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Horrible pay out at hyd

By Rksh | 08-Apr-2019

Hii all

Being unable to attend bookies at Malakpet, I had to attend off course Hrc tote where there would be the only option of tote...

..In the Last race of Mumbai, V.Bunde ridden Golden Horde came Shp which I played 15k win and 15k Shp...In Mumbai tote it was given 105 Rs Shp which mounts to Rs 52 at least on 5Rs scale.....Horribly, Hrc gave 28Rs for Shp...

I don't know y to play at tote when a horse at 10/1 odds,  at 7th place on Tote Table, is given the same amount Shp 28k, as 2nd and 3rd favourites (their Shps displayed were 26 and 28) that too in a Class 5 Open Race

How can anyone get profit at tote....I can't attend bookies as am very far from Hyd,,..

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11 Replies

Rksh said ...

On : 11-04-2019 03:14 pm

@raghavan sir,

I agree with u that cheating may not be there at Tote....the total dividend is divided....perhaps y i got very little....But am surprised to hear that am the only person who played 15k Shp for that horse in the country? Omg!!

And...54000 is nice amount for u maybe sir, not for me!!  Am in that position.....

Anyway Thanks for  all replies...There's a saying in telugu...."u will get bad luck in full dose but gudluck always comes to you after discount"..

MP Reddy said ...

On : 10-04-2019 04:43 pm

What Shivaji told is100% correct.In Hyderabad lot of cheating is going on.many times the dividends on the board will Chang while the horses are passing or sometimes just passed the winning post. Generally they bet on place&shp frequently. Few long years back here same problem was faced by the punters. For this the race course authorities used to stop punching the tickets just before the start of the race.I don’t know why that practice is stopped.The payable dividend is also compared to any other center is low. Somewhere some thing is going wrong.l don’t what is the solution.

raghavan said ...

On : 10-04-2019 03:33 pm

You played 15k shp!  Be satisfied that the bet passed.  28/- dividend means 4.6/1 odds.  84000/- payout means 54000 profit after deducting your win bet & shp bet amount.  My congratulations.

Now tell me what was the amount displayed in cctv before you decided to bet.  Was it 50/-?   If it was displaying 50/- immediately before you tender cash to the tote window, 3000 tickets punched at one go will definitely bring it down.  

At bookies, you can not bet shp.  The only option with bookies is win bet and place bet.  And at tote the dividend received is as per the number of tickets sold on that horse.  

Of course some people are questioning the tote.  I do not bet for win/shp/place;  but, I am fully confident that there is no foul play at the tote. With this 28% GST,  totes can never be punter friendly.  Frankly, I do not think you can have any objections with the tote.  Of course it hurts when at other centers there is a huge payout.  But, I am of the view that if anyone bets 15k for shp at Mumbai, then the payout there also would have been less than 50/-.  (25 for rs. 5/- bet).

jshivaji said ...

On : 10-04-2019 02:22 pm

If favourite Horse, is shown rupee 8 as dividend after the bell and if horse takes a smart jump and at 100 metres left , 5-6 lenght clear the dividends will get reduced to 7 or sometimes rupees 6 also. 

Club guys print there own tickets after ascertaining sure win

Ashok kumar said ...

On : 10-04-2019 01:18 pm

I don't  think  any manipulation it is all collected  amount  on a particular  horse  they  will  distribute  No doubt

Each centre  has got their  own collection 

And the tote dividend  will b distributed  according  to their collection

It will  not b same

And can  not b compared


IIMBLUE said ...

On : 10-04-2019 01:05 pm

Despite being 7 TH on the tote tables,  the SHP displayed, was the same as the second and third favourite. This shows that the smart money was betting that,  this particular horse was coming second and exactly second.        Those having betting experience on Ooty races will recall that,  by just having a look at Bangalore tote table, one could say which horse would come first, second  and third. 


S C SHARMA said ...

On : 10-04-2019 06:55 am

Those bet heavy amounts on tote, they are bound to get such results. Tote is for small punters who can't play in bookies ring. If you play longer odds horse heavy amount  on tote the dividends come down drastically and you will be surprised. For heavy backers they have to find way out playing with bookies. Now a days many bookmakers carrying mobile also and accepting bets from known persons or who keep deposit with them in case of inability to visit race course. Second reason after introduction of GST with heavy and additional taxes the drop in dividends is clearly visible.

p g said ...

On : 10-04-2019 06:31 am

It has been written many times that the Hyderabad tote computer's are manipulated, by the officials, just like auto rickshaw meters are 100% manipulated.

But, wrong deeds continue as punters keep their their mouths shut, beleiving each and everything shown to them.

Do not expect any change. 

Punter said ...

On : 10-04-2019 05:42 am

Dear friend 

Its your problem that,  you can't reach to  bookies. 

Blamin off course payouts doesn't make sense,  as the total pool is divided by winning tickets.

Shyamkopalle said ...

On : 10-04-2019 02:38 am

HRC is swallowing punters money by taxation of 50 percent of punters bet and paying the dividend,thou th it may say 28 percent GST it's eating away 22 percent,in mumbMu it's gst& club commission is mentioned.moreover as ticket value of 5 is the cause of the dividend as punters take number of tickets on different numbers.if tote value of ticket is increased then dividend will improve but club is lazy and lax and have no ideas to attract the punters.

Madhusudhan Reddy said ...

On : 09-04-2019 06:15 pm

Yes, Every Time I am also got less amount compare other clubs