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By smart-still-poor-punter | 03-Jan-2017
I think demonetisation has come at the right time, leaving racing lovers with restricted money to play. Otherwise think what would have been the plight of the hapless punters who are being taken for a ride in almost each and every racecourse across India. Latest in the order is the Hyderabad races held on 02.01.2017. It's hard to digest certain results, particularly the Oaks. Almost all the leading riders were there, but none of them came to the rescue of the rail birds when it really mattered. It's true P S Chouhan won on 'Meritocracy' but that was when he was least expected to do that. The whole course expected Srinath to run way with the Oaks, but Neeraj Rawal thought that was the right gift he had to give for the race-goers. Boss, it's a fast fainting-like feeling !
It seems Chennai races are far better than in today's conditions and, if conditions improve steadily, this center, which was once the pride of the whole country, will retrieve the past glory and give life to the dying racing standards. God save Indian racing !
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CRK said ...

On : 03-01-2017 09:47 pm

My suggestion would be to stay away from any horse quoted at less than 1.5 odds,or whatever you are comfortable with.Fraction money horses tend to loose more often,even in comparison to favourites quoted higher or at more reasonable odds.The stakes are high either way,and it makes sense to skip the race,though we may feel it is pick up money.Such a thing does not exist in racing.

A wise punter has advised to study the race as if the hot favourite is not running and concentrate on horses that are likely to give a fight;seven times out of ten,the winner will be there.Makes lot of sense.


Racing Eye said ...

On : 03-01-2017 07:02 pm
A.ROSE can't stay 2400m. That a fact. The right horse won. I had a bet on the winner.

Try to study the instead of following people and then posting some story.

That's what is happening to INDIA Racing.

t srinivas said ...

On : 03-01-2017 05:40 pm
if u back LD silvas horses i am sure one day u will end up selling bol or vel books outside the race centre

SHAPS said ...

On : 03-01-2017 05:14 pm

Today, one should go to race-courses only if they want to throw away their money.

The sharks are operating openly at all centres.

Not even one sincere and honest owner, trainer or jockey is in the country.

This season, loot is going on un-hampered, un-looked or even asked.

Play at the cost of one's family doom.

Either stay at home, or give these crooked connections a blank cheque.

The decision is for one to take.

dr harun said ...

On : 03-01-2017 01:10 pm
Saw the Race,

I am no expert,but feel something was wrong with Aster Rose.

But the way Veronese kept going to win was shocking.

But that fellow Punters backed Aster Rose at 50p heavily is surprising.

What can u get by backing at 50p I dont understand.

Did hear the same in Mysore Derby as well ,were people backed SAA at 29p.

How they got to,cant comprehend,after all its a race

Goldman CaYabYab said ...

On : 03-01-2017 01:05 pm
@ small-still-poor-punter..

You are so very right.. yesterday...most people,, ( lost ).. talking Races are Fixed (BANI) hui hai.. .. just few could make out.. /// when Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy Cup/Trophy.. can not or lets say.. Should not. WIN.By. TRUST. as HOST,,they cant present CUP to them self.. if Cup/Trophy giver KEEPs for self.. what is the use to hosting event.. so no one played their horse but betted for PLACE., which came.. and in very next race.. on longer ODDS.. most played, Dr. M.A.M.Trust. horse.. reasone.. one race they left/Given away and next will TAKEN,, and it happend same as was thought.. like it was GIVE and TAKE,, fixed policy... God save horse Racing..

@ Ruchi..

greetings.. u given so correct conclusion and explation..for ASTER ROSE,, salute to ur knowledge and observation...


,,,,, Goldman CaYabYab ,,,,,

Ruchi said ...

On : 03-01-2017 12:32 pm
AIKA AIKA won the Madras Guineas and COMMON WEALTH ran second

SERJANT won the MUMBAI 2000 in style
ICE GLACIER won the MYS Derby in record time
WHO MAKES won the kolkotta BIG events in style
AND ASTER ROSE loses to a non entity like VERONESE and FROSTY
Really pathetic .....No explanation/No words to how racing is being conducted.
See. DANCING LEAF??? How that guy hooks it and then when unleashed the grip flew to miss the 2nd slot.
DOLCE the horse which became default favourite, went miles wide and the up coming rider was slowly going back and off board.