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Srinath riding on Asterose

By XTREME | 02-Jan-2017

Daylight robbery at it's best i must say !!

The riding of Srinath on hot favourite Asterose was one of the worst i ve seen from the veteran jockey. if one can see , he kept his horse dead last all the while , He never improved the places as there was no intention it seems..he took the horse wide only at the bend and was going easy till 300 mts to go..Then only he started to push the horse . The horse was no jet just to go cruising past. He finished tame third , disappointing. First of all , the horse was in distress right from the parade walk , and it was evident the horse was in no mood to race. Even though i didn't play any horse in that particular race , i was surprised by the ride of Y S Srinath.

To proof it all , Let me give yu an example.

When he rode alaindair in recent days , even though he kept the horse in last bunch , he used to gradually move the alaindair to striking position by the time he's in final bend , and then push from there till the was completely missing from today's ride..

Most of the punters backed it exclusively at .50 paisa thinking it wouldn't loose..sad to the see the classic horse finishing 3rd..
EOD , Punters are the one who suffered most i must say!!

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4 Replies

JP said ...

On : 04-01-2017 08:32 pm
Horses running in breeder's colours seldom win as favourites.

Professional said ...

On : 04-01-2017 10:38 am
Mr xtreme let me tell u first jockey y s Srinath and Suraj narredu Sandesh Trevor etc Dey ride everyday on money fav every jockey want to win classic and Dey no need to pull horses in classsic Dey gets enough fav by the way Dey r so much rich u cannot imagine so please dnt misunderstand

Mad Max said ...

On : 03-01-2017 02:09 pm
Aster Rose is a set back horse, that is the reason it skipped Mysore Derby.
Arjun Manglorkar openly said it before the Mysore Derby. Should I think punters memory is short, or careless to cross check things relevant to racing.

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 03-01-2017 01:40 pm
HI Xtreme,

Let me tell something about Srinath, who I am seeing in action since his first ride. He allegedly has a lot of connections, only for whom he will go all out. He is a brilliant jockey but will never disclose when he will ride to his true potential. Alandair did not win even once because of this jockey but definitely the final loss was because of this poor rider's pathetic guiding.
There are few jockeys in India who have never learned riding throughout their lifetime but became great jockeys because of the strong connections they enjoyed. Another prominent name to mention is Malesh Narredu, a nightmare for punters till his last day in office.