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Race 2 SAT WIN R Star

By stop fooling punter | 11-Jun-2017
Please refer race 2 winner Romantic star.First

Welcome back RKW to racing world.we need owners like you since all here cannot afford to buy and than pay for the horses monthly bills
I hope you will be more active now.Best of luck to you sir.

The horse won like a champ and a repeat performnce is on the cards.
Why thasn no one could catch it.

The horse was prepared very quitely no work out given.[some say at night]

Paddy sir please stop fooling the racing public,You have an execellent filly why not let the public also benifit?
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9 Replies

sanjiv shinde said ...

On : 16-06-2017 12:39 pm

I spotted it and played at 15/1 .

now anybody who can throw some light on who is better Shaman or Romantic Star

stop fooling punter said ...

On : 13-06-2017 07:58 pm
JP is right I checked up.The horse is some one elses property,Owner not is under transfer till than ran in their colours

RKW are not coming back to racing.

venkat said ...

On : 13-06-2017 05:34 pm
Jockey P.Trevor has been fined Rs. 5000 for dangerous riding. Having seen the replay several times, Jockey Trevor could have easily arrested the drift but did not. Mercifully the jockeys on Goshawk and Automatic did not fall.I am surprised at the punishment.A paltry amount. If it had to be a fine it should have been 25K at the very least.

Had the jockey been of lower stature, I am sure he would have been suspended.It is time there is equality before rules and regulations.

JP said ...

On : 13-06-2017 12:05 pm
I don't think so RKW will come back to racing. Moonlight Romance is the filly owned by them. The stud cannot sell the foal without his consent. Hence might be racing in his colours. This horse was listed under CDK at Mumbai. They have some problem with some dues to RWITC. May be shifted to Bangalore due to that. This horse can be noted for winter only. The trainer has problem to get good jockey or bring David Allan for important races. Trevor, Sandesh and John will have to ride for their stables Romantic Star ahs no jockey to ride now.

atchut said ...

On : 12-06-2017 06:38 pm
It would b classic contender in winter

N Shrikant said ...

On : 11-06-2017 07:23 pm
A misjudgment by neeraj , he blindly try for opening inside rail where other horses coming on from outside.R.S.improving well in final stage but running erratic...pls note paddy is fillies master trainer.

ramiyer said ...

On : 11-06-2017 12:30 pm
Dear SFT and others.

My observation of the race is different.Romantic star drifted in badly causing a chain of interference to Goshawk,Automatic and Habanero.Riders of Goshawk and Automatic was almost came down.These two horses can beat Romantic star any day 9 out of 10times.After the race I thought aan enquiry or an objection would come. But it didnt. Let the race day reports come.

Anyhow Iam not taking credit away from the winner.It is a good horse bred in purple but I feel the above horses are far better.

svkraju said ...

On : 11-06-2017 10:55 am


ISR said ...

On : 11-06-2017 10:14 am
Good observation. The time for 1400 mts

is excellent. The horse is in the Classic