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Future of RWITC

By Dr.Bashaar | 01-Jan-2017

Just an observation. What is really wrong with western India racing? I was stunned to see such a huge crowd in Kolkatta today. In contrast in Mumbai the crowd wasnt even 25% of what it was in Kolkatta. Again if one compares the number of races that were framed,( and the competitiveness of the card ) kolkatta has beaten Mumbai hollow. If we see in olden days ( I am talking about 15-20 yrs back ) the stands in Mumbai used to be so jam packed even on week days, its difficult to believe such a poor crowd on a holiday like today.

Any organization when financially not doing well, will always think of all cost cutting measures in order to achieve some sort of stabilization. But RWITC is hell bent on continuing with night racing!! I have my own doubts whether RWITC is able to make any profit after cutting down the costs involved in conducting night racing. I am talking from all angles- like

1) Is there any increase in attendance of crowd for night racing than day racing?
2) cost Involved in conducting night racing
3) I dont know about other centers- But B'lore and Mysore are normally avoiding the bettings of last 2 races on night racing days which means an additional loss in revenue for RWITC.

Previous years night racing was restricted to peak of summer in order to give some comforts to both horses as well as punters which was quite understandable. Now with all these minus points is it still worth continuing night racing in the peak of winter also?

RWITC needs to do a serious introspection.

Happy new year to all.

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13 Replies

Confused P said ...

On : 03-01-2017 08:50 pm

Look at what has happened to BCCI. Similarly, the Govt should step into the field of racing. Appoint a Judge and bring in some reforms.

Primarily CONFLICT OF INTEREST. A breeder should sell all his lot, whether he is making a profit or loss (If untenable, might as well close). They should not run their horses in their names. There are too many factors like Champion Stud, Champion Sire etc, etc, which make them manipulate races (the best example is SAA pulled in Mysore derby so that the record of another stud is not broken, hinted in this very site).

RWITC has the highest number of breeders running horses in their own names (they could no longer find some gullible owners like Mr. Wadhawan) and almost all of them are in the committee, board, stewards, stipes and what not.

On top of it, they have the narcissist attitude that they are the best in the country and all punters prefer RWITC races. All the other centers are way ahead and like SFTP has mentioned every body knows the ground reality except these bunch of narcissists !!!

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 03-01-2017 08:49 am
it is very strange that all here are more clear than RWITC[how long can this charade carry on]

The Exodus of horses to CHE and CAL clearly show that even rats leave a sinking ship. Think of the owners who do not gamble and depends only on stake money
The useless appeal by the counting his time chairman to bear the brunt was devoid of all comman sense.
It sounded more hollow than our politicians
The ones in athy have shown no inclination to cut costs on them selves and the over pampered members[the voting ones].

Let us see how long they can carry on without racing public and only members

Rajesh said ...

On : 02-01-2017 10:39 pm
1st of new year is always a big draw at Kolkata the crowd is always bigger than derby crowd

Sumeet said ...

On : 02-01-2017 09:56 pm
There is no future of RWITC.The tote dividends are next to nothing, there is constant in & out horse racing to confuse the punters, there is no bracketing of horses as yet(in race no.90 on 1/1/17,hot favourite Arlene lost to Commodore from the same stable).So in all, the racing public goes to Mahalakshmi racecourse to donate money
by way of placing bets on horses that never deliver.It is a very sad situation for the RWITC authorities who have slept over issues of fair racing.Now in my opinion they should now sleep for as long as they want as the situation has gone out of their hands.

Happy New Year to all my friends,


ayyarnet said ...

On : 02-01-2017 08:06 pm

There exists a limit for madness. RWITC Night racing exceeds everything !

Majority of Punters are not interested in Night Racing. Except some vested interests apply pressure for Night Racing. Everybody wants to go home after dusk safely.

srinivasan said ...

On : 02-01-2017 06:37 pm
From Bengaluru
What you have said is right 1. We have no safty or good foot path to board a bus (About 1.5 Km. at the peak hour) 2. we have to come to race course only to bet because other intervenue betting centers are not operating for the night racing.
3. Punters and BTC likely to discard last ot last two races because of staff safty. The collections is almost 50% and it is aloss to BTC.
The other center's are also to be likely the same situation prevails.
IT IS LOSS TO OTHER CENTERS AND ALSO TO RWITC. If it is prestige to RWITC they have look for winding operations.

t srinivas said ...

On : 02-01-2017 04:17 pm
fed up with the mumbai races small owners trainers are moving to kolkata chennai and other centres. even class 5 races r being ridden and won by top jockeys and owners


On : 02-01-2017 10:57 am
THEN The Saying Will Be :

kolramsri said ...

On : 02-01-2017 06:51 am
Dr Bashaar and others......Just avoid completely RWITC Racing..Good for health and wealth.It all started from Gold Star, won the race in the Stewards Room.

Goldman CaYabYab said ...

On : 01-01-2017 11:48 pm
@ Dr.Bashaar...

So rightly u raised Quistions.. WHY day//Night Races..
Me too almost
thank God.. in Last race ""KHABAR"" came in and also Comming in my study..
Horse no 4..Fashionable Galit,,Came & WON.. i played. @6.75/1 .. covered all lossses and 10 k. Plus..
@ Besafe.. you said all.. Salute to u.. Thank u.. @ Stop Fooling Punter,

Reqst R.W.I.T.C...Pl make regular races. this is Horse raceing not Cricket.

Happy New Year to all...

,,,,, Goldman CaYabYab ,,,,,

steven said ...

On : 01-01-2017 11:15 pm
Its a real sad state of affairs at RWITC....Honestly as long as the present committee is there RWITC will continue see its self destruction .... Just Look at other centres HIGH STAKE MONEY/ HIGH NUMBER OF ATTENDEES and greater accountability of the people in charge..

Besafe said ...

On : 01-01-2017 10:47 pm
What happened today on the Specual Race day 1 in Mumbai
First what's Special race day ?? Any body know ??
In Race no 1- favourite ran away and withdrawn with d fictions 30% and 50%
In Race no 2 - a Horse at longer odds wins
In Race no 3- hot Favorite looses to same Trainers horse at longer odds
In Race no 5- hot Favorite withdrawn at the starting gate and deductions was 50% on win as well as place
In Race no 6-favourites looses
In Race no 7- again favourite looses

Just think and imagine what's special

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 01-01-2017 10:47 pm
Once again the bookies tried to pull wool over the eyes of punters [connections included]

An unfit horse first made piping hot fav and than shoots up to evens,with out any backing of other horse.

It is reported that Sandesh fell or jumped before being stalled. The horse was examined by the vet nad with drawn.

I know only one thing a punter next to me asked my bet I told him the Fav .he said no way he has tendon problems, your money is gone.[this is before stalling]

RWITC saved me. How many times will the race club keep coming to our rescue. Please enquire to the reasons of this farce