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Be Safe is retired ????

By Bhasker | 24-Jan-2017

what hap to Be Safe??? there is no news on this wonderful horse.. is it retired for stud duties.. can someone post reliable news on this horse.

My humble reques is whenever we search for a horse in inf related to wins and stake money updated ., but why dont u update inf reg horse present status., whether it still running or retired to stud duties...

pls post news related to BESAfE.....

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23 Replies

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 25-01-2017 08:46 pm
I am surprised to see that there is so much talk about a thoroughly beaten horse, Be Safe, whose Indian Derby win, therefore, can only seen as a flash in the pan.
How long you people are going to keep singing glory for an animal, who hardly did anything after that win? Is it not so that the Indian Derby went Be Safe's way more due to luck than on account of merit.
For that matter, there are so many horses that can be cited here who ended up as "one race wonder" like Be Safe. It's true that Be Safe's maiden win raised many eyebrows and the animal was okay upto Derby. But where was the consistency. No animal can find a place in the history without showing consistency. That's the only reason I, like many seasonal racegoers, rate Be Safe par below than other stalwarts like 'Bugs Bunny' of the early 90's and the evergreen 'Elusive Pimpernel' from there on.
Any horse will have to prove it on the track to find a place in the history of racing and more so in our memories and 'Be Safe' hasn't done anything of that sort. Otherwise i have nothing personal against it.

thoughtprovoking said ...

On : 25-01-2017 07:47 pm
similarly one top jockey better to retire!!!

Raj_Delhi said ...

On : 25-01-2017 03:22 pm
Malesh never confessed to the horses he pulled as a jockey.
Why would he confess to the horses he is pulling as a trainer?

Confused P said ...

On : 25-01-2017 01:55 pm

Like Aslam Khader had confessed in an interview that he had pulled Rollerball, but he would take the reason with him to the grave, A time will come for Mallesh and Suraj to confess, albeit, the reason goes with them to their graves !!

Such an endearing horse, "done in" just to save reputations, crying shame !!

Ajit Singh said ...

On : 25-01-2017 12:55 pm
Be safe won a mock race on 5th January in Madras u can refer Bol book for Madras Races for proof

be safe said ...

On : 25-01-2017 12:22 pm
@tarun whr can we see that track work of be safe...can u just mention

ramiyer said ...

On : 25-01-2017 12:13 pm
Any topic on Be safe the darling of the punting community has invited somany responses.That itself is a tribute to the great horse.Who can forget its split second acceleration without a whip at the derby.Hope it will have awonderful retired life at the stud.

aravind said ...

On : 25-01-2017 12:06 pm
Be Safe is a very sensitive animal and it is not an ordinary Race Horse.Its born with tremendous horse power. So all was went well till the invitation day. Till then it was not whipped or not even pushed hard his head by the riders in race or while in training track. So in Invitation all of sudden it was given heavy whips at the last 100 mtrs or so, it is terribly frightened. so afterwards it changed entirely and acted fright even going to the race track,that is the reason it started behaving losing starting acceleration. So without understanding the Horse's nature,we shd not have used whip and push up on it. It never recover after that.A best horse lost and went into some sort of sickness wholly because of Suraj Naredu. we will never see another horse like Be Safe.

Rudolph.A.Furtado said ...

On : 25-01-2017 11:29 am
BE SAFE" will forever hold a important place in my "Silver Jubilee" career as a horse racing punter having won my First "Indian Derby" on him after up-teen failures.As a Veteran punter i personally feel that "Be Safe" had its career ruined by the economics of gambling . The "Indian Derby Record" that "Be Safe" set will be difficult to repeat and that is testimony to this great horse's legacy whose tragic "INVITATION CUP to "Quasar" was and is still the most controversial race in Indian racing history.,1,2017-01-25 11:19:37.417 403104,1046143,c.m.p.,,6-2 BENEDETTA win,1,2017-01-25 11:22:16.647 403105,1046135,anushree,,1—WIN-2.COUNTRYS GOLD






,1,2017-01-25 11:22:26.263 403106,1046135,racebro,,"Hi All,
1-2 COUNTRY'S GOLD - With the benefit of a run, this horse has a decent chance and with the same jockey.
2-3 GOLDEN STEPS - Last two runs over 1400/1600m are good enough to take it to the winning post.
3-1 STORMING HOME - By Burden of Proof, can go the distance and with a class down will surprise all and at much better odds.
4-2 TOBIN - By Curule, Last two runs are very good. Its a speedy horse and the one will challenge is 5 Eloika. Keep an eye on odds.
5-7 EXCELERATE - Has much better timings than others. Timings of 1:10:70 over 1200m winning. Now that extra 200m will be to an advantage and should win easily.
6-6 CATO'S CALL - By Notnowcato is coming to form. I have been following this horse for long time. Last run over 1600m with timings of 1:37:86 suggests that this is a winning effort.
7-6 VENI VIDI VICI - Is very consistent and has to see the winning post. Arshad Alam is good to make it happen in this set. Bold Police is 9yrs old.


Tarun said ...

On : 25-01-2017 10:12 am

Be Safe ran a mock race around 10 days back with jockey S Kabathar. Incidentely there were only two other runners other two belonging to the MAM trust.

Sudarshan said ...

On : 25-01-2017 02:07 am
Be Safe was extra ordinary Giant horse. He is still most favourite Horse among the millions of fan's like me. The way he ran in Indian derby was outstanding, he ran in record timing and that too was without a single whip. I am damn sure, in future no other horse will be able to touch his set record. He gained all the glimpse in a very short period. But his career was totally ruined and destroyed by the Trainer and Jockey by fixing the Invitation cup. Otherwise Be Safe could have a more very bright future in India as well as in Abroad also.
Anyways, Grand salute to my most favourite and beloved horse "Be Safe". God bless him.

Stalingrad said ...

On : 25-01-2017 12:03 am
If money was not involved in this Kings sport BE SAFE would have ended his life in much appreciated way.. Unfortunately it has to be reviewed as an ordinary horse by a bunch of clever buddies.. Let us wait and watch if any extraordinary horse will come and gallop to victory without a single whip in INDIAN DERBY:))

Punit said ...

On : 24-01-2017 11:48 pm

small still poor punter,
Let's come your way, Yes I agree BE SAFE is just an ordinary horse but could you plz show me one more ordinary horse which would gallop to victory without even a single whip in INDIAN DERBY..
Horse race is not all about wagering money, Its a sport.. Inevitably it involves lot of money and that's why BE SAFE became too ordinary to participate with so called great horses:((((

kumar_blore said ...

On : 24-01-2017 11:17 pm
I was always of the opinion late Dr.Mam did a mistake by shifting be safe after the incident which helped quasar win.i felt it was pure over confidence of the jockey which resulted in be safe loosing.
I knew that day,it was a grave mistake and I was proved Right.if not for that incident,be safe would have been one of the greats that raced in India.

JP said ...

On : 24-01-2017 10:40 pm
You cannot show your frustration of losses on the horse. The horse is not to be blamed. The original trainer himself admitted he has not seen any horse like Be Safe after its victory in the Indian Derby. This man finally showed his true colours in the Invitation. As rightly put by some Be Safe will be the darling for many unless some other horse rouses and kindles the races goers. For me the horses which stand out are Red Cockade, Mystical, Own Opinion, Set Alight, Murioi, Oasis Star and Be Safe.

SR said ...

On : 24-01-2017 09:38 pm
Small punter i think you are disgracing urself by disgracing be safe. Such horses are not born every day.Stop punting and star earning an honest wage.

rksh_med said ...

On : 24-01-2017 08:16 pm
HI Bhasker

U are correct... Be Safe was, is and will be the best ever Indian Horse, almost equal to MYSTICAL.... sad to hear that it's retired early.... However happy that It's not the case what happened to MURIOI..

mercyman said ...

On : 24-01-2017 08:13 pm
Rememberance of Be Safe among HT members itself shows the class of the horse. people might talk about his failure but what he has achived in short span of time wasnt achived by any other so called horse. Though he was made loose to his stablemate horse who was more sucessful but never earned even 10 percent respect as compaired to Be Safe. god bless Be Safe wherever he lives.

mahmood khan said ...

On : 24-01-2017 07:11 pm


Your response to a very simple question about Be Safe was very rude and uncalled for.

Be Safe was a good horse until it was undone by some vested interests, remember once while he was running the commentator shouting "here comes Be Safe as good as Bank of England"

Good luck and happy hunting

Hunter said ...

On : 24-01-2017 06:42 pm
@ smart-still-poor-punter,
Be Safe was a much-loved horse. Whether it was Pune race-course or Delhi race-course, I have heard a great cheer go up for this horse, whenever the stalls opened for the races in which he ran. Like Set Alight, the filly loved by many. Love, Sir, is unconditional and is blind too. So, there is no point in going into merits or demerits of Be Safe's running or losses or wins - a vast majority of the race-going public loved this horse. You cannot take that away from him.

Bhasker said ...

On : 24-01-2017 05:40 pm
Hi smart-still-poor-punter..,

Its not an ordinary animal as u thk...

Bolt who has set record timings is a greatest athlete., but u cant say michael jhonson or others are not great athletes ????

growup man., the horse which run with indian record timing that too in indian derby u say its an ordinary animal....

no othr horse can have fans like BESAFE.. its my challenge....

The Horse which won millions of millions and only BeSafe.....its BeSafe.

SM said ...

On : 24-01-2017 04:50 pm
Yes Mr Bhaskar, Be Safe - the legend once who lost all his glory has retired to stud. He was in Chennai for over 2-3 months to recoup and regain form but sadly the decision was taken.

Last we knew was he has even left Chennai.

Regards, SM

smart-still-poor-punter said ...

On : 24-01-2017 02:23 pm
Hi Bhasker,
I don't understand your growing curiosity over a failed horse like Be Safe. How much did it help you to reverse your fortunes as a punter? What else makes you so affectionate over this horse that was given undue place in the history of Indian Racing. Be Safe is nothing but another ordinary horse that ran below par in all but one race and, therefore, needs to be forgotten. It is irrelevant for a regular race-goer whether this animal runs anymore or is retired. Will you back any money on Be safe even if it runs in Guindy? Not me certainly because there are better horses under training in Chennai today.