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RESULTS - MYSORE - 29 May 2019

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The Nagamangala Plate

Class 2 / Horses Rated 60 and above


05:00 PM

Winner:₹.262505 Second:₹.131250 Third:₹.78750 Fourth:₹.52495 Total: ₹.525000

Pl H.No Horse/Pedigree Desc Trainer Jockey Wt Al Dr Sh Won By Dist Win Rtg Odds Time
1 10
Noverre(USA)-Distant Valley(GB)
7y b g Prashanth Pawar Surya P 53 5 A NECK 66 10 1:10:57
2 8
5y b g Ranjeet Shinde A S Peter 53 -3 4 A 2 3/4 66 13/10 1:10:61
3 4
Apache Road(USA)-Oceanic Zone
8y ch g Rakesh Nikhil Naidu 59 1 A 1 2.75 78 10 1:11:04
4 2
Holy Roman Emperor(IRE)-Coconut Squeak (GB)
8y b g M Eshwer R Manish 62 -3 2 A 2 1/2 3.75 84 7 1:11:18
5 9
Oath(IRE)-Temple Tune
7y dk b g Vikram Appachu M Rajesh Kumar 53 9 A 3/4 6.25 66 7 1:11:56
6 1
7y b g M Bobby H M Akshay 66 -4 3 A NECK 7 92 6 1:11:67
7 11
Stardan(IRE)-Ballad Of Glory
5y b m Md Sajid Qureshi Arshad Alam 51 7 A 2 1/2 7 62 6 1/2 1:11:72
8 5
Arabian Gulf(GB)-Roundtree(IRE)
4y b m M Eshwer P P Dhebe 56 11 A 3/4 9.5 72 6 1:12:10
9 6
Kingda Ka(AUS)-Michele Marieci
6y dk b g J Sharavanan P Uday Kiran 55 8 A 3 3/4 10.25 70 10 1:12:23
10 12
Kingda Ka(AUS)-Snow Cannon(IRE)
5y b g Rakesh K Sai Kiran 51 6 S 1 1/4 14 62 6 1/2 1:12:82
11 3
Excellent Art(GB)-Lady Angharad(IRE)
5y b g P C Tejaswi S R Santosh Kumar 60.5 12 S 1 1/4 15.25 81 10 1:13:03
12 7
Alnasr Alwasheek(GB)-Auberge
7y b m Vikram Appachu Ajeet Kumar 53.5 10 A 16.5 67 10 1:13:22
Owner: Mr Ajith Kumar
Tote Favourite: ANDERMATT
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Win SHP Thp Place Quinella Forecast Trinalla Exacta
₹. 153 ₹.34 ₹.90 ₹.25,₹.12,₹.41 ₹.195 ₹.695 ₹.7281,2269 ₹.
Racing Incidents

Permission was granted to Trainer Mr. Rakesh to substitute Jockey Irvan Singh to ride GRAND TENTON in place of Jockey K Sai Kiran, the declared rider.

Jockey P P Dhebe, the rider of RAPUNZEL, reported that he accidentally lost his left stirrup, approaching the 1000 Metres, which he regained within a few strides.

Jockey P Surya, the rider of FRINGE BENEFIT, was reprimanded for looking back in the closing stages of the Race, for no apparent reason.

Jockey R Manish, the rider of CONSTANTINE, reported that his mount was hanging 'out' in the straight; The horse was impounded for veterinary examination, but, no abnormality was reported; However, Trainer Mr. M Eshwer was informed to take appropriate corrective measures before accepting with it again.

Trainer Mr. Ranjeet Shinde and Jockey A S Peter were questioned by the Stipendiary Stewards as to the running and riding of b g ANDERMATT, in the above Race. The Trainer stated as follows; a) He had instructed his rider to sit wherever comfortable, to urge him a little bit for a few strides, at the start, thereafter, come into the Straight and do his best; b) The horse does not show initial speed and in its previous run also, when ridden by Jockey P Trevor,  it had run in a similar manner and had finished on well, as it did today; c) This horse was running in this class only for the second time and he thought that his charge could not match up with the initial speed of this set as there were a lot of speedy horses in this Race; d) That he had to rethink the suitable distance for his charge as it is seen finishing on well in a six furlong Race; e) According to him the Jockey had ridden as per his instructions in this Race; The Jockey while corroborating the statement of the Trainer stated that there were horses in front of him and later on, rounding the final bend and in the Straight, his mount was inclined to run “out”. While noting their explanations for future reference, Jockey A S Peter was cautioned in the presence of Trainer Mr. Ranjeet Shinde to be very judicious in riding out his mount in future and that a similar manner of riding would entail him being reported to the Stewards for appropriate action.

Surprise Sample was taken for analysis from the winner, b g FRINGE BENEFIT.


Poll Race No Winners Runners
JACKPOT 3,4,5,6,7 11581 & 1878 (TKT 28 & 74)
FIRST TREBLE 2,3,4 125 (TKT 4)
SECOND TREBLE 5,6,7 4917 C/O (TKT 0)