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PIL against race course authorities

By Raj | 03-Jan-2017
Dear Friends,

Looking at the pathetic conduct of races in whole India, it seems the time has come to go for PIL in court. If cricket board can be taken to task which is not as dirty as the race course managements then why cant these crooks be taught a lesson. The daily reports are the proof that hooking is done every now and then. The punishment is just eye wash. These are the punishments given:

Warned Severely
Noted for future Reference
Fined a sum
Suspended for few days

If any one from the authorities is reading this, please clarify how does that help a punter. His money is gone. How does few thousands fine matter to some one who has swallowed petis by eating the horse. Why the guilty is not suspended for life time or atleast for few years. But then you all are party to it.Guess enough is enough. Lets come together and and get few rules changed Suggestions please

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12 Replies

ayyarnet said ...

On : 05-01-2017 07:24 pm

Winning and losing is a part of the game. Heard of anybody complaining whenever he wins !!Similarly we should grudge when we lose also. But we can express our opinion about the way the race was run giving our comments. This is just a Postmortem work with no benefits any one but we can share our opinion only. The race course may or may not consider. But within ourselves we have satisfaction we have expressed our concern

Regards to all


SHAPS said ...

On : 05-01-2017 08:35 am
Playing cards game Rummy also comes under "game of skill", still many clubs are banned from conducting rummy, maybe because it comes under "gambling".

Though the supreme has clarified that rummy is a game of skill, police and govt's have banned this game in many clubs. Similarly, racing should also be banned as it is no more a "game of skill", but has become a playground for looting the public's money in the name of free and fair racing, with the turf authorities being a part and parcel of this daylight robbery.

Legal eagles should delve deeply into this law and aspect and get the govt to ban this sport permanently, since the clubs are least interested to stop the wrong-doings of the connections.

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 04-01-2017 08:13 pm
A Lawyer friend informed me racing does not come under PIL simple.
It is not a public service and not obligatory for any one to attend.
Also Race clubs are private and right of admission is reserved.
How ever let us help Be safe in every way since what he is doing is going to help all of us

kolramsri said ...

On : 04-01-2017 01:06 pm
Punters Association is the last thing we should have. It is and will be as bad as the political parties in India.I need not give details about politics. Only thing which is in our hands is selecting races(minimal loss)and choose the horse which has best chance to give you money.Avoiding Big card, inter connected horses, owners having horses trained by multiple trainers(this is the best way to cheat the punters by gaining info about other runners potentials). After thrashing out suspect races you may left with 10 to 15 % races in the whole season.Okay. Even if u suffer loss it will be within your level, and if you bet place in a 8 horse field(strictly)u may come with profit after the season is over.It requires lot of patience, it is your hard earned money u will be throwing to winds if there is no restraint.This is from a person who started betting since 1 9 6 7.

Mad Max said ...

On : 04-01-2017 12:58 pm
In 2004 or so, I think a Bombay based Advocate filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Bombay High Court Challenging the project of the RWITC to develop the Racing Ground at Mahalaxmi. Unfortunately, the High Court has not entertained the PIL citing some reasons. I dont remember the exact reasons. I think whoever move in that direction, ask any Advocate to read above Order of Bombay High Court and find if it possible to move ahead? I think, it is not possible.

Tarun said ...

On : 04-01-2017 12:47 pm

Mr.Raj Horse racing is a game of skill and not a sport where you can file PiL's etc., No race course in Indi is asking you to come with money and it would double. One can go to the race course sit there and do nothing is they like to see animals run. If at all any action is to be taken it should be by the Clubs against trainers. So forget it.

Mad Max said ...

On : 04-01-2017 12:40 pm
Somewhere I have read No Court will accept PIL against RWITC. Reasons I dont remember. May be I am wrong.

Be Safe can you take up the case of BTC deducting TDS from the exemption amount of 10000 and also not allowing the total investment in a single ticket as our expenses before commuting the TDS. Will you please read TDS topic I have written about a fortnight back.

MBSMani said ...

On : 04-01-2017 10:58 am

While taking PIL the following points also to be taken for consideration.

1.Whenever any pool (espcially JP and SJP) carried over, the entire amount should be transferred to next racing of that centre instead of a part of the carried over amount is transferred, which is against the practice of past.In rwitc some times no amount is transferred to next racing day inrespect of JP and SJP.

2.Secondly when a first favorite horse is withdrawn all the tickets nominated that first favourite is being transferred to the second first favourite of the race in respect of pools, which in all occasions never wins. Instead whenever the first favourite is withdrawn at the starting gate the race should be treated as null void for the leg of the pool and divident should be paid to the successful completion of other legs, sothat the punters who invested huge amount will have better chances than trasfering to the horse of the second favourite which never normally wins

besafe said ...

On : 04-01-2017 09:51 am
In continuation of my fight to get RTI Info from RWITC ,I inform all of you that i have filed Second Appeals in Maharastra State Information Commissioner as well as Chief Information Commissioner of India.Due to Pendency it will not be heard this Year.

Further, if you want to file PIL then lets open a thred on this website and collect all the Points and it requires evidences

If there are any Lawyers who love Horse Racing please involve in cleaning this mess and serve your country .

SHAPS said ...

On : 04-01-2017 07:08 am
Now the world of punters are waking up one by one and noticing the wrongful deeds of the crooked connections.

It is high time something is done to book this looting community.

It is very difficult for punters to unite in one centre or all the centres.

Lovers of this beautiful sport are disgusted with the wrongful ways of these few connections who will be the main cause for ruining the future of this sport.

More so, all these wrong-doing people are money-bags, then one wonders why they still involve themselves in such bad deed for a few dollor's more.

Wish some legal pundits write to Modiji the law ministry and a copy to the Chief Justice Of India, pointing out that this sport is no longer a game of skill, but a breeding ground of big fat looters.

Punterfool said ...

On : 04-01-2017 01:02 am

Raj has initiated a good topic and issue.. its high time someone takes racing authorities to courts with PIL..

Which senior Jockey or trainer is punished.. openly each racing day one or two top jockeys hook

Trainers gives wrong instruction.. with few days horse wins longer odds.. fine for improved performance

they do take riding instruction recording at paddock .. one instance where severe action is taken for jockey not riding according to instruction.. lame excuse got a check.. pace was too fast could not position.. no Acton taken

Favorites odds rises from even money win to even money place and 8 to 1.. as expected jockey slowly away sits last after race is over rides out.. no enquiry or action taken

How many times jockey drops of hands and loses certain place ... severely warned thats it

Stewards are paid for no work and just idiots.. why do they even go in the van when race commences and entire race... fools they look like

Same owners or connected owners favorite comes in after race is almost over and good 2nd.. once any action taken by any steward..

Punters association or some PIL in court is need of the hour..

when demonetization happened when punters where not there.. which club can run racing without punters...

Pity yet no punters association is recognized or allowed or voice of the punters heard.. Steward once again no words they are idiots and never judge for fair racing...

Siddharth said ...

On : 03-01-2017 10:24 pm
I am with you boss,
Races are only meant for jockeys,trainers and bookies from punters hard earned money.
See all fav from all centers, every trainer,jockey wants to earn money but how? Eating all fav