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No Display of Horses weight - Mumbai

By Dreams | 20-Jan-2017

Hello Mr Vivek Jain ,

Why are you conducting races like this ? Are you favoring horse racing as a sport or Are you interested only cheating racing enthusiasts and making money ?

Once up on a time Mumabi was the prime location for this game. How you conducted the yesterday races in Mumabi ? It was clearly favoring bookies.

Your camera man is not showing any horse properly, no proper information displaying on time. Horse weight is not there at all for any horse ..

No merit , no handicap , no punishment , no inquiry nothing. ..

When the analysis comes , they will say these many favorites won yesterday , But how they became favorite ? In what merit ? Who backed them ??

A normal person who follows horse racing will feel the favorite which you are showing is a wrong favorite and he will not play. Only the connections , or a group of people know that is going to win will back the horse heavily. it become favorite and loot public money and go. This is not horse racing gentlemen.

Punters has to ask the jockey who is going and try to fund him one day before and gamble it .

Great going.. Its time to send a note to Govt to stop this kind of looting money from General public on the name of horse racing

Thank you so much

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14 Replies

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 22-01-2017 10:45 am
it is amusing to read the advice given by some for MUM.

''Do not play wrong favs.''Pray today can you tell us the wrong favs,so that we save some money

Giving free lectures [even if they have no meaning is our past time].
As I stated this is the real form of racing you take it or leave it.
Nothing will change.
See BNG on Sat same story S.Star a 8 yr old horse ran no where and anywhere from 8th to 12 position today wins at 15to 1.

Trick is to choose few your selves. avoid playing all races.

Maddy27 said ...

On : 22-01-2017 12:12 am

Confused P said ...

On : 21-01-2017 07:11 pm

Dear Dreams,

People coming to the race course as a stress buster need not be worried about the overall conduct of races. Do some calculations, play 10 Rs, have tea, snacks, watch the races and go home. Why care about the pulling, hooking, doosra, theesra etc.

When you as a casual visitor can get worked-up so much, imagine the anger built-up within a true punter (one who looks at races as a means of income and willingly spends his time and energy in analyzing past, present and future of horses, to arrive at a winning bet, only to be fooled by the connections. There are very few of them, and few of them have given valuable advice via this very site).

The majority are false punters, who think like, go to races, play the favorites blindly, and take home bags of money. Majority go bankrupt, quit racing, and if at all they realize their mistake, by then they would have wasted a good part of their life.

The vice always begins as a casual visitor, just like casual smoking and casual drinking.

It is high time you looked for an alternate stress buster.

Dreams said ...

On : 21-01-2017 01:01 pm
Dear believe me ,
How can you say eod ppl will think only about money ? There are many like me coming to
Race course over the weekends to enjoy the sport , to reduce and forget ur weekdays stress and to enjoy yourself . When a hrs which you pick wins a race you will get a self satisfaction like u r winning a race . That pleasure and satisfaction you are getting is not bcos of you got some money . Your analysis and predictio went correctly. Of course mny is just giving you an added pleasure . But this sport is not for mny making only . There are other so many factors which is hooking a hrs lover into this game .At least the ppl those who are conducting this event should realise this .

Believe Me said ...

On : 21-01-2017 12:01 pm
Hi All,

Please believe me Mumbai racing is always best and its been, when you compare to any other racing in India..why??

1-stop playing favorites(a common single men can put a non winnable horse into a hot favourite by playing huge amount just to pull back the horse) to eat because there are people who can play blindly to favourite horses which is very bad
2-always play horses according to your selections and do not even care about the odds because odds always shown about the people choice
3-mumbai is the only place where you can expected flukes can come in board and no other centers will pay you that much odds
4-wherever you play everybody will think of money not the sporting event so please always keep in that mind and play for your money and not for the sporting event because they dont even care which horse won...
EOD it all matters is money

There are true sporting events going and take that as the best not the horse racing..

With all the respects I am telling you people please don't play for wrong favorites..

Believe Me

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 21-01-2017 08:53 am
He said the right thing take it or lump it.
This is the way MUM racing is going to run[a bankrupt] man has no choice but to bow to others[read RWITC].

Still it is fun to write here about it. That is what makes this site nice and likeable

haya shiras said ...

On : 21-01-2017 07:20 am
let us not hope for horse racing ban ,we should ask SUPREME COURT to constitute a committee like LODHA committee for BCCI.

sunshine said ...

On : 20-01-2017 11:23 pm
Actually it was a very good topic bcoz we decide the fitness of the horse by its weight only . . . . .So clubs like Mumbai should not do mistake like this. . . Look at the display of the all the other clubs it was very good especially in hyd,bangalore,mysuru it was dam good . . . . First they will show the preview of each and every race and very next minute they will display the horse weight tat is the right thing to do . . . . But Mumbai this days going to bad to worst situation especially for punters . . . . I think it is following its brother club delhi where the horse weight will be displayed when the horses reach the starting gates . . . . So punter will not get enough time to take the final minute decision. . . . . But the now situation is atleast delhi displaying the weight near the gates but Mumbai not displaying the weight for whole day. . . . . Omg even god can't save the punters . . . . .

Spiderman said ...

On : 20-01-2017 11:23 pm
RWITC is just trying to cover their so called loss from public..Mr.Jain wants to take the credit of covering club losses just like he enjoys the credit of retaining sponcors...even the change of jockeys is declared after half of the public already placed their bets

Zeddzzz. said ...

On : 20-01-2017 09:43 pm
Agree, RWITC Has Gone From Top Club In The Country To Bottom One.
But Sending A Note To Govt. To Stop This ......... . Which Govt. You Want To Send The Note ? You Think In Govt. All Gods n Saints Are Sitting ? The Govt Which Forced Poor People To Stand in Linez For Months For Hours n Hours n Hours Without Any Fault Or Wrong From Them And Made Life X-Tremely Miserable For Millions n Millions Of Poor People To Withdraw Their Own Money,They Will Come For Your Help ? WHAT A CRUEL JOKE.
At Least RWITC Or Any Other Club Iz Neither Inviting Nor Forcing Anyone To Come n Bet. If You Or Anyone Don't Like Or Want, Just STOP GOING TO RACES MY FRIEND. IT'S VERY VERY VERY SIMPLE.
Thanks n Take Care.

chanakya said ...

On : 20-01-2017 09:10 pm
You have a point- a very serious point. Why use a pseudonym which is not well known. Use your name.

Vivek Jain is nothing but a 'front' of interested parties. You may call them manipulators or call them by any other name.

Rrajesh said ...

On : 20-01-2017 08:23 pm
the weighing machine is spoilt so no horse weight taken or displayed.
rwitc cannot afford to buy a new weighing machine so they have given it for repair .
tomorrow the jockeys weigh in will get spoilt then they will hire a weighing scale to take the weight.
laughing stock rwitc has become.

Venkat said ...

On : 20-01-2017 07:58 pm
My dear Dreams,

God and the Govt help those who help themselves! Surely you know that!

In a world besotted by technology, it is like a miracle that Rwitc had a 'technical' problem in not being able to display horse weight particularly when most races were confined to the lower classes!

It is distressing to note some strange things were happening! The 7th race will go down in the annals of history! I feel sorry for Mr. Mody. Then we have 40% deduction & 50% in place!! Why not the reverse since the rule book was thrown out of the window. We have a gentleman running to the starting stalls and pointing at Gallant Knight. Soon thereafter, we hear that his trainer has been called to the weighing room. Thereafter the horse is withdrawn. Some even 'little'educated ppl expressed contempt.

The profile of people now coming to Mumbai & Pune has plummeted over the years! Mostly riff raff.

Jockey Akhade Sandesh in this ' Melee excelled.


t srinivas said ...

On : 20-01-2017 07:13 pm
dear dreams the day is not too far when the entire horse racing will be banned in india due to the so called presidents and stewards of the race clubs