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Ashwin patel and GALIATH

By ruchi | 03-Jan-2017
Sir Ashwin ji, rememeber the last time GALIATH ran and beat ADAM and SATELLITE.
Today what is your take on it.
I feel ADAM is better horse than GALIATH and the last time the race was SET TO.
I feel ADAM will finish ahead of GALIATH today with probably VIJAYS JOY winning this.
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2 Replies

Mad Max said ...

On : 04-01-2017 06:34 am
@ Ruchi
Don't justify your readings on Adam.
In their last runs, Satellite was shown only whip whereas Adam was heavily whipped. These are all mere show to fool the racing public. Horses are targeted for a particular race. They cannot be tried in every races. Trainers are astute they know how to trick the punters. In such a field any horse can beat another. Everything fixed before the race.

ruchi said ...

On : 03-01-2017 01:48 pm

where are you?? GALIATH UNLUCKY
the DR for this race were
Now do you agree that race 99 was well and truly fixed.
You bravely commented after that arce, waiting for your feedback on this thread about the stylish WIN of ADAM.