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RESULTS - DELHI - 03 Apr 2015

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The Academic Plate

Maiden Indian Horses 3 Year Old Only


03:45 PM

Winner:₹.157750 Second:₹.60000 Third:₹.34100 Fourth:₹.18400 Total: ₹.270250

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Cl Odds Time
1 6
Ansbach-Lizzy Arde
3y b m Zulfiqar Khan Aqeed Waheed 53.5 - 8 S 2 1/4 4328 1:01.83
2 7
3y ch m S M Abbas C S Jodha 53.5 - 11 S Shd 2.25 122 1:02.18
3 9
Top Class(USA)-Good Time Sally
3y b m Ajay Sharma Ranjeet Singh 53.5 - 1 A Neck 2.25 81- 1:02.19
4 5
Samhoon(USA)-Grand Destiny
3y b f Magan Singh D S Deora 53.5 - 3 A 4 3/4 2.25 928 1:02.25
5 11
Hurricane Center(USA)-Blushing Queen(USA)
3y b f I S Parmar G S Shekhawat 53.5 - 10 S Neck 7 223 1:03.02
6 1
Ontario(USA)-Desert Of Silver(GB)
3y ch g Rajinder Akash Rajput 55.0 - 9 S 1/2 7 2925 1:03.08
7 4
Dancing Forever(USA)-Houston Hopeful(USA)
3y b m S Ali Khan Md Asif Khan 53.5 - 7 S Head 7.5 9- 1:03.18
8 3
Hammerstein(GB)-Queen Of The World
3y ch m Mohsin Khan R Parvesh 53.5 - 5 S 1/2 7.5 40- 1:03.20
9 2
Arabian Gulf(GB)-Inspiring
3y b h Zulfiqar Khan Shadab Khan 55.0 - 6 S 41 8 1722 1:03.29
10 10
Charmo(FR)-Bottle Of Whiskey
3y b m S H Abbas M Chettri 53.5 - 2 S 49 1- 1:09.86
W 8
Sharp Attack(USA)-Chivas Gold
3y b m A Khan K Narender Kumar 53.5 - 4 S - 49 124
Owner: Mr Shadi Singh
Tote Favourite: PEREGRINE
Race Video

Club Dividends

Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 63 ₹.52 ₹. ₹.19,₹.20,₹.12 ₹.170 ₹.182 ₹.269 & 115 ₹.-
Racing Incidents

Trainer Mohsin Khan requested to use Blinkers on his charge AMAZING INFERNO as he had forgotten to give the requisite application for the use of equipment before the stipulated time and he also informed that his charge is partially blind which was confirmed by the Club’s Veterinary Officer. In view of the safety of the field and also without any precedent being set the Stewards as a special case granted permission to use Blinkers  on AMAZING INFERNO.

At the Starting gate Jockey K Narender Kumar informed that  his mount GOLDEN CHILLY was very fractious and also observed that it was bleeding from the mouth. The horse was examined by the Club’s Veterinary Officer  who reported that it was bleeding injury on inner cheek (both sides) and  certified it unfit for racing. Hence, it was withdrawn  before coming under Starter’s orders. In consequece of GOLDEN CHILLY being withdrawn no deduction on win or place bets was effected.

Prior  to ‘ALL CLEAR’ being declared Jockey C S Jodha   the rider of GHUNGROO  requested to view the race video with a view to considering  lodging an objection After viewing the video Jockey C S Jodha  decided to proceed with an objection and accordingly an  objection lodged by Jockey C S Jodha  the rider of  GHUNGROO  placed second by the Judge against Jockey Aqeed Waheed the rider of DANSKI placed first by the Judge for “ bumping and taking me out passing 900 mts due to which I had to check my mount and that cost me a certain race.”. The Stewards held an enquiry immediately after the race interviewed the Jockeys concerned and after deliberations, considering the opinion expressed by the Stipendiary Steward and based on the observation of the race the Stewards were  satisfied that an alteration to the placings could not be justified. Therefore, they decided to overrule the objection. The Security deposit was refunded.

Approaching the 700 mts it was observed that App.Jockey Md Asif Khan the rider of CAROL permitted his mount to shift out thereby it bumped into DANSKI (Aqeed Waheed)  which passed it onto GHUNGROO (C S Jodha) Apprentice Jockey Md Asif Khan was cautioned in presence of Master Trainer K Ali Khan that he must ensure that he is sufficiently clear of when taking over the running and also have greater control over his mount and was informed that in similar circumstances he is expected to straighten his mount when they commence to shift ground.

Club Jackpot Dividends

Poll Race No Winners Runners
SUPER JACKPOT 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 C/F & C/F
JACKPOT 2,3,4,5 & 6 C/F & C/F
TREBLE 4,5,& 6 C/F