4 5.75 60 8/1 1:00.03
7 3
Jeremy(USA)-Shirley Moon(IRE)
5y b m M Bobby S G Prasad 54.5 -5 4 A 9.5 51 20/1 1:00.64
Tote Favourite: SECRET PLAN
Owner: Mr Soumitra Banerji
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Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 23 ₹.34 ₹. ₹.15,₹.19,₹.- ₹.24 ₹.43 ₹.76 & 35 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

Two objections were lodged in this race. The first objection was lodged by Jockey P.Trevor, rider of STRATEGY (Placed Fourth) against DREAMS R MINE (Kavraj Singh, Placed Second) and BOURBON STREET (S.Mosin, placed Third). The reason being, at about 350 metres, DREAMS R MINE (Kavraj Singh) came in sharply and bumped him out of the race whereby he lost his balance totally, and simultaneously BOURBON STREET (S.Mosin) shifted out and squeezed him whereby he was unbalanced and this cost him a certain second place.

The second objection was lodged by Mr.Sanjay Kolse, Trainer  of BOURBON STREET (S.Mosin, Placed Third) against DREAMS R MINE (Kavraj Singh, Placed Second).  The reason being, between the 400 and 300 metres, DREAMS R MINE (Kavraj Singh) came on to BOURBON STREET whereby Jockey S.Mosin was unbalanced for a few strides and could not ride out the horse or else he could have finished closer to the winner.

After considering the submissions made by the Jockeys concerned as also Trainer Sanjay Kolse in conjunction with that of the Stipendiary Stewards  and relying on their judgment, the Stewards decided to overrule the objection lodged by Mr. Sanjay Kolse, the Trainer of BOURBON STREET (S.Mosin, Placed Third) against DREAMS R MINE(Kavraj Singh, Placed Second). The Objection lodged by Jockey P.Trevor, the rider of STRATEGY (Placed Fourth) against DREAMS R MINE (Kavraj Singh, Placed Second) and BOURBON STREET (S.Mosin, Placed Third) was upheld and the order of placing revised as under :-

MAGIC STAR            -        FIRST;                    DREAMS R MINE        -        THIRD;

STRATEGY               -        SECOND;                 BOURBON STREET    -        FOURTH

The Stewards after the last race interviewed Jockey S.Mosin for careless riding on his mount BOURBON STREET and not being satisfied with the explanation tendered by him, decided to suspend his Jockey’s license w.e.f. 9th February, 2014 to 13th February, 2014 (both days inclusive) (permitted to ride work/mock race).

The Stewards also interviewed Jockey Kavraj Singh for careless riding on his mount DREAMS R MINE. However, in view of the Club’s Sr.V.O. reporting that the horse was observed after the race to have broken a blood vessel, the Stewards decided to give Jockey Kavraj Singh the benefit of the doubt and he was warned to be more careful in the future.

After the race, DREAMS R MINE was observed to have broken a blood vessel and is not to race for the stipulated ban period of four weeks. The gelding has to be passed fit by the Club’s V.O. before next accepting to race.

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
FIRST JACKPOT 3,4,5,6,7 297385 C/O & 23791 (TKT 0 & 3)
SECOND JACKPOT 5,6,7,8,9 60897 & 1327 (TKT 6 & 118)
FIRST TREBLE 6,7,8 388 (TKT 26)
SECOND TREBLE 7,8,9 1237 (TKT 18)
THIRD TREBLE 8,9,10 2899 (TKT 5)
SUPER JACKPOT 4,5,6,7,8,9 171309 C/O & 2753 (TKT 0 & 12)