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Politics and Politicians decide the fate of BTC

By Cyber Cop | 02-Jun-2017
Its highly unlikely that this weekend races will go on in Bangalore. It seems BTC has been split into 2 warring factions. The issue of license has been stuck in CMs office. It seems unless and untill the faction close to CM come back to power the license will not be renewed.

Standard of racing in BTC had come down drastically in the last 7-10 years. Invole politicians then it will be the death knell of racing in BTC. In my opinion CM should be thinking of the welfare of the people. I am glad atleast he is thinking about the welfare of the punters by not renewing the license he had done a big favour to the punters.

In order to protect the ego of some people CM had also jumped into the ring which in my opinion cant be hold on good esteem. He is forgeting 100's of others who survive solely on income from BTC.

With the clouds off GST over head its high time the racing in India should be conducted under a single national body and a single national tote. Instead of working for the future these people are in a dog fight for their little piece of bread. I pity these people.
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21 Replies

Ketan said ...

On : 05-06-2017 02:32 pm
I Thought that we have democracy in our country....?

Excellent work by the Govt & Officials shatter our belief ( Democracy ).

Shame on us for we voted them to power...

Now come next election ....we have to think.


On : 05-06-2017 01:12 pm

Rao said ...

On : 05-06-2017 10:59 am
In my view Hon'ble CM should not interfere in these activities.He should thrash the people who bring him in to these controversies and to spoil his image.He is much much bigger person (post) to involve in these politics.He has to do greater jobs for the state of karnataka in general and country as a whole.If at all he wants to convey he should give his mind on transparency on racing. BTC should also oblige some of the govt requirements. Because You are depending on the govt.

Sami said ...

On : 04-06-2017 02:06 pm

Everyone is missing on the crux of the issue. I am sure that the bookies are responsible for the situation.
The booting out of the bookies has definitely dented the sources of income of those who are in power. This body has driven the bookies out, hence the arm twisting, through the centre who nobody can challenge (except the "courts)

ravi said ...

On : 04-06-2017 12:32 pm
this is the resaon why we dont get even 1 gold medal at olympic Hopeless dirtiest politician in whole world

Ruchi said ...

On : 04-06-2017 10:32 am
The Lord with whom the decision says "he requires some time" but at same time gives permission to hold a state honoured funeral for a common lady.Height of buerocrats and senseless decision.its a dishonour to the national flag

CRK said ...

On : 04-06-2017 12:51 am
@ All,

BTC as also other centres with no exception,is like the East India Company,the privileged few lording over the natives (punters),just about managing to tolerate their existence.The elite members (Committee) with their connections manage to extract the maximum benefits that becomes possible because of their proximity to inside information and are additional perks for the great service rendered to the natives.

Want to become a member or better still a committee member ? Surely, you must be joking. You are a native,just remember that and know your place.

The Natives need to wake up.You have nothing to lose!!!

Cannavaro said ...

On : 03-06-2017 10:26 pm
Repeated defying of CMs requests has brought in these conquences.In Bad Terrible Corner(BTC)is now looking at uncertainties. Hiked betting tax of 28percent may tempt govt to issue licence.

PDS said ...

On : 03-06-2017 06:52 pm
I was quite surprised to read the suggestions from some of our friends about the activities of Race Courses to be managed by some Government officials and I strongly feel this is completely an unworkable suggestion and unless any one at the helms is an expert in the extremely intricate subject you cant even imagine that this will work. To be an effective manager, an overseer, an administrator, a controller and to meet all other requisites of this sport and organisation you need lots and lots of experience and expertise. Please don't confuse issues and come out with such unwise bright ideas, you will add to the prevailing mess.

raghavan said ...

On : 03-06-2017 11:10 am
@Small time punter,

BTC vs Government. Either BTC is at fault or Government is at fault. If everything was 'pucca' from the BTC, I do not think the Government would have chosen to play this cat and mouse game.

It is better if the Government upholding the principles of transparency will just speak about the reasons for not granting the license. If they are not inclined, the BTC at least should say what they did since 31st May and what objections the Government has raised.

Let us not take sides. Diplomacy? Let us not devalue that term/usage. In the first place, I do not believe that the Government will stoop that low and make such an unethical demand as a precondition to grant license. And, on the part of BTC, surrendering to the blackmail tactics can never be justified as a diplomacy compulsion.

The last race date at BNG was on 20th May. 21st, 27th & 28th cancelled due to nature's fury. Races scheduled for 30th, 3rd & 4th cancelled due to dubious reasons. Let the Government or BTC spell out the correct reasons. Till then, if there are no races, that is not at all a calamity and we should be thankful to them for granting us extra holidays,

Win Legend said ...

On : 03-06-2017 10:12 am
If you look in the U.S, U.K, or Europe racing will never have these kinds if issues, India is politically inclined towards everything our politicians make life miserable for everybody hell with the politics...

Ruchi said ...

On : 03-06-2017 10:09 am
All dirty politcs
Right now if the opposition gives a statement that they are for racing and will improve this industry if they come to power,just see the fun,the ruling paty buerocrats will coming running to BTC and declare sops and start racing immediately.state elections are round the corner mind you

Pradeep said ...

On : 03-06-2017 01:11 am
Absolutely PATHETIC state of affairs at BTC.

nshivakumar said ...

On : 02-06-2017 10:38 pm
govt should appoint IAS or KAS officer to adminstrater the btc and run off course race in the interest of the sports and employers of the club..

after COD enquire finish let them give permission to on course..

Subrahmanyam said ...

On : 02-06-2017 09:10 pm
Bangalore races scheduled on 3 &4th stands canceled

part time punter said ...

On : 02-06-2017 08:51 pm
Its Heard, BTC refused few proposals from CM's office/Govt. like BTC memberships for around 50-60 people list given to BTC, & not to remove MR.Harinder Shetty.. BTC gone against these things which causing them to crwal in getting license to conduct Races..

BTC could handle this issue diplomatically by accepting the proposals.

If BTC has any fear that BTC will loose its majority if the memberships are given, BTC could always increase its members strength by another 100 to 120 on its side. so, BTC holds majority...

Dont know where BTC is going to land... GOD BLESS BTC..

Confused P said ...

On : 02-06-2017 08:46 pm
Racing is an enterprise employing 50000 or more people as per a previous post. TCS and Infosys employ more than this number. How are they run ?? They service the customer and Customer Is The King. In Racing, punter is the King and what is the treatment he gets ?? Only in racing, the public feed the owners/trainers/jockeys/breeders with being benefited once in a while. Unless you are a person who manages to make money in racing, do not worry about this industry closing down. It would to a world of good to the lakhs of punters against the comparatively few owners/trainers/jockeys/breeders and bookies who live off the money from losing punters with no return to the society !!

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 02-06-2017 08:25 pm
BTC is nothing but a hot air balloon who has been deflated.

Now even next week or week after it is doubt ful.

The GST council were not fools to put racing in 28% slab..

Bye Bye BNG racing .Focus to shift to MYS

BKD said ...

On : 02-06-2017 08:24 pm
Races scheduled for 3rd & 4th June'17. stand CANCELLED!

Is this the death knell for horse racing in Bangalore?

Over to EPSOM DERBY festival!

dr siddu said ...

On : 02-06-2017 07:43 pm
hai cyber cop...... your information is 100%% correct. if cm minds he can be settle the matter.

Ravii said ...

On : 02-06-2017 07:42 pm
No races this weekend again ??kindly update on the weather as well as pissibilities of racing