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RESULTS - MUMBAI - 24 Jan 2020

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The Damodardas C Shah Trophy

Class 4 / Horses Rated 20 to 46


07:00 PM

Winner:₹.191250 Second:₹.82500 Third:₹.52500 Fourth:₹.33750 Fifth:₹.15000 Total: ₹.375000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 3
Phoenix Tower(USA)-Alumina
4y b g P Shroff P Trevor 58 4 A 3/4 40 9/4 1:11:36
2 8
Varenar(FR)-To The Manor Born
4y b f Altamash A Ahmed Neeraj Rawal 56.5 2 A 1/2 0.75 37 15/2 1:11:48
3 2
Arazan(IRE)-Forever Glory
4y b f Altaf Hussain P S Kaviraj 58.5 -3.5 6 A LNK 1.25 41 9 1:11:58
4 5
4y ch c Adhiraj S Jodha Santosh G 57.5 -1.5 9 A 1/2 1.25 39 8 1:11:64
5 4
Leitir Mor(IRE)-Stravella(IRE)
4y b c Vishal Gaikwad Akshay 58 5 A 3 1.75 40 29/4 1:11:73
6 11
4y b g Asad Siddiqui S Zervan 53.5 1 A 1 1/4 4.75 31 11 1:12:24
7 12
Sussex(GB)-Never Say Goodbye
6y b g S N Joshi K Pranil 51.5 -5 3 A 3 1/2 6 27 18 1:12:43
8 10
Air Support(USA)-Set Alight
4y b c M Narredu C S Jodha 54.5 8 A 2 3/4 9.5 33 23/4 1:13:00
9 1
Stern Opinion(USA)-Silk Runner(IRE)
5y gr g Nosher Cama S J Sunil 60.5 11 A 1 12.25 45 25 1:13:44
10 7
6y b g S S Shah M Ayyar 57.5 -3.5 12 A 13.25 39 20 1:13:61
12 6
Saamidd(GB)-Feminine Touch(IRE)
5y b g Karthik Ganapathy Bhawani Singh 57.5 10 A 13.25 39
W 9
Excellent Art(GB)-Mooring(GB)
4y b f Faisal A Abbas Withdrawn 56 7 A 36
Tote Favourite: DEL MAR
Owner: Mr Pallon S Mistry rep. Manjri Horse Breeders' Farm Pvt Ltd
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 22 ₹.60 ₹. ₹.16,₹.18,₹.19 ₹.55 ₹.153 ₹.1007 & 539 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

CIPHER was permitted to be withdrawn on compassionate grounds.
After being stalled Jockey Santosh G. reported that the bit on his mount OUI SAUVAGE shifted to one side, as such the same was corrected.
BAKU was restless and not allowing its rider to settle in the stall. In view of above it is recommended the gelding be given more gate practice and to be shown to the satisfaction of the starter before next accepting to race.
At the start, GANDALF (App. K. Pranil, dr.3) jumped outwards and bumped DEL MAR (P. Trevor, dr.4) at the same time DIVINE GLORY (App. P. S. Kaviraj, dr.6) shifted in thereby tightening GODS PLAN (Akshay, dr.5) and DEL MAR (P. Trevor, dr.4) causing both to be checked. After questioning, App. P. S. Kaviraj has been fined Rs. 3,000/-
At the start, RESOLUTE (C. S. Jodha, dr.8) jumped inwards and made contact with DIVINE GLORY (App. P. S. Kaviraj, dr.6).
Approaching the 400 metres, BAKU (S. Zervan) shifted out and went across PROPERLY POSH (Neeraj Rawal) who was inconvenienced. Jockey S. Zervan has been cautioned.
Approaching the 300 metres, BAKU (S. Zervan) shifted out under pressure and bumped OUI SAUVAGE (App. Santosh G.). After the race, on questioning, Jockey S. Zervan reported that his mount shied outwards under the use of the whip. Trainer Asad Siddiqui has been asked to take remedial measures before next accepting to race the gelding.
Passing the 300 metres, DIVINE GLORY (App. P. S. Kaviraj) leaned inwards due to which PROPERLY POSH (Neeraj Rawal) shifted in forcing DEL MAR (P. Trevor) to be checked and change course.
Passing the 200 metres, in an effort to find an opening, DEL MAR (P. Trevor) shifted out sharply and carried GOD’S PLAN (Akshay) outwards. Jockey P. Trevor has been cautioned.
After the race, Jockey Bhawani Singh (PULVERIZE) reported that his mount jumped out brushing against its stall due to which his right stirrup broke and thus he could not ride out his mount to complete advantage.
After the race, BAKU (examined on 25/01/2020) was found to have abrasion on the left fore cannon. CLARK KENT and RESOLUTE were found to be sound in the trot.